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Best Budget Laptop Speakers with Woofer in India under 5000 – 2.1 Option

Are you looking for budget laptop speakers with woofer under Rs 5000? You have landed at the right place. After testing more than hundreds of speakers we have shortlisted 12 best speakers under Rs 5000. This list includes speakers from 2K to 5K that provides for best systems from wired ones to Bluetooth ones we have got covered every category in this post. So without consuming any time let’s jump onto what’s more important at this moment.

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Budget Laptop Speakers with Woofer

Most of the speakers featured on this list include brands which are well known in the Indian markets. Also, to sport a woofer, the speakers need to be a 2.1 at a minimum. We hope you like the top picks that we love and recommend. So, here it is:

1. F&D A111F

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Starting the list with the cheaper ones. F&D A111F is the best speaker under 2000 Rs. It is small, compact, beautiful yet a very loud speaker. The semi-sphere design speakers with a slight upward firing position are large enough for a medium size room. The satellites have an 11 x 2 watts RMS output. The subwoofer has an output of 13 watts. Even at full volumes, you won’t feel distortions in the sound.

The sound is clear and lows are bassy enough for home entertainment. This speaker could be a great companion for your laptop at this price for entertainment and gaming. Moreover, this unit is IR remote controlled. Thus you get the flexibility to control the music from anywhere in the room. It also has a USB port and a micro SD card port. There are two knobs on the right side for volume control and bass control, along with the main power switch. The tweeters are made of hard plastic while the subwoofer houses an MDF cabinet

F&D A111F Specifications
Configuration2.1 Channel
Frequency Response65Hz – 20 kHz
Total Output35 W
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite11 watt
Maximum Output RMS Subwoofer13 watt
Control buttonsSource, Play / Pause, Next, Previous Four Buttons
Bass knob
Volume knob
Power switch
ConnectivityRCA vs. 3.5mm stereo cable x 1pcs (optional)
RCA vs. RCA stereo cable x 1pcs
micro SD card
Weight2.7 Kg

2. F&D A521 2.1 Speaker

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If you are looking for something a little more powerful than the above speaker, F&D A521 is the one. This is louder and has a 20-watt subwoofer. The total output of the whole unit is 52 watts without any distortion in the sound quality.  F&D A521 has a micro SD card reader and USB reader. The right side has two knobs for volume and bass control along with three buttons to control music play from micro SD card and pen drive.

Safety is also critical. You never know when the voltage level reaches an alarming degree. But you don’t have to worry about all this in A521. It has a built-in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) that consumes less power and operates in wide voltage range.

 F&D A521 Specifications
Type2.1 stereo
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Output52 watt RMS
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite16 watt
Maximum Output RMS Subwoofer20 watt
ControlsPower on/off, Volume, Bass Control,
Three buttons for play/pause/next for SD card control
ConnectivityUSB reader
micro SD card reader
RCA to 3.5 mm audio jack
Weight5 kg

3. Philips MMS-4545B

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Looking for something with Bluetooth, FM, and an IR remote, Philip MMS-4545B could be a great option for you. With 42 watts clear RMS output and Bluetooth connectivity these speakers are ideal for home entertainment. The satellites deliver a total of 10 x 2 watts, and the subwoofer produces 20 watt RMS output. It is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device, and the USB Direct gives you easy music playback via pen drive. When you feel bored of the stored music, you can tune FM for Radio enjoyment.

Philips MMS-4545B Specifications
Type2.1 stereo
DriverSubwoofer – 5 inches
Speaker – 3 inches
Total Output42 watts
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite10 watt
Maximum Output RMS Subwoofer20 watt RMS
OthersBluetooth, FM
ConnectivityUSB and SD card slots
RCA to 3.5 mm audio jack
Weight4.7 kg

4. F&D F380x

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The F&D F380X pack more power with Bluetooth connectivity. It is simply stylish and does its job pretty well. The subwoofer gets LED lighting that changes color and looks stylish in low lights. These lights have not been synchronized with the sound output. But it will be too much to ask for at such a low price. This unit as a whole has an output of 54 watt RMS which includes a 25-watt rich bass subwoofer that is large enough for a medium size room.

The front section of the subwoofer has eight buttons for Bluetooth, play/pause, next, previous and others. The rear side house two knobs one for treble and another one for bass. It has got NFC for faster Bluetooth pairing with NFC-enables devices with just a tap. That’s not it; you can play music via USB drive, micro SD card, and FM Radio.

F&D F380x Specifications
Type2.1 stereo
Frequency Response30 – 90Hz (subwoofer)
110 – 20 KHz(satellite)
Total Output54 watts
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite15 watt
Maximum Output RMS Subwoofer25 watts
OthersBluetooth 4.0, FM. IR remote
ConnectivityRCA to RCA
RCA to 3.5 mm audio jack
Weight4.8 kg

5. Creative SBS-E2800

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Creative SBS-E2800 is a multi-function 2.1 system with high audio clarity and LED display to show some useful details about the music. It is a 50-watt system with 24-watt subwoofer and two 13 watts satellites. You can play music from PC, Laptop, audio player or your smartphone. It has built-in FM Radio and music player which allows you to use micro SD card and pen drive.

