Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter DAC Digital SPDIF – 24 Bit

In this post, we have collated a list of the best digital to analog Audio Converter available in the market. If you are in the market for a DAC, do read through our post.

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A good Digital to Analog converter can make all the difference when listening to music. If you have picked up a perfect headphone but they don’t sound as expected. It may occur due to the poor quality in-built audio of your computer system. If so is the case with you, we have got a solution for you. Digital to  Analog Converter in short DACs can help you to get rid of this problem.

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But what does a DAC do? When you play music from your computer or mobile, the digital signal goes through the Digital-Analog Converter, and the analog signal comes out. Then the analog signal is amplified and sent over to the headphones. But the problem most of the devices don’t have good quality DACs that’s where the external DAC comes into play.

So in this post, we have covered ten best Digital to Analog Converters SPDIF input. We have simple DACs as little as $13 to advanced DACs that carries out a lot of functionality up to $200. So let’s move on to the list arranged in increasing order of price.

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter List

1. PROZOR Digital to Analog Converter DAC Digital SPDIF

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter

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PROZOR Digital to Analog Converter is the most affordable DACs that you could buy on Amazon. Moreover, it is one of the best rated DAC. It converts coaxial or Toslink digital PCM audio signals to analog L/R RCA and 3.5mm audio jack simultaneously.

It support sampling rate at 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz and 96KHz frequencies.  It is easy to install and operate. It can be used for PS3, PS4, Xbox, Blu-ray Player, HD DVD, Home Cinema Systems, AV Amps, etc. The audio signal transmission is noise free. This ultra slim and light weight DAC will easily fit in your pocket.

It comes with Prozor DAC, one Toslink cable, one USB power cord and user manual. There is no power adapter provided with this. It can only use 5V 1A plug.

  • Input Audio Connector –  1 x Toslink, 1 x RCA (Coaxial)
  • Output Connector – 2 x RCA(R/L), 1 x 3.5mm Jack

2. FiiO D3 (D03K) Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter

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FiiO D3 (D03K) is a digital to analog converter that can transfer digital audio to two channels analog audio output. It converts a digital coaxial/optical S/PDIF signal to two-channel analog output. This24-bit audio DAC is suitable for use with digital televisions, CD/DVD/Blue-ray player, etc. with which coaxial or optical digital signal output.

Though it doesn’t look that good, it serves its purpose well. It is not recommended to connect headphones to this DAC directly. It supports up to  24-bit/192 kHz input. It has two light indicators to show the power On and digital receiving status (Locked). The power is supplied via mini USB port. Sadly, there is no support for Dolby and DTS format; it supports only the PCM format.

  • Input Connector – Optical and Coaxial, can be switched via a button on DAC.
  • Output Connector – 3.5mm audio jack and RCA R/L.

3. Wiistar Optical SPDIF DAC

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Wiistar DAC converts Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM format audio to 2 channel analog stereo audio. It is capable of converting up to 5.1 channel surround sound. That being said, it becomes the cheapest DAC that converts up to 5.1 channel audio.

It supports digital audio input via Toslink Optical SPDIF or Coaxial port and delivers simultaneous output to RCA L/R and 3.5 mm audio jack. All digital SPDIF audio formats are supported that includes PCM 32KHz/44.1KHz/48KHz/96KHz, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS. Wiistar DAC delivers 192kHz/24-bit superior quality sound. The package also includes DC 5V power adapter and coaxial cable.

4. Signstek Coaxial S/PDIF DAC

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Signstek Coaxial S/PDIF DAC is a full featured Digital to Analog converter. The output can directly be fed to the headphone via a 3.5mm audio jack. It has coaxial and fiber optic signal IC for high-speed data transmission. The Signal to Noise Ratio is 98 dB.

Fever DV709 digital filter provides digital output signal isolation for a more pure sound. This DAC is compact, portable and delivers decent sound quality at affordable price. It gets its power via USB cable. So no need to install on wall or worry about the battery. Using with Windows and MAC os is compatible. It uses safe and reliable USB type B port to send a high-quality audio signal.

5. J-Tech Digital Optical SPDIF Toslink / Coaxial DAC

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We are slowly going up in price so are the features and quality of DACs. J-Tech digital optical SPDIF Toslink / coaxial DAC converts Dolby Digital, DTS, PCM digital audio to 2 channel analog stereo audio. It supports maximum up to 5.1 channel audio. It is an ideal audio converter for your Apple TV, cable box, HDTV, DVD/Blu-ray player, HD player, etc.

