Best HDMI ARC Soundbars

Best HDMI ARC Soundbars For AV Receivers and Smart TVs For Sound

Why should you look out for the Best HDMI ARC Soundbars? It is because ARC is one of the best features of HDMI you are probably not using.

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Soundbars come in multiple configurations. There are those with Dolby ATMOS compatibility, and then there are those who support DTS X. While these are soundbars offer different sound processing technologies, the connectivity options also play a significant role in choosing the right kind of Soundbar for your needs. For today’s discussion, we will take up the soundbars with HDMI ARC compatibility.

What is the HDMI ARC?

HDMI ARC is an HDMI technology, or an HDMI feature to be precise. The new specifications come with an easy setup functionality but are slightly expensive. But what it does?

ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. The HDMI ARC connection lets you use a single HDMI connection to send the audio signal from the TV to soundbars and AV receivers. The feature these days comes equipped with the TVs where you would find at least one port provided with ARC functionality. The ARC functionality lets you use a single connection for sending both videos to the TV and the audio signal back to the Soundbar.

Here is a quick comparison of the different standards given in the table below:








Cable Used & Stereo SupportOptical S/PDIF




HDMI with Ethernet


Compressed 5.1YesYesYes
Uncompressed 5.1NoNoYes
Uncompressed 7.1NoNoYes
High Bitrate & object-based up to 192kHz, 24•bit (e. Dolby Atmos•, DTS X,NoNoYes
Maximum Audio Bandwidth Discovery384 Kbits/second
1 Mbits/second
37 Mbits/second
eARC data channel
eARC Capability (Audio EDID, etc.) Up Sync CorrectionNone
eARC data channel
TV Mutes & Controls VolumeNoYes (CEC)Yes (CEC)
Powering TV Powers Audio Device ARC FallbackNo
Yes (CEC)
Yes (CEC)

Another advantage offered by the ARC is you can use multiple sources, but only one Soundbar is used for sound production. You send the video to the TV, and the TV itself will transmit the audio to the Soundbar.

While your TV may have ARC, but that alone won’t suffice. Your audio receivers also need to have the ARC compatibility. That is precisely why a soundbar with HDMI ARC compatibility is much needed.

Best HDMI ARC Soundbars in 2019

Having gone through what HDMI ARC stands for and what advantages does it offer you, let us now check out a few salient options available for the best soundbars with HDMI ARC compatibility.

Sonos Playbase

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One of the expensive options for the Soundbar with HDMI ARC compatibility, the Sonos Playbase is an excellent option for broader sound levels. The slick design, coupled with room-filling sound, is one of the prominent features that the Soundbar comes with.

The Soundbar has a custom-built 10 speaker array for an enhanced sound experience. That should ideally bring you much closer to the actual home theatre experience. The Soundbar comes with the six mid-range, three tweeters, and one subwoofer to take your TV viewing experience to the next level. The simple two-cord feature is what would help you avoid wire clutter.

The accompanying Sonos app lets you stream from over 30 services. Right from your favorite radio stations, podcasts to the audiobooks – everything within one app! The compatibility with Alexa is yet another advantage for hands-free functionality.

The Soundbar can be obtained from this link on Amazon.

Sony HTX9000F

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Coming from Sony, who has been a clear leader in whatever the sound technology has to throw at you, the Soundbar is available with a 2.1 channel compatibility. With support for Dolby ATMOS and DTS X, the Soundbar offers you a vertical sound engine.

The Sony soundbar offers you access to seven sound modes to choose from depending on your audio sources. It provides you a wide range of connectivity options that include HDMI, HDMI ARC, or HDMI eARC. 4K HDR compatibility is one of the options worth noting.

The Soundbar offers you a WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options for seamless streaming functionality. You also have access to boosted audio frequencies for amplified sound effects and reduced background noise.

If the features impress you enough, you can check it out at this link on Amazon.

Sonos beam

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The Sonos Beam is one of the best options with HDMI ARC functionality and packs in the Amazon Alexa integration as well. Primarily designed for use on a TV stand or wall-mounted, the Soundbar also comes with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port for working with your Soundbar straight from your router.

The dialog enhancement functionality is one of the features you would indeed fall in love with. The Sonos app helps you in interacting seamlessly with your soundbars. The Soundbar can also work with AirPlay functionality if you have an Apple device. The Soundbar can also connect with Fire TV as well.

The performance offered by the soundbars is one of the best options for excellent sound enhancement. You have access to a full soundstage functionality making it one of the prime choices to go with.

You can get more details of the Sonos Beam on Amazon here.

Richsound Research (RSR) TB232SW Soundbar

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The 2.1 channel soundbar offers you a great deal of performance when it comes to sound enhancement. The product has plenty of connectivity options, including HDMI ARC. The sleek profile and an exotic design will go seamlessly with your décor.

The Soundbar is neither bulky nor challenging to handle. It offers you a seamless wireless streaming functionality with Bluetooth. The easy to use remote control accompanying the Soundbar makes it one of the most affordable, yet capable soundbars you can opt for. You can use the HDMI CEC to control the Soundbar with your TV remote.

