Beats Solo3 Wireless vs. Beats EP

Beats Solo3 Wireless vs. Beats EP Specifications Comparison

When it comes to audio related accessories, Beats have earned the reputation of their consumers. They are famous for their premium sound entertainment products mainly consisting of quality headphones, earphones, and speakers. Today, we will be looking at, actually, comparing two of the headphones produced by Beats. Both of these come from different series, so differences are going to be dominant. In fact, one of them is wireless, and another one is wired. We are comparing (Beats Solo3 Wireless vs. Beats EP) following beats headphones:

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Beats Solo3 Wireless vs. Beats EP

We will be looking at all the essential technical details and various specifications side-by-side for both these products so it would be easy for you to understand the difference and figure out which ones meet your requirements the best. So without any more discussion and delay, here we begin:


SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Packaged Quantity11
Body Material Not SpecifiedStainless Steel
Height7.8 inches8.3 inches
Weight1.85 pounds1.5 pounds
Colormatte goldBlack
ManufacturerBeats by DreBeats by Dre

So as we described before, both Solo3 and EP are manufactured by Beats. However, Beats Solo3 is a wireless headphone. This means you will have to worry about battery life. Moreover, expect some audio latency as well. We are not sure how much it would affect the experience.

In return for these, you get some extra piece of comfort and don’t have to carry the cord everywhere, which is kind of hard to manage. Beats EP is a wired headphone. The body is entirely made of stainless steel, giving it sturdy build and feel.  It is wired so there would be no latency issue at all. Handling the cord is not an issue since it will save you from battery issues.

As you may have noticed, Beats Solo3 is the little bit heavy compared to Beats EP. However, EP has more height. When it comes to headphones, we always prefer lighter and shorter models. However, the difference here is pretty minor and would not affect comfort and experience that much. Still, Beast EP is preferable here, if wireless connectivity doesn’t hold importance for you.


SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Headphones Form FactorSupraauralSupraaural
Sound Output ModeStereoStereo
In-Cord Volume ControlNoYes

Both Beats Solo3 and EP are on-ear headphones. The buds coming with them are pretty comfy. However, they are not like those over earbuds, yet pretty comfortable than average products. Beats EP has various volume control buttons on the cord. There is no cord in Solo3 so volume, etc. are controlled remotely.

Remote Control

SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Audio Controlsanswer/end, play/pause, volumeanswer/end, volume
ControlsVolume, answer/end, play/pauseVolume, answer/end

Both Solo3 and EP offer remote control options for controlling volume and answering, rejecting and ending calls. However, Beats Solo3 also allows playing and pausing music remotely, which is nonexistence in Beats EP. These functionalities are accessed from the device to which headphone is connected.


SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Connector TypeMini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-polemini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-pole

As the table implies, there is not much difference here, as both the headphones use 3.5 mm 4 pole jack for connectivity.


SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Included AccessoriesCarrying case, 3.5 mm remote talk cable, universal USB charging cable, quick start guide, warranty cardFoldable carrying pouch, quick start guide, warranty card
Color CategorygoldBlack

It is not much you get with Beats EP as it offers only a foldable carrying pouch along with a guide and warranty card. On the other hand, Beats Solo3 Wireless ships with Carrying case, 3.5 mm remote talk cable, universal USB cable for charging the batteries along with quick start guide and warranty card.


SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Run Time (Up To)40 hour(s)No battery


SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Rechargeable BatteryrechargeableNone
Technologylithium ionNone
Run Time (Up To)40 hour(s)None

As Beats Solo3 is wireless, it has to depend on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They claim that it can deliver 40 hours of run time once fully charged. However, we advise not to expect this much from it; you will have to charge it daily. On the other hand, Beats EP receives power from the audio jack cord and does not depends on any battery.

Dimensions & Weight

SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Width 5.87
Length 4.53
Weight 1.85 pounds1.5 pounds

Despite being a bit wider than Solo3, Beats EP is much lightweight. If you have habit/requirements of keeping on the headphones for an extended period of times, we highly recommend going with lighter one, which is Beats EP in this case.

However, you will have to give up on wireless features for this. Moreover, the weight difference isn’t that much, but still, we recommend to go with lighter if you are okay with wired connectivity.

Service & Support Details

SpecificationBeats Solo3 Wireless

Beats EP (Black)

Typelimited warrantylimited warranty
Full Contract Period1 year1 year

Beats offers one year of limited warranty on both of these products. As far as our experience with Beats is concerned, they usually prefer to make quick replacements, without asking much questions, as far as the product is in the single piece and unharmed. Well, they will reject to replace if you broke the headphones, or if there is any physical – external damage.


That’s it for Beats Solo3 Wireless v/s Beats EP – Specs Comparison. We hope this post helps you to understand how these two headphones from Beats differ from each other. These details will help you to choose the right headphone for you as per your requirements.

If you have any query, doubt or suggestion, feel free to use the comment section below or contact us directly, Thank You!

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