Mi Airdots vs Redmi Airdots

Mi Airdots vs Redmi Airdots Specifications Comparison & Differences

In case if you are trying to understand the inherent differences between the Mi Airdots vs Redmi Airdots, read out the article.

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If you have heard of True Wireless Headphones or TWS headphones, you may be aware of how these headphones were looked down upon by some tech reviewers when they were launched. In fact, the developments in technology have made it possible for the product to gain popularity. Given the fact that Xiaomi has been focussed on providing high-end devices at the affordable price tag, it would have been quite strange had they not ventured into this genre.

The brand has two offerings in the genre. Yes, we are talking about Mi Airdots and Redmi Airdots. So, what are these devices specifically designed for, and how do they compare against one another? We will check it out in the following paragraphs.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots

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The Xiaomi Mi Airdots comes with a cleaner and minimalistic design. In fact, the non-flashy design is what would provide you access to the best possible ease of use and portability. The headphones offer you an exceptional choice with a host of advanced features.

Some of the features we loved with the headphones would include multiple (concurrent) connections, high-quality touch-enabled control options, fast charging functionality, and noise cancellation features. The multi-touch features should make it one of the notable options. A single tap is designed to provide compatibility with play, pause, and answer the calls. A long tap rejects the request while you can activate the voice assistant with the two short touch taps.

A full charge is designed to provide access to up to four hours of backup time while the battery pack should offer you over 12 hours of combined backup time. Charging the battery to its full capacity should take around 1.5 hours.

The headphones offer you a decently punchy bass, and even the sub-bass is respectably good enough. What makes them one of the good options is that they do not feel out of control. Even the lower frequencies work efficiently enough.

The mids are quite warm and relaxed enough. The sound leak is not quite massive. Your nearby people should be able to hear from you only if the surroundings are tranquil.

The sound isolation is trustworthy and competent enough. Given the small size of the earphones, we would find it much impressive.

Redmi Airdots

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The Redmi Airdots are manufactured by Redmi, which is a sub-brand that mostly works independently of its parent company, Xiaomi. The headphone is quite compact in design and designed in such a way that it will not interfere with your day to day activities.

The design language remains almost equivalent to the one on the Mi Airdots headphones. It comes with physical keys as well, and that should be one of the preferred options. They can be used for answering or hanging up the calls. These buttons should also be used for pausing or starting the music. The Bluetooth version 5.0 on the headphones makes it more reliable and stable concerning connectivity.

When it comes to sound quality, you will find that there is not much of a difference between the Redmi Airdots and Mi Airdots. It should be an excellent option for use with daily listening to music. If you are someone who is not much interested in high music quality, the headphones should be the best to go with.

The battery offers you a 12-hour backup, and you will be able to get the battery charged fully in just under one hour. The headphones should be one of the best options to go with if you are looking for an experience with the TWS earphones. Of course, the quality of the sound quality may not be at par with the high-end headsets.

The Comparison between Mi Airdots vs Redmi Airdots

Having gone through the concise review of the two capable devices and their features, let us check out the earphones based on a few specific features. We will compare the two headsets based on the essential key elements.

The Design

The pair comes with True Wireless earphone (TWS) functionality. You will not have access to any wires connecting them. The complete communication protocol is through the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity.

The headsets are available in a matte black design, which should be an added advantage in terms of the looks. They appear much like Apple AirPods.

They are similar in terms of size as well. The only difference between the two from the design perspective is the lack of physical buttons on the Mi Airdots. You will find them on the Redmi Airdots in addition to the touch-based input.

The Controls

Both the earphones come with the 7.2 mm drivers. You should be able to get a decent sound reproduction. In fact, you can be assured of precise reproduction both for music and calls. Redmi claims, however, that the Redmi Airdots have access to the DSP environment noise reduction.

You should get the same 300 mAh charging case along with four hours of battery backup. You can opt for an additional battery pack that can provide you access to another 8 hours of reserve. This holds of both Mi Airdots and Redmi Airdots. The earphones do offer you a proprietary technology referred to as Smart Energy. This feature will help you turn off the earphones automatically if it notices five minutes of inactivity. Turning your earphones should not be a difficult task. You need to put them in the charging case, and that does it.

Even setting them up should not be a gigantic task. They will immediately connect to the nearest Bluetooth enabled device as soon as it detects it if a device has been configured to communicate with a device before.

The significant difference between the Mi Airdots and Redmi Airdots lies in the fact that they have different controls. Mi Airdots comes with touch control to work with the Airdots, while the Redmi Airdots will offer you a physical button. The functionality and the controls remain the same across the two devices, but these tasks are completed through a physical button on Redmi Airdots. In contrast, the same tasks are finished with the help of a physical button on the Redmi Airdots.

The Comparison Chart – Mi Airdots vs Redmi Airdots

So, that was complete information on the Redmi Airdots and Mi Airdots. The concise review and the features, as expressed in the form of comparison, should provide you with enough inputs on what you would be able to expect in the earphones. However, a side by side comparison should be quite helpful in arriving at the best features offered by the headsets.

The head-on the comparison chart should be quite useful and practical for all your needs in choosing the right option among the two competing earphones.

Features / Particulars

Redmi Airdots

Mi Airdots

Physical dimensions2.66 × 1.64 × 2.16cm2.30 x 1.45 x 1.30 cm
Weight4.1 grams4.2 grams
Color optionBlackWhite, Black
Control optionsPhysical buttonTouch button
Bluetooth versionV 5.0V 5.0
Battery life4 hours4 hours
Battery capacity 300 mAh300 mAh
Charging time1.5 hours1.0 hour

The above comparison should provide you with enough input on the features offered by both the earphone models. You will indeed be surprised to find that the two earphones come with almost similar functionalities. However, they are sold at two completely different price points.

Which option should you want to go with?

Well, there can be no specific answer to this query. In fact, both Redmi Airdots and Mi Airdots come with almost similar features and functionality. It is quite surprising to find that Xiaomi has decided to fight with themselves. This is quite strange in its own right.

Of course, Redmi is now a separate brand and works independently of the original Xiaomi. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the Redmi Airdots are made available at the half price of Mi Airdots. We do not understand the logic behind it.

That is more because both Redmi Airdots and Mi Airdots come with the same features and functions. The only difference between the Redmi Airdots and Mi Airdots lies in the color and the controls.

The Redmi Airdots are available at a price even less than your essential Bluetooth headphones. So, getting a True Wireless earphone for such a high price should be what makes it a formidable choice. Now, given the fact that the Redmi Airdots and Mi Airdots are available with the same features and functions, opting for the Redmi Airdots would be a better deal than the Mi Airdots.

Unless you are too keen on the touch controls akin to those on the Apple Air Pods, Redmi Airpods should be an excellent option. However, if you find that the touch controls are a must feature for you, we would suggest you opt for the original Mi Airdots.

In Conclusion

So, that was all we have had concerning the best features you would find on the Redmi Airdots and Mi Airdots. In fact, you would find that the two competing options have almost similar features and functionalities. That would make it a surprising concept to find a product with the same features competing with another product with the same features, but at a lower price.

Xiaomi seems to have its plans up its sleeve, and we may need to wait till it unfolds its plans. Until then, it may be noted that you can choose any of the two options. Use your conscience and check out the best one that perfectly meets your requirements.

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