Low Profile Sound Cards

Best Low Profile Sound Cards for Gaming and Studio Monitoring

In today’s high-end gaming, the audio plays as much importance as does the graphics. Not only gaming wherein it can add value to the graphics that you indulge while into the nuances of the game that you are playing, but it also enriches your experiences while you are listening to the music or watching videos. Gone are the days where you could play audio through the onboard sound solutions that came with the motherboard. Sound cards have replaced the onboard sound and have indeed brought in a new dimension to the audio component as a whole. If you are looking for Low Profile Sound Cards then check this out for your next PC build.

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Best Low Profile Sound Cards

Well, do you need a sound card? It should be something that would depend on what your requirements are. If you are someone more interested in the graphics and performance, a separate sound card can be entirely optional. On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to experience the audio at its best, an audiophile – we would consider it to be the best option to check out if you can go for the sound card.

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Fx

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If you are looking for a sound card with the optimal sound performance at an affordable pricing, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX should be a great option for you. In fact, it can be considered to be the hot favorite with the people looking for a budget sound card.

The features can be summarised as

  • It is capable of processing EAX and thus offers powerful audio.
  • Enjoy the High-quality 24-bit 192 kHz stereo direct playback.
  • You can be assured of a 106dB SNR for exceptional audio quality.
  • The sound card is best suited for multi-channel surround sound experience and podcasts.
  • E-MU Chipset for Advanced Effects Processing.

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Asus Xonar DSX PCIe 7.1

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Affordable pricing and immersive audio for an enhanced gaming experience are the two factors that would make it an excellent choice for your needs. Whether you are checking it out for movies and games, it should be your best bet in either circumstance.

Some of the features worth mentioning can be summed up as

  • It comes with DTS Neo: PC and DTS Interactive technologies, thus bringing the best of HiFi audio to a PC near you.
  • Xonar’s immersive GX2.5 audio engine ensures high-end audio in gaming that enhances your gaming pleasure beyond bounds.
  • The 192K/24bit support reduces the signal to noise ratios.
  • The sound card offers you the latest in EAX stereo for your games.
  • You will also gain access to operational amplifier to assist you in signal amplification.

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SEDNA – SE-PCI-E-SC-10 PCIe 7.1 Channel Soundcard

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This should be the perfect option for your needs in high definition home theatre based sound systems. You will get access to SPDIF input and output options making it one of the best options you can go with for your needs in multiple situations.

Here are a few features that would make it a good choice-

  • Versatile performance.
  • 1 Channel with SPDIF Input / Output bracket offers you the best multi-platform functionality.
  • It comes with a 24-bit / 192KHz recording and playback options which reduces the signal to noise ratio considerably.
  • ASIO driver support
  • The product comes with standard, and low profile support included out of the box.

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StarTech 7.1 Channel Sound Card

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The sound card works with almost all primary audio devices. The SPDIF connection option available on board should make it an exceptional choice you can go with.

Some of the excellent options that the sound card offers you are –

  • Outstanding performance and versatility and compatibility with most of the audio devices.
  • You need not worry about the connections that your system comes with. It supports a host of input and output options to choose from.
  • Low profile configuration would make it the best for easy installation. It can be an ideal choice for HTPC devices.
  • The sound card comes with standard profile brackets but includes low profile brackets as well.

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Asus Xonar DX PCI-Express x1 7.1 Channel Sound Card

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Another best option from Asus, this is the best PC audio upgrade you can undertake. Dolby Home theatre technology powers the DX range of sound cards.

Some of the worthwhile features that the ASUS DX sound card offers you include

  • It comes with ASUS AV100 High-Definition sound processor for an enhanced audio experience.
  • 116dB SNR audio quality ensures an excellent and clear audio performance. You can be assured of over 35 times better audio quality.
  • The sound card comes equipped with VocalFX voice processing technology. This will help you make your online chats and gaming a rewarding experience. MagicFX, ChatFX, and VoiceFX can be the real game changers in making your gaming experience more fun-filled and attractive.
  • Support for the latest DS3D GX 2.0 for gaming on Vista & XP. The technology incorporates the Dolby based techniques making it the best gaming experience ever.

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The Parting Thoughts

Well, those were a few representative choices for the best low profile 7.1 channel Sound Cards you can opt for. In fact, you have a more extensive selection than what we have explained here. We would expect the list here to serve as a guide board for your search into the other possible alternatives.

The audio experience you are getting on your PC may be quite good enough. But, opting for highest quality possible should be something that would change the scenario for better. In fact, we would expect it to be a stepping stone to bring a huge difference to your day to day gaming.

Do share your experiences with the sound cards we have featured. That would indeed be a recognition of our efforts.


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