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Best Speaker Wires for low-impedance speakers (4 or 6 ohms)

Most of the speakers these days does not come with wires to connect them. You are on your own to choose the best cable for your speaker system with right gauge and type. If you don’t have proper knowledge about the speaker wires, you might end up buying waste. This post might help you out in choosing the best connecting cables for your speakers. We have picked up few best speaker wires for low impedance speakers (4 or 6 ohms).

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There are few things to keep in mind while choosing the speakers wires. So let’s first discuss them and then move on to the list. The very first thing that you have to look for is the gauge or thickness of the wire. Lower will be the gauge number, the thicker the wire. A thick wire will have more cross-section area, and hence there will be less resistance to the current flow.

If we talk about the low impedance speakers, those having 4 or 6 ohms impedance thick wire is recommended (12 or 14 gauge). Also, for long wire runs, thicker wire is recommended. For 8 ohms impedance speakers, a 16 gauge wire will work fine and also cut down the wire cost. Also, have a rough estimation of wire length you will going to need. Always, buy few feets extra, just in case you want to extend the speaker units.

If you have speaker wire with connectors that is great but if speaker wires do not have connectors that’s fine too. You can separately buy banana connectors to get the job done without any hassle. Connecting home theater speakers with open ends could be a pain. For ceiling speakers always look for the UL-rated speaker wire with CL2 or CL3 labeling.

Also while connecting the speakers watch out the positive and negative leads of speakers wires carefully. A crossed connection and your music won’t sound right. So that’s our simple speaker wires buying-guide. Now let’s jump on the best speakers wires for speakers having 4 or 6 ohms impedance.

Best Speaker Wires for Speakers With 4 or 6 Ohms Impedance

So, what is speaker impedance? It is the resistance that any speaker gives to the current & voltage being applied to it. So, in a nutshell, a loudspeaker is a really big resister—a really cool one that is. In fact, speaker impedance can sometimes also be referred to as a speaker’s resistance. For optimal performance, you need to match it with high-performance cables. In this post, we are going to list them out. So, let’s roll the wires!

1. InstallGear 14 Gauge 30ft Speaker Wire

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For 30 feet requirement, InstallGear 14 gauge speaker wire is one of the best option to buy. The red and black color cables for easy polarity identification and a rugged PVC jacket adds durability to it. The conductor is made of Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) for distortion-free sound. It is suitable for car audio systems and small rooms. The ends are bare; you can buy banana plugs or directly connect them to the speakers.

2. GearIT Pro Series 12 Gauge Speaker Wire (50 Feet ) $13

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GearIT Pro series 12 gauge speaker wire will offer you 50 feet length coverage. It uses Copper Clad Aluminum conductors which are very cost effective as compared to premium Oxygen-free copper. This wire has open ends so you can use banana plugs, spade tips, or bent pin connectors to connect your A/V receiver or amplifier. The low resistance conductor with white PVC layer offers high strand count with great flexibility. Also, it comes with lifetime warranty. Just do the initial setup, and you won’t have to worry about it.

3. InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft Speaker Wire Cable

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This speaker wire is same as the one on first place on this post. This bundle gets 100 feet long wire which is sufficient for most of the home theaters. Rest of the things are same as Copper Clad Aluminum conductor and PVC jacket covering it. Red and White color wires to let users quickly identify the polarity.

4. InstallGear 12 Gauge Oxygen-Free Copper Wire (30-feet)

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This is one of the best speaker wire in the market these days. It uses Oxygen-Free copper conductor which allows it to be used anywhere. You can use this wire to connect ceiling speakers, garage speakers or even your car audio system. This 30 feet long 12 gauge speaker wire is ideal for the low impedance speakers having 4 or 6 ohms impedance. The cables have two color PVC jacket that not only protects the conductor but also helps in easy identification of polarity. This thing easily installs into most of the Banana plugs. If you want more wire, you can buy the 100 feet bundle of the same make which apparently will cost you a bit more.

5. C&E 100 Feet 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker

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C&E 100 Feet 12AWG Oxygen-Free copper cable is also a great option. The built quality and PVC jacket is very smooth and flexible. It maintains exceptional performance and the high-quality sound of the professional speakers. The price quality, quality, length everything is excellent about this speaker wire except I did not like the color. Both the cables have the same color which makes it inconvenient to find out the polarity.

