Best Walkie Talkie Earpiece Headset with Mic Two Way Radios

Best Walkie Talkie Earpiece Headsets with Mic Two Way Radios – Bluetooth Options

In this article, we are listing out the best Walkie Talkie Earpiece Headsets with Mic Two Way Radios along with some Bluetooth options to choose from. While most of them are affordable, pick the ones that are best suited for your needs.

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When you want to keep your hands free when you’re using a two-way radio, then a walkie talkie earpiece headset with a microphone will help. Though your handheld two-way radio comes implemented with VOX technology, it might not give a reliable output. Moreover, it does not guarantee the privacy of your communication. Keeping your communication private and hands-free operation are the key specialties of walkie talkie earpiece headsets with two-way microphone radio. These headsets will be widely used for professional use and outdoor activities.

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Best Walkie Talkie Earpiece Headsets with Mic Two Way Radios:

In the market, these headsets are available in a wide assortment. Firstly, it is essential to make sure your chosen headset is compatible with your two-way radio. This is because few units are only made to be used with specific brands and models.

One unique aspect of these headsets is they block a significant amount of background noise and facilitates clear quality communication. Refer to the table below for a high-level view of the products that we have chosen.

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios with Earpiece 6 PackArcshellBuy from Amazon
2COISOUND Two Way Radio Earpiece Compatible Midland AVPH4 Ear-ClipCOISOUNDBuy from Amazon
3 QOL TOP Two Way Radio Headset Noise Canceling (Transparent)

QOL TOPBuy from Amazon
4Tunteil Radio earpiece 2-Pin, (4 Pack) Covert Acoustic TubeTunteilBuy from Amazon
52 Pin PTT Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Two Way RadioTunteilBuy from Amazon
6Midland T71VP3 36 Channel FRS Two-Way RadioMidlandBuy from Amazon
7SAGEMCOM FPCN10A UHF Walkie Talkie, LCD Display Earpiece, 2 PacksSAMCOMBuy from Amazon
8Beaums Walkie Talkie Wireless Headset with Two Way RadioBeaumsBuy from Amazon
9Retevis Walkie Talkies Earpiece 2 Pin Covert Acoustic Tube Headset with MicRetevisBuy from Amazon
10HYS Bluetooth Walkie Talkie 2 Pin in-Ear Earpiece HeadsetHYSBuy from Amazon

Best Walkie Talkie Earpiece Headsets – Concise Reviews:

Now that you have seen the products that we choose, now let us go into the details of each of these devices to understand their pros and cons better. So, here we go!

10. HYS Bluetooth Walkie Talkie 2 Pin in-Ear Earpiece Headset:

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This model of wireless earpiece from HYS is uniquely designed with a microphone and can support two-way radios. It operates on Bluetooth V4.0, and the frequency range is 2.401-2.480 GHz. Easily and quickly, you can connect it to your phone and two-way communication devices.

It is possible to switch devices according to your needs. In most cases, this Bluetooth earpiece is extensively used in military, police, hotels staffs, restaurants, bars, warehouses, bouncers, etc. Though it takes a bit more time to charge, it lasts for more than one day.

HYS made it compatible with iPhones, Android, and even laptops. It is easy to carry and operate. The built-in microphone delivers clear quality voice at the other end. The overall communication is convenient and crystal-clear. Even when you wear it for long hours a day, there is no discomfort felt. There are no concerns regarding earpiece falling off even when you run. The earpiece feels comfortable and flexible when worn.


  • There is a high-quality chip that facilitates active noise cancellation. As a result, the clear-quality sound output is guaranteed, which is free from distortion.
  • This wireless Bluetooth headset is prepared in an in-ear silicone design along with 360-degree adjustable ear hooks. These hooks make sure the earpiece stays in a fixed place.
  • In the manufacturing of this headset, the durable medical-grade polymer is used, which is hypoallergenic.
  • It comes with 2-3 hours charging time, 12 hours talk time, 100 days standby, and 10 hours of music time.

9. Retevis Walkie Talkies Earpiece 2 Pin Covert Acoustic Tube Headset with Mic:

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The covert acoustic tube earpiece comes equipped with an earbud-style headset. It can effectively block external sound and provides you flawless communication. The soft earplug feels comfortable when worn for a long time. The build quality is sturdy, and the sound quality worth the price offered. The PTT button is easy to operate with gloves. The microphone provides sharp audio output even when used in concert.

The speaker can be quickly disconnected from wire and tubing. An arm is available to lock the wire in place during installation. To benefit from custom fit for your ear, you can trim the clear tubing. The ear tip nicely fits in your ear. It is adjustable so you can easily adjust how deep or shallow you wish to insert it inside the ear canal. When you add it genuinely, it can block outside sound more effectively.

This model of earpiece is found more effective than a speaker microphone working in noisy environments. Generally, this Retevis walkie talkie earpiece is widely used in construction, business premises, hotels, coffee shops, football games, etc.


