WH-H900N vs WH-XB900N vs WH-XB700

WH-H900N vs WH-XB900N vs WH-XB700 Specifications Comparison

When it comes to noise-canceling headphones, you will find Sony to be an excellent choice. Among a host of sound-canceling headphones in the wireless genre that Sony manufactures, you would find the WH-H900N vs WH-XB900N vs WH-XB700 to be quite popular and capable options that would offer you an excellent performance. If you are lost for choice and cannot decide which one to go with, the following concise review and comparison should assist you in taking a call right away.

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How do the Headphones Compare? WH-H900N vs WH-XB900N vs WH-XB700

The comparison table here should ideally provide you access to the best options among the three and let you analyze the best features offered by your headphone.

FeaturesSony WH-H900N

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Sony WH-XB900N

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Sony WH-XB700

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Headphone typeOver the earOver the earOn-ear
Noise cancellationYesYesNo
Physical dimension4.8″ x 5.8″ x 3.2″5.5″ x 6.6″ x 3.5″7.4″ x 6.2″ x 1.8″
Weight0.7 pounds0.56 pounds0.43 pounds
Passive playbackYesYesYes
Battery typeRechargeableRechargeableRechargeable
Battery backup27 hours38 hours25.4 hours
Charging time5.5 hours5.9 hours3.4 hours
Mobile companion appYes, Sony ConnectYes, Sony ConnectYes, Sony Connect
CompatibilityiOS and AndroidiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
EqualizerGraphic plus presetsGraphic plus presetsPresets
Automatic Nose CancellationAdjustableYesNo
Bluetooth version4.14.24.2
NFC sharingYesYesYes
Multiple device connectivityNoNoNo
Wireless range38 feet72 feet54 feet
CableDetachable, 4.2 feet longDetachable and 4.1 feet longDetachable and 4.0 feet long

Sony WH – H900N – A Sneak Peak

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The Sony WH – H900N should be your best bet for an excellent set of noise-canceling headphones with wireless compatibility and performance. The audio experts consider it to be an excellent above-average headphone for all practical purposes.

The headphones come with an almost similar design as on the MDR-100AAP model; they offer you a high-end comfortability along with a muscular build. The bass range offered by headphones is quite efficient, and the sound, as such, can be good enough in terms of vocals and instruments, especially the mids.

The denser and more full headband would be one of the right choices from the comfortability point of view. The earcups have thicker pads. This would make it easy for you to listen to music for hours together without feeling uncomfortable. You also have access to enhanced performance with the handy touch-sensitive controls. While being comfortable to wear, carrying them around would be a little tricky. They tend to be slightly heavier to handle.

When it comes to sound performance, you will find the Sony WH – H900N should be the right choice. You can expect a consistent and more profound bass performance. You can also expect an even mid-range along with a well balanced treble performance. You can find them the best choice of music range spreading across different genres.

The headphones tend to fail a little when you check it out exclusively for its noise cancellation properties. Of course, they create a perfect seal around your ears, but the noise cancellation may not live up to the expectations. While it would work effectively in case of most of the typical situations, it may not provide you with an active cancellation from an engine sound or a crowded area. They do not leak the music outside, but a louder ambient noise can be one of the areas where you would find it failing miserably.

The headphones come with an integrated microphone, but do not work as expected. The quality of voice or other sounds recorded muffled and thinner, even in a quieter, corporate environment. The sound recording is considerably lacking in detail. If you check the performance in the noisier situations, you would realise that the microphone is struggling to offer you the right range of performance standards.

The powerful features offered by the headphones are quite decent enough. The battery performance is excellent, but you would find them taking a while to get charged. However, the charging time taken by the headphones to charge the device is considerably longer enough than you would expect it to. Of course, you have access to a quick charge functionality wherein you can charge it for 10 minutes and get a backup of up to an hour. The Sony app lets you adjust the equalizer settings and add the soundstage effects.

Connectivity is yet another area that you would want more. Pairing it with NFC should be simple and easy. Connecting with multiple devices is not possible. The wireless range is perfect enough. However, watching videos or gaming with them may not be advisable because of the audio latency.

In essence, they are best suited for use in a mixed range of situations. However, there are a few negative points that we already pointed out. You can use them effectively for commuting, sports, and critical listening requirements. Office, TV viewing, and gaming are a few areas you would find it less perfect.

Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Headphones – A Concise review

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These headphones can be one of the best options you would find impressive enough as the best versatile headphone option. They can be the right choice for a wide range of application areas. The automatic noise canceling is a letdown. The build quality appears a little plasticky.

The bass-heavy sound performance can appear to be slightly dark enough. Once again, you would find that it would take a while to charge up, but as with the previous option we just discussed, you would find it useful enough with good battery life. The build quality offered by the headphones is quite well designed sufficient. Sturdy build quality with cheaper look is what we would term it as. The touch-sensitive controls appear beautiful and useful enough.

Coming to the sound performance, they offer you a decent experience. The headphones provide you a perfect Extra Bass feature in tune with its tagline. That can sometimes make the sound performance appear quite bass-heavy. The mid-range and treble appear to be decent for most users. The vocals can get thinned out in some cases, though. You can find them practical for bass-heavy audio genres like EDM, dubstep, and hip-hop. If you are looking for a headphone that offers you the right vocal-centric efficiency, this would not be the headphone you would want.

The noise isolation is quite mediocre. The ANC feature does not work efficiently in the bass range. Even the leakage performance is not up to mark. That would make them not suitable for use with commute purposes. They can effectively block outside noise, though.

Speech may be understandable on the microphone in a quieter environment, but you will find it giving out a muffled experience. In essence, the microphone performance is not up to the mark. The beautiful 38-hour battery life is one of the major factors you would choose this over the others. Time taken to charge them can be an issue, as it would take a whopping 6 hours to charge your device completely. The Sony Connect app gives you access to a few high-end customization options.

The headphones tend to be a transparent Bluetooth device in terms of connectivity and nothing more or less than that. The Bluetooth range is brilliantly efficient. However, watching videos or gaming may not be the right option given the audio latency issues. The support for aptX codec should be yet another added advantage. The headphones can be paired with the help of NFC as well. Yet again, you will find that they cannot be connected to multiple devices simultaneously.

They can be one of the right options used for use with mixed range. For critical listening and commute purposes, they can be decent, but not the best ones. For watching videos and gaming, you would find that they do not live up to the expectations. Headphones can be a good option for office usage.

Sony WH-XB700 Wireless Headphones – A Concise Review

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These are yet again the bass-centric headphones and provide you with a substantial bass performance. The sound profile would be quite dark if you are not much fond of bass. They are comfortable to wear on the ears. The build quality is strong enough but appears cheaper and plasticky. Perhaps, a cost-cutting exercise, gives its price point.

As we said, they are plasticky closed back over the ear headphones. They do not fold into a compact option, thus making carrying them a chore. But, thy are relatively comfortable and have larger cups that sit comfortably over the ears.

The bass is overdone, and you would find them not much suitable for most of your needs. That can appear t be thumpy or boomy if you are not fond of bass much. The mid-range performance is impressive enough and well balanced, but may not be emphasized to a reasonable degree. You would find the vocals and instruments thinned out. The treble is sub-par. In essence, the headphones would be suitable only for those who are fond of bass-heavy music.

The noise isolation feature offered by the headphone would not be right up to the mark. They are not noise-canceling options and do not isolate the noise either. They would not work efficiently in cases of heavy sound like bus and engine rumbles. However, they would work efficiently in areas like ambient noise and chatter.

The microphone performance is quite mediocre. The recorded sound is not right, even with quieter environments. If you are using it in a moderately louder environment, you will find it extremely worst. It does not come with the inline remote for the microphone.

The battery life offered by the headphones is decent enough. With more than 25 hours of backup, it should last a day with ease. The Sony app, as with the other two headphones we discussed here, offers you access to an enhanced performance standard through the customization options provided in the app.

Connectivity, as we have already noticed, is limited to Bluetooth. NFC support is available. The wireless range is quite efficient and excellent. While it can be the right option for use with regular features, you would find it offering not quite ideal for use with games and TV content.

If you think of the usability of the headphones, you will find them of practical usage in case of TV and gaming requirements. For the rest of the options like commuting, office, and sports, it may be good enough, but we would not term them highly efficient.To Conclude

Those were a few salient features and functions offered by the three competent headphones from Sony. We would assume the reviews, and the comparison chart included in this compilation should help you make the well-informed choice between the three options.

Do check out the options listed herein and share your thoughts with us.

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