6. AmazonBasics 12-Gauge Speaker Wire, 200 Feet

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AmazonBasics is an Amazon subsidiary brand which makes value for money products. You can choose from 12 gauge and 14 gauge speaker wire either 100 feet or 200 feet. But for low impedance speakers, I would recommend you to pick the 12 gauge speaker wire, especially for long connectivity points. The one we are talking about here is a 200 feet CL2 rated Oxygen-Free copper wire. The best thing about the Oxygen-Free Copper wire is the high-quality undistorted signals to and from audio. The cables are color-coded (red and black) just for easy polarity identification. The exterior jacket of white color that will most probably match with your room color and does not give you the odd feeling of wires moving here and there in the room. The 1-year warranty also backs this speaker wire.

Speaker Wires for Low Impedance Speakers With Banana Plugs

Now we have covered some of the 12 gauge speaker wires of different length and conductor type for the low impedance speakers. But those wires above does not have any plugs; the ends are bare. So below we have also added few best banana plugs pairs that you can buy to set things correctly and efficiently. We have also added some of the best speaker wires that come with built-in banana plugs. So let’s check what we have got for you.

1. Monoprice Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs- 5 Pairs

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Monoprice Gold plated banana plugs are the most affordable and high-quality plugs in the market. You can choose from the open screen type and closed screw type. Also, you would want from the 5, 10, 12 and 20 pairs set. They support 12 to 18 gauge bare wire and spades. In the end, there are color-coded black and red rings for polarity check. This unit is corrosion resistant, and these plugs will make your speaker installation a breeze. It is not only easy to use the Banana plugs, but users won’t have to worry about stray wire strands that create short across the contact. The plug body is made of brass which is then gold plated.

2. Cable Matters Closed Screw Banana Plugs for Speaker Wire

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Cable Matters closed screw Banana plugs deliver a pristine audio signal from your 12, 14, 16 or 18 gauge speaker wire. The closed screw banana plugs provide secure connection without any soldering. It provides a clean and long-lasting connection at the speaker terminals. This package contains seven pairs and costs almost same like the above Banana plugs. It is built of copper over which it has a 24k gold plated layer to prevent it from corrosion. Also, users get a lifetime warranty for peace of mind when purchasing.

3. Mediabridge 12 AWG Ultra Series Speaker Cable, 6 Feet

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If you want a  speaker wire with built-in banana plugs on both the ends, we have also shortlisted few options for you. Mediabridge 12 gauge Ultra Seris speaker wire is available in different range. You can choose a 3 feet cable to 25 feet long cord. It is a CL2 rated cable, means it is suitable for ceiling usage. The conductor is made of Oxygen-Free Copper with color coding for easy polarity check. The Brass/Copper Banana plug ensures soldering free, robust connection. Though you have to pay more for such type of speaker wires, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of cutting and fiddling around. Before buying do check the length of wire, you need, so that you won’t end up buying extra or less than required. Always purchase few feet extra to be on the safe side.

4. Silverback 12 AWG 259 Speaker Wire with Banana Plugs, 6 Feet

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Silverback 12 gauge speaker wire with banana plugs is available in different lengths, starts from 3 feet to as high as 200 feet. It is a 12 gauge wire making it perfect to use with low impedance speakers ( 4 ohms or 6 ohms ). It is an oxygen-free cable which consists of 256 strands of copper in each conductor which is rarely seen in speaker wires. As a result, you get distortion-free sound with deeper bass and better sound imaging. The cable is pre-terminated with high-quality gold-plated banana plugs for easy and strong connection between the speaker and Amplifier/ Receiver. You would have to pay more, but it is worth the value.

Speaker wires with banana plugs allow easy installation. But they are a bit costlier, and most of the time you end up buying extra than you need. While the speaker wires with bare ends give you the flexibility to choose the type and quality of connector you want to use. Moreover, you cut the cable of the right length, and they comparatively cost cheaper even after adding the cost of banana plugs. Each type has its pros and cons. You have to decide which type you need, and best options are mentioned above.

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