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Best Semi-Open Headphones For Gaming Music and Online Streaming

The best semi-open headphones are ones that have unique designs in the current breed of options available. In fact, if you are not into recording or mixing professions – the semi-open headphones should be what would work the best for your requirements. There have been different types of headphones in the studio headset realm. The open back and closed back headphones are the most used ones. The closed back option is the most used one for a distortion-free recording. But, how about something that would offer you the best of both world? We will discuss the best Semi-open headphones in today’s’ post.

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Best Semi-Open Headphones

As we said, the closed back headphones can be quite ideal for the studio environment. However, if you are looking for a headphone for gaming and streaming needs, a semi-open headphone should be your prime choice. The perfect choice could be a matter of personal preferences. Experts believe that semi-open headphones allow for some sound leakage to offer a realistic experience.

Having understood that, here are a few choices you have concerning the best semi-open headphones that you can opt for.

AKG 240 Studio

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The professional quality headphones offer you the best experience for the audiophiles. In fact, the great deal of clarity and build should make it one of the best choices.

The headphones are best suited for mixing, mastering and playback needs you may have. The AKG 240 range offers you a wide dynamic range and a high degree of sensitivity.

Some of the features worth the mention are –

  • The Varimotion diaphragm provides you proper listening level for any environment.
  • It comes with a self-adjusting headband and a flexible steel structure, and this will ensure better support. The strong, but flexible nature of the headband combines durability with comfort.
  • You can use them as you please. Whether you want to use the headphones for one ear or two, you have the complete freedom to meet your exact needs.
  • The headphones come with a 3-meter replaceable cable.

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Fostex T50RP

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The Fostex T50RP semi-open headphone provides you an excellent flatter and crisp sound effects. Designed for monitoring purposes in a studio environment, they should equally be good for your gaming and music needs effectively.

The headphones come with a low repulsion ear and head pad thereby easing out the fatigue associated with using headphones for more extended hours. Fostex T50RP is also equipped with a separate cable for portable use.

Some of the salient features that the headphones come with can be summed up as

  • The Regular Phase(RP) diaphragm is made of copper foil etched polyimide film and powerful neodymium magnet. You are assured of excellent musical experience.
  • It can handle up to 3000mW of input level. This would make it the best headphone for multiple purposes.
  • The headphone comes with a 3 m meters cable for regular usage and an additional 1.2-metre cable for portable use.
  • The detachable cable offers you the best in class serviceability.
  • The design has been to enhance the best comfort levels for your listening pleasure.

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Beyerdynamic T1

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One of the costliest semi-open headphones in our list, Beyerdynamic T1 is undoubtedly for the audio lovers who are looking for top most quality and luxury features on their headphones. The high price band is compensated with the transparent and robust sound effects that you would find exciting.

The unique and innovative Tesla technology sets the bar high for the headphones and offers you the crystal clear fidelity and faultless impulse. Some of the worthy features can be summarised as

  • The headphones provide you more transparent and compelling musical experience.
  • You have access to portable USB DAC ‘Impacto essential’ technology that provide your headphones a digital edge.
  • The headphones provide a higher degree of comfortability with its breathable, super soft velours.
  • Beyerdynamic T1 offers you a high impedance performance at 600 Ohms.
  • The headphones come with a 3 meters double sided cable.
  • You can detach the cable thus offering better portability options.

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Superlux HD668B

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After an elite model for the semi-open headphones featured above, we offer an affordable option that should not be much heavy in your pocket. Superlux HD668B is priced entirely on the lower rung of the structure, yet offers you the features that are quite impressive enough.

The Superlux HD668B semi-open headphones should be your best bet for almost all needs you may have – monitoring, mixing, gaming or streaming – it suits them all. The brand is yet to create a name for itself, but that does not mean the products are inferior in any way.

Here are a few features that would prove our statement about their quality performance –

  • They offer you a full dynamic range with 50 mm drivers that provide an excellent reproduction.
  • The headphones come with self-adjusting headbands for a comfortable fit.
  • Superlux HD668B offers a 32 Ohm impedance and a frequency range of 10 Hz to 30 kHz.
  • They offer you the best option for the professional studio reference headphones.
  • The headphones offer you an excellent bass response, ultra clear highs and comfortable listening

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Shure SRH144

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Another economical and affordable model if your primary aim is to use them for gaming and streaming requirements, Shure SRH144 can serve you to the fullest. The USP of the Shure SRH144 semi-open headphones is their ultra-portable functionality.

In fact, these should be the best-suited options for someone with an on the move personality. They are capable of an extended range of performance in this price bracket.

Some honorable features that would make it excellent and affordable headphones for your gaming and streaming pleasure would be

  • Extended range of music with a great response to high-frequency sound.
  • The best option for the people who love portability at its best. The headphones are completely mobile and portable.
  • The lightweight design makes it best suited for all your needs that should always satisfy the moble personality.
  • The headphones come with a 1.52-metre cable. The cable is not detachable though.
  • The adjustable ear cups and padded headband offer an extra comfort level.

Price – [amazon_link asins=’B0073P4ESO’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’wwwfaceofitco-21′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c6d51c11-3b44-11e8-b9ae-57ef04311a64′]

Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO

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Last, but not the least on our list of best semi-open headphones you can go with, Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO is the affordable version of headphones you can go with. They can be the best-suited options for mixing or leisure listening. In fact, the multipurpose nature is what should make them an exceptional choice to opt for.

The design has been between the semi-open and closed back headphones, thus offering you the best experience in either mode. It is capable of producing the best result even at the loudest bass.

A few features worthy of the mention can be summarised as –

  • The headphones come with a rugged and soft padded design for the headbands thereby providing you an excellent comfort.
  • Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO has been the result of proven quality and has been well known for over the years.
  • You can be assured of a complete detailed resolution and transparency at its best.
  • The semi-open design ensures that you get the best of the experience in spaciousness.
  • The single-sided cable will ensure that you would be able to experience the best wearing comfort. The headband has a robust spring steel construction and thus provides the comfortable fit for the wearer.
  • The headphones offer a more extensive frequency range of 5 Hz to 35 kHz.

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Before We Conclude…

Well, that would conclude our select list of semi-open headphones that should support your needs in varied requirement options.  Most of us may need the semi-open headphones for the requirements in streaming and gaming. However, the headphones featured here should be helpful for other elements as well – including mixing, monitoring and other tasks in the studio environment. We have stressed the multiple functionality and usability while compiling this list.

Have you used any of the semi-open headphones we have featured in this post? If you have any experiences with any of them, do share your opinions and complaints with us. Your feedback should be helpful for our readers in making a fruitful and knowledgeable choice for the best semi-open headphones that meet their requirements.

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