Sony WI XB400 vs Sony WI SP510

Sony WI XB400 vs Sony WI SP510 Specs Comparison

This post compares the Sony WI XB400 vs Sony WI SP510, which are budget-friendly high-bass wireless neckbands.

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The wireless earbuds have been one of the best options for offering you access to a tangle-free, low-latency sound experience. Sony is one of the pioneers in the realm of high-end earbuds that have come up with superior performance.

We will compare the Sony WI XB400 vs Sony WI SP510 in today’s post and find how they fare against one another.

The Spec Comparison: Sony WI XB400 vs Sony WI SP510

We will check out the prime features and functionalities observed on the two competing headphones later in the post. First, let us now undertake a spec comparison for each of Sony headphones’ best-highlighted features.


Sony WI XB400

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Sony WI SP510

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Earpiece DesignIn-Ear (Intra-Aural)In-Ear (Intra-Aural)
Wearing styleNeckbandNeckband
FoldabilityNot availableNot available
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver size12 mm12 mm
Magnet typeNeodymiumNeodymium
Active noise cancellationNot availableNot available
Audio codecs supportedAAC, SBCAAC, SBC
Bluetooth version5.05.0
Wireless range30′ / 9.1 m30′ / 9.1 m
Battery backup15 hours15 hours
Fast charging benefits10 Minutes for 1 Hour10 Minutes for 1 Hour
Charging time3 hours3 hours
Charging portUSB Type-CUSB Type-C
Cable length for charging7.87″ / 19.99 cm7.9″ / 200.66 mm
Weight21 grams30 grams
Smart Assistant CompatibilitySiri and Google AssistantSiri and Google Assistant
Colors availabilityBlack and BlurBlack and White

Sony WI XB400 – An overview

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The Sony WI XB400 is an excellent option for all your expectations in great-looking Sony WI XB400 wireless earbuds. The in-ear type headphone has been quite promising. We would consider them one of the excellent options for almost all your expectations regarding affordable Sony headphones.

The headphones come with a host of accessories that include Additional ear tips, a 20CM USB Type-C cord for charging, and a user manual. The earbuds come with a traditional design without being fancy headphones. You have two options, viz black and deep blue, and can opt for the right one based on your individual preferences. You would find earplugs and control units on either side of the flat and flexible neckband. You will find the cable tangle-free, thereby providing you a lighter construction.

The earbuds are equipped with 12 mm drivers. You will also have access to rubberized casing and tips that would provide you a comfortable fit. However, there are a few features that you would find lacking on the earbuds. The earbuds won’t go to sleep when clamped together. The magnets are not strong and may not hold tight when running or indulging in other rigorous physical activities.

The headphones are powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and offer almost universal connectivity with nearly all devices. The range provided by the headphones is also quite impressive. If you are looking at the codec support, you will find it offering support for SBC and AAC but is missing AptX or AptX HD support. That can be not very pleasant, but given the product’s price, it may be justifiable.

As for the design, the headphone comes with the three buttons remote as in other competing products. You will get a three-button remote and a mic on the cable. The buttons can be used for several functions that include powering on the device, triggering Bluetooth setup, paly or pause, taking calls, and of course, invoking the voice assistant.

When it comes to enjoying the audio performance, you will find the earbuds offering very decent performance in this price range. The precision of the sound details and clear distinction between the different tones can further prove to be a decent option that you would find immensely rewarding. The soundstage is also observed to be broader enough. You can experience a proper separation between lows, mids, and highs. The audio is quite crisp and should be one of the prime considerations for the audiophile. In essence, despite being a low-end headphone in terms of pricing, the manufacturers have focussed on the balanced mode for the best possible audio experience.

The call quality may be a little above average for the budget but not satisfactory. The person on the other side may find it a little difficult to hear what you are saying. However, calls made in a quiet environment may be pretty clear to hear. The battery life is quite impressive. The device supports fast charging, and you should get one hour of backup with just 10 minutes of charging. The USB C charging port is yet another worthy factor wherein you do not need to carry a separate cable for charging.

In essence, we would consider the earbuds a value for money product. Of course, they are pretty basic in construction, build quality, and performance – but they work where it matters the most. You can be assured of a decent and well-balanced sound performance making it one of the practical options ever for most of your expectations.

Sony WI SP510 – A Sneak Peek

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The Sony WI SP510 is an excellent option for making official calls or listening to music. You can be assured of a very decent audio, superior comfort level, a good battery life, and practically everything you would expect in budget earbuds.

Sony has been coming up with many options these days, and the wireless in-ear headphones have been one of quite promising lot off-late. The WI SP510 does come with a good deal of promises and meets most of your needs and expectations in most cases. The earbuds belong to Sony’s sports range of personal audio devices and offer you many sports-centric options that you would find immensely rewarding. You can find the salient features such as sweat resistance, comfortable and snug fits, lightweight quite promising.

The headphones provide you access to extra bass and a solid audio performance for the price that the headphone is available at. However, you may witness the noise produced by the headphones themselves – which is called noise floor can prove to be a little high. If you listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and softer genres like folk, you will find it a little disturbing.

As for the design, the headphone comes with a compact design, keeping most of the bulk in the band section itself. The neckband design is a little unique or perhaps strange where you would find a thin, flexible band between two larger, stiff plastic areas. However, given the sporty nature of the headphones, that may be something done intentionally. You can also have several suitable options that would include four pairs of deep silicon tips in different sizes and three pairs of fins. The controls are somewhat more prominent and easy to find and work with. And then you have a USB C port that can be a welcome feature. Finally, you have the IPX5 water- and sweat–resistant device that would further make it one of the reliable options. The battery life is quite impressive. You can get access to up to 15 hours of battery backup on a full charge.

The noise floor discussed a while ago could be a serious concern from the performance point of view. The underlying white noise may be something you may not be comfortable with in most cases. That may not be a massive issue if you are playing louder music. However, if you are fond of the softer genre of music such as audiobooks and folk, you may find the floor noise quite annoying and disturbing.

The 12 mm drivers, however, do produce a very decent music experience. As for the connectivity, Sony WI SP510 comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which should be one of the upgrades compared to the previous generation of headphones from the brand.

Which one should you go with?

The choice between the two headphones will primarily be dependent on your individual preferences. Both the headphones offer you a decent audio experience and a better battery life. Except for the unwanted noise floor observed on the Sony WI SP510, it would be one of the excellent options for most of your expectations in getting access to a formidable performance.

If you are listening to the softer genre of music or audio, we would not recommend opting for the Sony WI SP510. The WI SP510 should definitely meet most of your requirements and expectations for the rest of your needs.

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