  • The built-in PTT and the microphone facilitate hands-free use. It is easy to press this button and make your communication private. The sensitive PTT mic enables you to keep in the loop easily.
  • The integrated microphone delivers crystal-clear sound output.
  • It comes with long cable along with two flexible clips. It is easy to clip the earpiece inside your collar pocket. Once it is fixed properly, it does not fall off.
  • Two wires are available, one each for the earpiece and the microphone. Each cable comes with an alligator clip to let you can attach accordingly.

8. Beaums Walkie Talkie Wireless Headset with Two Way Radio:

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The HB-6A walkie talkie headset comes with wireless and hands-free operation. It comprises of V4.0 Bluetooth earpiece and HB-6A Bluetooth dongle. The earpiece is rotatable, and it comes with a built-in PTT microphone. This microphone can be placed over either ear.

It is found that the earpiece conveys the best audio quality whenever paired with HB-6B connector two-way radio. Even for all-day wear, it feels flexible and comfortable. For your damaged or old headset, this wireless headset is a suitable replacement. Due to its lightweight size, it is easy to carry around.


  • This Beaums wireless headset is prepared from high-quality, durable material for long-lasting use.
  • It comes with 1-2.5 hours of charging time, 5-8 hours of work time, and less than 100 hours of standby time.
  • It works as a perfect headphone earpiece replacement for the Baofeng 888S UV5R.

7. SAMCOM FPCN10A UHF Walkie Talkie, LCD Display Earpiece, 2 Packs:

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The SAMCOM walkie talkie headset, as shown above, is an amateur business radio. Its system comprises of prominent speaker and microphone that easily and quickly communicate. As a result, they enhance operational efficiencies, rapidly resolve problems, and deal with unexpected situations. This device is portable and easy to carry using a belt clip. Its operation is hands-free and provides secure communication experience with the earpiece. The built-in LCD screen makes things simpler while you are working in the dark.

The range of signal transmission is limited by terrain. Generally, it is up to 2-3 miles in the construction area. The output delivers enhanced voice quality, privacy, and reliability. Moreover, the battery backup is excellent.


  • The range of operating frequency is 400-469.995 MHz.
  • With the help of CTCSS/CDCSS codes, you can create custom frequency and enjoy a safe conversation. It works with FRS & GMRS while they are on the same channel.
  • By pressing the left side PTT button, you can begin communication on the same channel.
  • When you press the “GROUP” button, it delivers messages to every team member even if they are not present on the same channel.
  • The body of this headset comes with IP64 waterproof protection. The collection comes with an anti-drop design, and it is dustproof sealed for everyday use.
  • The VOX & SCAN function is implemented.
  • The 3000mAh rechargeable battery supports the all-day working.
  • The battery working time is 33 hours, and standby time is 190 hours.

6. Midland T71VP3 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio:

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The T71VP3 X-TALKER offers a simple, reliable, and affordable solution. This solution is applicable for long-range communication for outdoor use. For general use, this Midland headset works excellent, and the range is fantastic while you are in direct line of sight. The extraordinary battery life is a unique specialty of this device. The solid construction ensures long-lasting use.

Its body is made water-resistant to work in most weather conditions. The output offers clear-quality point-to-point communication with flawless transmission and reception. You can connect limitless FRS/GMRS two way radios provided you connect to the same frequencies/channels. The pack contains four-belt clips, four 1000mAh rechargeable battery, two desktop chargers, two AC wall adapters, two micro USB charging cables, and an owner’s manual.


  • The Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) system supports 121 CTCSS privacy codes. They give you up to 2,662 channel options to block other conversations. All tones can be turned off by the silent operation.
  • In this walkie talkie headset, the NOAA weather scan alert automatically scans through 10 weather (WX) band channels being available.
  • The most reliable weather channel is locked to alert you about the severe weather updates.
  • The Easy Voice and Sound Activated Transmission (eVOX) facilitates hands-free operation.
  • Its built-in rechargeable battery can be fully charged in 4-5 hours.
  • The communication range supported is up to 38 miles with little or no obstacles.

5. 2 Pin PTT Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Two Way Radio – by Tunteil:

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When you are looking for a comfortable earpiece headset with two-way radio, you can consider this product. It feels very pleased and would not fall off your ears. The wire can conveniently go underneath to make sure the system appears neat. The people could not hear what they are listening to.

The sound output is directed straight to your ears, and you will be benefitted from privacy. You can listen to better with the lower volume levels on the radio. Even after all-day wear, you will not face discomfort.


  • This walkie talkie comes with radiation protection, and it is resistant to pull.
  • The metal plug liberates the ears and helps to deliver precise quality sound.
  • The wire controlled PTT button is comfortable to press, and it provides clarity for calls.
  • The length of the cable is 6 feet.
  • There is an air duct that spreads the sound.
  • The output audio quality is clear both while receiving the in-ear speaker and while transmitting via the mic.

4. Tunteil Radio earpiece 2-Pin, (4 Pack) Covert Acoustic Tube:

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The 4 pairs of earpieces included in this pack work as first walkie talkie devices. They are suitable for an extended period wearing comfort. Being lightweight and compact-sized, they do not hurt your ears. They sit comfortably in your ears. All four earpieces work wonderfully, and they deliver fantastic audio. Moreover, the mic sounds excellent than most headsets. There are no issues related to clips breaking off or poor sound quality.

