THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speaker

Top THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speakers For Maximum Bass


Why look for a THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speaker? THX Certification is a set of industry standards for audio reproduction. Essentially it means that the sound coming out of your 5.1 or 2.1 speaker system is the same that the sound engineer recorded. THX stands for “Tomlinson Holman’s Experiment, and Holman created it.

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The primary purpose of this certification is to check the quality of the sound system. It ensures that you are on the positive side of the optimal sound. Remember, for best audio output both the sound system and the device to which the audio system is connected must poses the THX certification.

I think that’s enough intro to give you an idea about the THX certification. Now let’s move on to the list of best THX certified 2.1 speakers. For the ease of readers, we have divided this post into two parts. Firstly we will discuss THX certified 2.1 speakers and then on to our 5.1 THX certified speakers list.

THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speakers

1. Logitech Z623

THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speakers

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Logitech Z623 is one of the best 2.1 THX certified speakers. Its powerful 8-inch driver subwoofer will rattle your room windows. Two small size satellites that only looks small but are way powerful. Both satellites produce a total of 70-watt RMS output each with 35-watt.

The subwoofer can go flat up to 35 Hz frequency. As it is THX certified, so it is evident you will get the impressive studio quality audio. For some people, bass might be overpowering, but for bass lovers, this is the best at this price. The primary satellite features three-button volume control, bass control knob and ON/OFF switch.

Logitech Z623 Specifications
Frequency Response35 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Output200 Watt
 Satellite Output70 Watt
Subwoofer130  Watt
Weight12 kg

2. Klipsch ProMedia Computer Speaker System

THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speakers

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Klipsch is well known for manufacturing high-quality speakers with impressive audio quality.  Klipsch has raised the quality bar for 2.1 speaker systems. It is the first 2.1 speaker system from Klipsch that has got the THX certification.

This system can handle frequency in the range of 31 Hz to 20 kHz. The subwoofer delivers up to 130-watt RMS power, while the satellites are capable of producing 70-watt RMS output. While the subwoofer of this and Logitech Z623 is same but Logitech Z623 has deeper and punchier bass than this one. But Klipsch has somewhat better sound clarity.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer SpeakerSpecifications
Price $219.00
Frequency Response 31 Hz – 20 KHz
Total Output200 Watt
 Satellite Output70  Watt
Subwoofer130 Watt
Weight7 kg
Type 2.1
Connectivity Wired
Warranty 1-year

3. Logitech Z-2300 Speaker System

THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speakers

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Logitech Z-2300 was launched earlier than the Logitech Z623. But still due to its impressive sound clarity and loud sound it is still in demand. It has a 120-watt subwoofer with 8-inch driver packed in a premium quality concealed wooden material for punchier bass with minimum distortion.

The two satellites are louder than the Logitech Z623 satellites and produce a total of 80-watt RMS output. The vocals, treble, and bass all are delivered in a reliable form. It comes with 2-years limited hardware warranty.

Logitech Z-2300 Specifications
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Frequency Response 35 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Output200 Watt
 Satellite Output80 Watt
Subwoofer120 Watt
Weight15 kg
Type 2.1
Connectivity Wired
Warranty 2-years

4. Edifier E235

THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speaker

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Edifier E235 is the costliest THX certified 2.1 speakers Bluetooth speaker. Though it looks a bit overpriced the sound quality it delivers is amazing. It delivers 234-watt RMS sound. Its subwoofer is powerful enough to fill a mid-size room with distortion-free bass.

Its design is different than the normal 2.1 speakers. The whole system looks like the USB speakers but is bigger in size. There is Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity that can work up to 300 feet. Moreover, the subwoofer is wireless too and works on 5.8 GHz frequency. The system as a whole is easy to setup and looks premium as hell. It comes with 2 years warranty.

Edifier E235 Specifications
Price $201.80
Frequency Response 35 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Output234 Watt
 Satellite Output134 Watt
Subwoofer100 Watt
Weight9.97 kg
Type 2.1
Connectivity Bluetooth, Optical/Coaxial, 3.5mm AUX
Warranty 2-Years


We hope you like our list of the THX Certified 2.1 Home Theater Speaker currently available in the market. Most of the speakers featured on this list will give you word class sound on a budget. So, feel free to pick one up.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the comment section down below. Cheers!

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