Headphones With Bluetooth 5.0

Headphones With Bluetooth 5.0 For High Quality Lagfree Audio Output

Bluetooth 5 is quickly gaining traction with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Very soon the market will have smartphones will have native support for Bluetooth 5.0. So, naturally, you might want to use a matched headset to support the new standard. In case if you are looking to buy a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headset, we have done pretty good research for you. In this article, we will be listing out the best wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.0.

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Now you might be thinking what Bluetooth 5.0 offers than its predecessor. Is it worth buying a Bluetooth 5.0 supported headphone? Will it be a good deal? Let me clarify all your doubts, and then we will head back to the Bluetooth 5.0 headphones. It will ensure that you would not be left in a state of confusion. Bluetooth 5.0 delivers many times as much data transfer speeds as compared its predecessor, version 4.2. Bluetooth 5.0 provides enough bandwidth to support two wireless devices at the same time, as now the data transfer bandwidth has been increased by a humongous eight times.

You can join your portable speakers and stream them using just one Bluetooth 5.0 media device. Furthermore, you can connect two headphones and share one with your friends to listen to the same content without having to share a bud. Though the pairing process is almost the same, the response time has been reduced by the considerable margin. Now you can watch movies wirelessly without any noticeable delay in audio.

Most importantly you will get four times more range than the Bluetooth 4.2. Earlier in indoors, we only used to get an average range of 10 meters. Not anymore! With Bluetooth 5.0 you can expect a good connection up to 40 meters in indoor operations. Bluetooth 5.0 has become a lot better and is ready to be used in a lot of IoT implementations, primarily due to its extended range. Here is a quick comparison chart below:

Bluetooth versionMaximum speedMaximum range
3.025 Mbit/s10 meters (33 ft)
4.025 Mbit/s60 meters (200 ft)
5.050 Mbit/s240 meters (800 ft)

With the advancement in the Bluetooth technology with v5.0, very soon we will see our everyday devices working on the newer Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Earlier, there was a massive gap in the data handling capabilities of Bluetooth and WiFi. Bluetooth usage was becoming obsolete due to its dated performance. But now with Bluetooth 5.0, it will change the way how we connect our accessories with our smartphones and laptops. In the coming years, we expect most of the things will be connected wirelessly now. There will be no hassles of wires or limitations of shorter range of operations.

As we have already stated, it is being used in some high-end smartphones, so that if you are spending your hard earned money on wireless headphones. Why does not choose the one which is future ready? Let’s have a look at best headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Headphones With Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

Right now we don’t have a lot of headphones that come with Bluetooth 5.0. So we have mentioned the best ones here out of all the devices that are available in the market. As soon as something noteworthy comes up in the market, we will add it to this list of best Bluetooth 5.0 headphones. By the end of 2018, the market will be full of Bluetooth 5.0 headphones, smartphones and other wireless devices that now use the older 4.2 version of Bluetooth.

1. Anker ZOLO Liberty+

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For all day and all night


For the weekend

Drivers2 * 5.5mm Graphene Dynamic2 * 6mm Graphene Dynamic
Frequency Response20Hz~20kHz20Hz~20kHz
Transparency: Sound IsolationNoYes
Microphone (right earphone only)MEMS with CVC noise reductionMEMS with EC/NR technology
BatteryEarbuds: up to 3.5hrs audio playback
Charge case: 24+hrs additional audio playback
Earbuds: up to 3.5hrs audio playback
Charge case: 48+hrs additional audio playback
Water Resistant / Sweat ProofSweat Proof: IPX5Sweat Proof: IPX5
Power SourceMicro USB 5V/1.5AMicro USB 5V/1.5A
Smart Assistant Support (right earphone only)YesYes

The first company that has taken the initiative to move towards the more advanced Bluetooth 5.0 is Anker. Anker Zolo Liberty+ comes with graphene driver technology. Its compact design, lightweight design and premium looks will tend you to buy this one. It is complete wireless earbuds, no wires, no hassle, just total freedom. The graphene coated drivers ensure the best sound output in every frequency range with absolute clarity and crispness.

With LDS antenna and Bluetooth 5.0 connection, it offers stronger connectivity. You will face no drops, no skips when you are in the Bluetooth signal field. Anker has gained an excellent reputation in portable power banks. They have showcased their excellency in Zolo Liberty+ battery. You get 48 hours of power; you will get 3.5 hours of playtime from a single charge then boost that to 48 with the included charging case.

The GripFit technology, the name coined by the Anker works pretty well in keeping these earbuds in your ears even when you are jogging or doing some exercise. You can also use them in summer, as they are sweat proof. Anker Zolo Liberty+ could be a perfect companion to keep you energetic while you are in the gym without any connectivity issues. Everyone has a different music taste, so the Zolo Liberty+ comes with a specific EQ profile to suit your audio needs.

2. Britz BE-ME350 Hands-Free Bluetooth 5.0 Ear-Set

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Britz BE-ME350 is designed for those who have to take a lot of calls while working. This one is a hands-free wireless earset that comfortably fits in either of your ears. You can even listen to songs on this one. But this one is not designed for answering calls only, so won’t get a good experience in case if you are looking for music better look for another one.

But for those looking for hands-free earset with Bluetooth 5.0, Britz BE-ME350 is an excellent option as of now. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The battery backup is just average and allows 3 to 4 hours of talk time. It supports multi-pairing, you can connect to multiple devices at a time and smartly manage calls on them.

It is available in black and silver color with luxurious finishing and improved acoustic performance. A 55mAh battery power up this small Bluetooth 5.0 hands-free earset. It will play music for 3 to 4 hours in one charge and will take 2 hours to get recharged. It just weighs 6 grams; you would not be going to feel that something is in your ears after a  day or two.

This hands-free earset is undoubtedly not the best Bluetooth earset, but it is the only decent Bluetooth 5.0 earset. So if you are looking for a Bluetooth 5.0 hands-free earset, buy this one other you can consider other options working on Bluetooth 4.2 and earlier versions.

In Conclusion

Bluetooth 5.0 is the future of connectivity tech. We would be seeing more and more mobile SOC’s to have support for the new standard. It will prompt headphone manufacturers to bring in headphones that support the new standard. Till then, we have this short list of devices and we hope, not for long.

We hope you like our list of Headphones With Bluetooth 5.0. Suggestions or feedbacks are welcome in the comment section below.

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