Prepared in a fresh design, these earpieces are compatible with plenty of devices. You can use them for a wide range of applications like security, hunting, nightclubs, bars, police, military, hotels, restaurants, and any noisy environments.


  • QOL TOP prepared these earpieces from a transparent flexible acoustic tube. This tube protects your body by decreasing radio waves’ radiation.
  • All earbuds are made up of soft plastic so that they precisely fit into your ear canal. An extra earbud is included for the tube.
  • In each headset, a microphone is hidden within the PTT switch. It delivers bright quality sound output even in noisy environments. Every conversation is heard.
  • The PTT switch provides a superb tactile feel when pressed. This switch is prepared from quality grade materials.

3. QOL TOP Two Way Radio Headset Noise Canceling (Transparent):

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The unique aspect of these earphones with two-way radio is the noise cancellation feature. There are two transparent behind the ear microphones. They fit perfectly into the ears. This product facilitates safe communication between team members, and there is no disturbance. Even during noisy environments or when there is a crowd around, you can listen to the sound output. For hunting, security, and different other activities, these earphones work great.

Even the person with some hearing issues found the sound quality decent enough. Every transmission is perceived clearly. In any house, office, or building, the audio output is listened without any effects due to interference. Both the earpieces work perfectly even during loud environments or in concert. The device is well-designed and feels comfortable to wear. The sound output appears clear without sharing information with other people. Even for the prolonged wearing session, the earpiece stays comfortable in your ears. The communication is quiet, bright, and discrete.


  • These headsets are prepared in wrap-around design and facilitate hands-free use.
  • The inline VOX/PTT switch allows you to control VOX or push-to-talk.
  • The discrete transparent design provides security.
  • Due to compact size, these headsets are comfortable to use than more giant earphones or earbuds.
  • The reinforced earphone clip offers cable retention and reduces strain on earphones.
  • All the included earphones are compatible with all Midland GMRS/FRS Radios having VOX/PTT pair.
  • For user convenience, the PTT button can be attached to a lapel, sleeve, or shirt collar. So, these earphones can be used in a hands-free manner.

2. COISOUND Two Way Radio Earpiece Compatible Midland AVPH4 Ear-Clip:

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When you buy inexpensive quality earpiece headsets, you may not get the supreme wearing comfort. Also, the sound quality is compromised up to some extent. However, such issues are not found in this product. These Midland earpieces stay in place even when worn throughout the day. Simply plug them in, and you are ready to get the excellent sound output. They stay perfectly in your ears, unlike the earbuds. There is no need for frequent adjustments to get a perfect fit.

The volume simply works right, and it is easy to adjust the size. Even during the lowest amount on the radio, the sound can be heard clear and loud. In any noisy or busy environment, the music is understood.


  • The two wrap-around designed ear headsets perfectly fit into the ears.
  • They come with inline VOX (voice-operated switch) and push-to-talk option (PTT). A lapel clip is available to keep PTT switch out of the way.
  • The reinforced earphone clip offers cable retention and reduces strain on earphones.
  • These earpieces are fully compatible with every Midland GXT, LXT, and G-series Midland model radio.
  • Due to hands-free operation, it feels comfortable to wear even for an extended period. The design is perfect for job safety.

1. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios with Earpiece 6 Pack:

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Arcshell’s earpieces with a two-way radio in this pack are famous for delivering high-quality sound. The built-in speaker offers crystal-clear and loud music. On each radio, microphone and push-to-talk buttons are available. Each receiver is equipped with a single-earbud style earpiece. The type of earpiece plug is K-type, and its size is 3.5 mm plug. A standard 2.5 mm cap is also present. Whenever you plug in the earpiece, the sound reaches the earpiece. The radio comes equipped with a VOX function.

Weighing only 6.3 oz, each earpiece easily fits on your hand. Each receiver comes with a removable belt clip. You can add multiple earpieces and let them work together. The body of each of the earpieces is made water-resistant. Both for kids and adults, these earpieces are easy to use. The power output is 2W. The device is suitable for applications like security, construction, fire department, kitchen, factory, warehouse, hotel, school, etc.


  • The range of UHF frequencies is 400-470 MHz.
  • There are 16 pre-programmed channels available. Each radio comes with identical frequency on all its 16 channels.
  • It is easy to change the channel with the help of 16 position switch channel selector. This selector is designed in a mechanical rotary style.
  • The channel number is indicated by the synthesized voice when you rotate the knob to alter the channel.
  • The channel frequency is programmable inside the frequency range. On each programmed channel, you can easily program any of 50 CTCSS tones as well as 105 CDCSS sounds.
  • In each radio, a rechargeable Li-ion battery is included. Each cell comes with 1500 mAh capacity.
  • The battery can be charged to full state in approx. 2.5 hours to fully charge. On a single charge, the battery power lasts for 8-96 hours, based on how much you use.

Concluding Note:

To benefit from the hands-free convenience of sound output, the walkie talkie earpiece headsets discussed above will help. They come with two-way radio and microphone to present excellent sound clarity.

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