Best DTS X Soundbars with 2.1 and 5.1 channel Subwoofer budget options

As TVs are becoming slimmer, soundbars have become a piece of necessary equipment and a more preferred one at that. However, when looking for the best soundbars around you, it may be a difficult task looking for the right option that meets your needs. There are several features you would look ahead to, and DTS X compatibility is one of those. Let us today check out the best DTS X Soundbars.

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What is DTS X?

Well, along with the optimizations for video and display that have come into existence, the audio performance has taken a big leap as well. Just the way you would be looking for a TV with 4K and HDR compatibility, the object based sound performance is another added advantage.

This functionality is offered to you through the use of Dolby ATMOS and DTS X. The object-oriented option like DTS X adds the height dimension with 3D coordinates to the already available surround sound. This third dimension creates an additional interface or positional audio thereby improving the overall immersive experience. Of course, Dolby ATMOS has been one of the clear leaders in this sort of sound optimization, but DTS X offers you a better degree of flexibility and adaptation.

Soundbars with DTS X will not offer you experience as immersive as that on the surround sound setup but offers you a high degree of performance instead of having to depend upon the TV speakers alone.

Best DTS X Soundbars in 2019

Having understood how DTS X can improve your sound functionality, let us check out the best soundbars equipped with DTS X technology. We will explore a few of them one by one.

VIZIO SB3220n-F6 32″ 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

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The soundbars come with fundamental design and are available an Amazon exclusive product. The 32″ model does not come with a subwoofer feature. However, if you are looking to a simple and inexpensive option for working with your TV system, this two-channel system is what you should prefer.

The soundbar offers both Dolby Digital playback and DTS Virtual X functionality. You have access to DTS X compatibility for a simulated surround and bipolar sound features. The soundbar is capable of offering you audio performance with around 97 dB of crystal clear sound. They also come with a less than 1 percent harmonic distortion.

Compatibility with DTS TruSurround, DTS TruVolume and DTS Virtual X features make you experience world-class performance and audio compatibility. The soundbar has no compatibility with WiFi or HDMI but offers you Bluetooth streaming.

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Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth & DTS Virtual Black

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Perhaps this is the world’s first soundbar with DTS Virtual X compatibility. The slim design is one of the features that would make it a formidable choice for your needs in enhancing the TV sound quality.

The soundbar also comes with a wireless subwoofer adding an excellent bass functionality. Bluetooth streaming lets you enjoy the perfect wireless streaming. The soundbar provides you access to multiple connection options that include HDMI, optical and analog. So, no matter what connection option your TV offers, the soundbar should meet all those needs right away.

The soundbar lets you enjoy the sound in practically every direction. This will be one of the best options for realistic sonic reproduction. Enjoy the best immersive 3D surround sound and simulating sound effects. The Yamaha soundbar also offers you the best prospects in the form of 4K Ultra HD (60P) and HDR pass-through, and HDCP 2.2.

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LG SK5Y 2.1 Soundbar

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The High-Resolution Audio sound bar comes with the 360 Watt power option. The 2.1 channel compatibility is one of the best options making it one of the prime options as soundbar accompanying your TV.

The soundbar offers Bluetooth compatibility for access to wireless streaming. The DTS X compatibility would make it a great choice to go with for outstanding performance it provides you. Get access to an immersive listening experience with the virtual height and virtual surround sound performance.

The soundbar integrates with the SPK8-S optional wireless surround speakers from LG for enhanced performance. This will provide you access to a premium home theatre experience of rich sound. Adaptive Sound Control gives you access to Action movies, dramas, sports, music and even the nightly news in their profiles. The soundbar adapts automatically without your having to handle it manually. The 24-bit upsampling ensures that lower resolution audio into high-resolution audio. And yes, you can also make it work with your TV remote for enhanced convenience.

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Sony X9000F 2.1ch Soundbar

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The 2.1 channel soundbar system offers you access to Dolby ATMOS and DTS X compatibility. Sony X9000F provides you access to seven different sound modes for multiple sound effects depending upon the genre, some worthy mentions being movies, music, gaming, news, and sport.

The soundbar can offer you maximum 7.1.2 level of sound enhancement for multidirectional sound input. The new and latest Vertical Sound Engine will provide you access to creates a virtual sound enhancement.

The Sony X9000F offers you multiple connectivity features that include WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and the traditional modes of connecting your system with sound sources. A couple of other features worthy of mentioning include 4K HDR compatibility and secure connectivity with HDMI, HDMI ARC, or HDMI eARC.

If you love the voice enhancement options available on the soundbar, you may check it out on Amazon at this link.

VIZIO SB3651-F6 36″ 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar System

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The soundbar comes equipped with a 5.1 channel system that comprises of rear Surround sound speakers and wireless subwoofer. The three-channel soundbar should ideally provide you access to an enhanced TV viewing experience with a focus on the crystal clear dialogues.

Support for DTS X will help you get access to the overhead sound to provide you an immersive sound experience. Support for Google Chromecast and Bluetooth will help you stream all your songs and artists right away. The soundbar offers you access to the best sound performance with varied options like huge explosive sounds too tiny whispers. You can get access to high-resolution audio with clarity up to 101 dB and less than 1 percent harmonic distortion.

The bass performance is one of the best in its class and provides you access a bass level up to 50 Hz that can indeed be room shaking in nature. The Vizio SmartCast technology should make it one of the best options for enhanced audio enhancement functionality. The enhanced streaming performance over WiFi should be one of the best choices you would fall in love with.

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The Parting Thoughts

The DTS X technology has been one of the path breakers in offering you an immersive experience at home akin to what you have come to find at the large multiplexes. The soundbars that come with support for DTS X should ideally the prime focus for the audio connoisseurs. We assume the soundbars e have presented here in this compilation should ideally meet most of your needs in the search for a perfect soundbar.

Have you used any of the soundbars we have featured here? If you have, do share your experiences with us through the comments here below. Also, share any other good soundbars with the DTS X compatibility you may have found compelling and exciting.

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