The subwoofer cabinet is made of wood for excellent bass reproduction. The subwoofer front gets six buttons to control the music playback. Also, the speaker includes a wireless remote to let you easily control the system. Overall, the system is quite good and loud enough for home entertainment and does not take much of the space. But the absence of Bluetooth connectivity might be the setback for some users.

Creative SBS-E2800 Specifications
System Configuration2.1 system
Frequency Response45Hz – 20kHz
Total Output50 watt
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite13 watts
Maximum Output RMS  Subwoofer24 watts RMS
Connector TypeLine-In, RCA
Weight3.6 Kg

6. F&D F550x 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker

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F&D F550x is simply the best 2.1 Bluetooth speaker under Rs 5000. It comes with Bluetooth as well as NFC for faster Bluetooth pairing. The satellites look elegant with the progressive square design. The matte finish subwoofer with an X shape rust-proof metal grill gives it’s a unique eye catchy look. The stainless steel grill protects the woofer and satellites from rust and corrosion. The woofer also gets an LED screen with high contrast display that makes it easy to read. The woofer also gets a multi-color decorative LED that can pump up your mood.

Moving ahead to the controls and features F&D F550x offers. The side panel gets controls for volume, source, next/pre, play/pause. It also has USB/SD card reader and comes with IR remote control that allows access to speaker functions from longer distances. Now, moving on to the speaker sound quality. It has an output of 56 watt RMS. The 28 watts 6.5 inches subwoofer goes as low as 30 Hz for deep and rich bass. The Satellites have an output of 28 watts RMS together. There is no sign of distortion in the audio quality. The sound quality is evident and precise and better than most of the speakers of this range.

F&D F550x Specifications
Speaker Configuration2.1 system
Frequency Response30 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Output56 watts
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite14 watts
Maximum Output RMS Subwoofer28 watts
OthersBluetooth, NFC, FM
ConnectivityUSB/SD card reader
Weight4.68 Kg

7. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94

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Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 with 60 watt RMS output and Bluetooth connectivity are perfect for playing music and watching movies on your laptop or desktop. You can even pair them with your TV via the RCA to RCA cable. For wireless connectivity, you can use Bluetooth pairing. It gets a built-in music player that can play songs via USB/SD card reader. Tune in your favorite radio station with the built-in FM Radio receiver.

It has got six buttons on the front, and a high-contrast LED display for easy readability. The 30-watt subwoofer is large enough to shake the windows of a small room. The two 15 watts satellites produce crystal clear sound.

Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 Specifications
Speaker Configuration2.1 channel Bluetooth system
Frequency Response35 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Output60 watts
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite15 watts
Maximum Output RMS Subwoofer30 watts
OthersBluetooth, FM, USB/SD card reader, IR remote control
ConnectivityRCA to RCA
RCA to 3.5 mm audio jack
Weight6.58 Kg

8. iBall Tarang Red 2.1

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iBall Tarang Red is a powerful 2.1 speaker system. The best thing about this speaker is its 35 watts subwoofer that produces heart thumping bass. Each satellite has an output of 15 watts RMS. It also comes with multiple connectivity options like USB drive, SD card, Bluetooth, FM, etc. You can even play music from laptop, desktop, TV, almost all of the media devices.

The satellites and the subwoofer houses wooden cabinet for high-quality distortion-free output. The USB/SD card reader mounted on the front side for easy reach. Also, it features six buttons for music playback control. Overall, it is tough to say which one among the above three is best. The Philips one, F&D F550x and iBall Tarang Red, all three come in the price category and offers same features and quality. If you ask me, I will choose the F&D F550x for its looks, as sound quality does not differ much in all three.

iBall Tarang Red Specifications
Type2.1 Channel
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Total Output65 watts
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite15 watts
Maximum Output RMS Subwoofer35 watts
OthersUSB/SD card reader
Bluetooth 4.0
FM, Remote
ConnectivityRAC to RCA
RCA to 3.5 mm audio jack
Weight5.24 Kg

9. Samsung HW H20

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If sound quality is the foremost priority above all the other features like Bluetooth, FM then Samsung HW H20 is the best that you can get under Rs 5000. If we talk about the on-paper specs, it has a 30-watt subwoofer and two satellites with 15 watts output each. Though the specs of the subwoofer of above all three subwoofers above are same still in head to head comparison, it is the Samsung HW H20 that produces deep heart thumping bass of all.

There is no sign of distortion even at full volume of the laptop. The primary satellite has ports for all the connections. The front section gets an LED indicator to indicate power supply. It gets three buttons for music play/pause and next/prev and the central power button. You will also get three knobs for volume, bass, and treble control. It can play MP3/WMA/AAC format music from USB drive using the USB reader on the front.

Concluding, if you want loud and clear sound with deep bass under Rs 5000 this one is the best, look no further. If you also wish to have Bluetooth connectivity, FM, and micro SD card and a bit of more stylish look, then you can look to the above options, but sound quality won’t be same as in the Samsung HW H20.

Samsung HW H20 Specifications
System Configuration2.1 channel
Frequency Response35 Hz – 20 Hz
Total Output60 watts
Maximum Output RMS Per Satellite15 watts
Maximum Output RMS Subwoofer30 watts
ConnectivityUSB Reader
3.5 mm AUX
Weight7.1 Kg


Most of these speakers are for stationary setups, and not portable in any way. So, if you are looking for portable solutions, you can check our earlier post. We hope you like our article, feel free to drop us a comment below and let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

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