The input can be via Toslink Optical SPDIF or Coaxial port. It supports simultaneous RCA L/R and 3.5mm headphone output. It supports 32KHz/44.1KHz/48KHz/96KHz/192KHz, Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS digital SPDIF audio formats. A 5V adapter is included with the DAC for power. J-Tech gives a 1-year warranty on this DAC. This DAC works fine whether it is for home purpose or professional audio switching.

6. SMSL SD793-II PCM1793 DIR9001 DAC Digital Audio Decoder Amplifier

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter

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Now we are moving towards the advanced Digital to Analog Converters that offers more than the basic functionality for professionals. It uses the top digital receiver chip DIR9001; it can receive 24bit/96K signals at the highest. A 12V DC adapter is used to power it up.

An input switch will let you choose between the optical and coaxial input. The input interface is provided by one SPDIF coaxial and one optical port. The supported frequency signals are 44.1, 48, 96kHz at 16/24-bit. The signal to noise ratio is 113dB. A volume controller knob on the front side to adjust the volume level.

7. Orei DA34X Premium Digital to Analog Audio Decoder SPDIF/Coaxial

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter

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Orei DA34X a premium Digital to Analog Audio Decoder with SPDIF/Coaxial input. It decodes DTS/Dolby Digital source digital audio to analog two channel stereo audio output. Like other DACs here, it also has one coaxial and one SPDIF optical input with a switch button between them.

Whereas, Orei DAC also supports simultaneous RCA L/R and 3.5mm headphones outputs. The DAC is packed in a premium quality metal casing that assures the durability. It supports max 5.1 channel input to RCA L/R and 3.5 mm audio jack output. It comes with plug and plays functionality. A 1-year warranty backs this DAC.

8. Audioengine D1 24-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter

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Now, it’s time for the high-end DACs that are thrice the price of the superior DACs and provides exceptional audio quality. It is designed to enhance the sound of your music system. It is perfect for providing a high-quality audio signal to the speakers and headphones. D1 is a high-quality 24-bit DAC and comes with an in-built amplifier.

It is a versatile Digital to Analog Converter. It accepts inputs from both USB and optical, and the output can be fed directly to any headphones or speakers. It can be connected to PC, Apple TV, DVD/BluRay Player or CD players. 110 dB high signal to noise ratio and low distortion the D1 delivers unmatched sound quality. On the front side, it has output controlling knob, power button, and headphone jack

9. FiiO E17 Alpen Portable Headphone Amplifier USB DAC

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter

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FiiO E17 is a compact Amplifier USB DAC that improves the sound quality of most of the devices. It has a mini USB interface that lets you connect this DAC to a computer to accept digital audio signal and to charge the battery of the DAC. Standard SPDIF input and 3.5mm line inputs will let you connect to MP3 players, smartphones, tablets and more. A 3.5 mm audio jack accepts most of the headphones and speakers.

This DAC offers more control over the sound output via gain, balance, and tone controls. The 18-pin docking interface lets you connect the inbuilt amp to an L7 line out cable and E9 desktop amp. A bright OLED to show the vital information. A 1500 mAh built-in battery provides a backup of up to 15 hours with 3.5 hours recharge time.

10. Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

Best Digital to Analog Audio Converter

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The last and most expensive but feature rich DAC is Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100. DacMagic is a simple system-booster for a variety of devices. If you want to connect a TV, computer, or set-up box, you can choose from dual coaxial inputs, a SPDIF optical input, and a USB input. All the standard sample rates are catered for 16-24bit, and 32kHz to 192 kHz for high-resolution audio quality.

You have to download the Cambridge Audio’s driver software available on its website for 24-bit/192kHz sound capability in your PC. DacMagic 100 serves up the spacious and clear sound; probably it delivers the best of all the DACs here.

Moreover, the front side of the DAC has five horizontal LED lights to show the incoming audio signal sample rate, each assigned for different sample rate value. The four vertical LED lights shows for which port the input is being converted from digital to analog. It is backed by 1-year warranty and tech support from Cambridge technical department.

  • 1 x USB, 2 x Coaxial Digital, and 1 x Optical Input.
  • 1 x 3.5 mm headphone jack, 1 x RCA L/R jack.


Do note that there are much better DAC’s available in the market, but at a much higher price. Our focus in this post was for the sub $200 models from the market.

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to drop us a comment below in the comment section.

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