The wired subwoofer and HDMI ARC connection in a soundbar priced so affordably are perhaps what has raised the bar in its favor. The Soundbar works with both older and newer TVs.

If the Soundbar appeals to you and meets your needs, you can check it out at this link on Amazon.

Yamaha YAS-108

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The Soundbar comes with the dual built-in subwoofers for enhanced performance. You have access to the more profound bass effects. It also improves the vocal frequency range for the crystal clear dialogues. The Soundbar also supports DTS Virtual X decoding.

You can wirelessly connect two devices through Bluetooth for streaming your content. The connectivity through HDMI CEC will help you use the TV remote with the Soundbar, thus removing the remote clutter. Integration with the Amazon Alexa is yet another advantage for hands-free interaction with the Soundbar.

You also have access to the 4K Pass-Through feature lets you enjoy the 4K content with the thumping sound option. The built-in subwoofers let you enjoy the best bass experience. You have the simple connectivity options through HDMI, optical, and aux connection.

If you think the Soundbar meets your expectations, you can give it a look at this link on Amazon.

MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround Sound Bar by Polk Audio

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The Soundbar is one of the excellent options for the best soundbars with HDMI ARC compatibility. The Soundbar comes with multiple connectivity options that would include HDMI, Digital Optical, Ethernet, and USB. It should be an excellent option for your needs if you are checking out the options for the smaller spaces.

The speaker setup can fit reassuringly in any of the smaller spaces easily. You can be assured of a crisper dialogue and more profound bass performance. The availability of subwoofer is yet another excellent feature. The option of Google Cast support is what would assist you in using it as one of the best home music speakers ever.

The sound is quite louder enough and provides you access to better music in bedrooms and small living rooms. The handy remote is what we found to be one of the prime options worthy of checking out. The SDA AUDIO TECHNOLOGY and 5.1 Dolby Digital coding are the two features we found quite interesting and useful for an immersive audio experience. The Soundbar also features separate modes for movies, sports, and music.

Yamaha YAS-209

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The Soundbar provides you access to an enhanced experience concerning an excellent HDMI ARC compatibility. It gives you access to an improved functionality with Alexa integration. You can be assured of an improved and enhanced overall sound that meets all your needs. The wireless subwoofer should be yet another huge plus point we found efficient options instead ever.

The Soundbar will provide you access to a wireless subwoofer that improves highly bass performance. The Alexa integration will give you access to handy controls. The sleek design can be what would make it an enhanced performer ever. The 36-inch model can suit almost every TV.

The Soundbar is equipped with four 1.75-inch drivers. This can be one of the prime options for your requirements in terms of an immersive and room-filling sound ever. The device comes with compatibility with almost every need you may have – playing music, setting alarms, and controlling smart home devices and a host of all those services. The support for DTS Virtual X Surround can be one of the added advantages worth it.

Bose Soundbar 500

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Bose soundbars have always been considered to be one of the excellent options ever. Availability of HDMI ARC, eARC, CEC, Optical, and USB should help you achieve exceptional functionality in terms of connectivity ever. The Soundbar 500 is one of the exciting options for every one of your requirements with its excellent, well-rounded package.

A rich sound and complete ease of use are a few great features you found truly an enhanced experience ever. Support for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa would ideally make it one of the prime options ever. The slim design is what would further enhance the level of efficiency. It works with almost every home theatre system in a very seamless manner.

You can get access to an excellent bass performance through Bluetooth or AirPlay 2. An easy to use installation process should be yet another colossal option you would find quite impressive in every aspect. The supporting smartphone app in the form of Bose App should be what would make it one of the excellent options you would want to go with.

JBL Bar Studio

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If you are looking for an excellent option for the best Soundbar at an affordable price, the JBL Bar Studio should be an excellent choice ever. The audio performance offered by the product is quite punchy enough—a reasonable degree of connectivity with one HDMI ARC output along with an optical digital input. You also have access to Bluetooth connectivity.

The anesthetic look combined with high standard performance is a few factors that would make it one of the excellent options you would find rather impressive. The compact size may restrict sound efficiency. However, you can be assured of an improved sound efficiency comparable with a slim profile. You can be assured of enough detail, clearer dialogue, and productive bass performance.

The 5.1 channel system should ideally make it one of the right options for future proof design. The performance offered by the platform would make it one of the excellent opportunities that overpower the limitations due to the compact size. We would treat it to be one of the exciting and impressive all-rounders.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few top-end soundbars with HDMI ARC functionality. Of course, we would expect almost all new age soundbars do come with the feature, but as we have already mentioned – the technology comes with a cost. The soundbars with the HDMI ARC functionality will have a slightly higher price tag.

We assume the options outlined in this compilation should meet most of your requirements. However, the list is indeed not exhaustive in any manner. If you think we have missed any of the soundbars that should have been included in this compilation, we will welcome you to share them with us through the comments here. You can also share your experience, if any, with any of the options featured here.

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