Budget Portable Headphone Amplifiers

Budget Portable Headphone Amplifiers Up To 600 Ohms 32-bit/384 kHz PCM Audio

Music always has had soothing effects on our mindset. If you are someone who usually is on the move and loves to enjoy music on the go, you will need a good set of portable headset amplifiers indeed. Of course, if you are someone who is looking forward to a high-end headset that would not ideally need an amp, this compilation may not be for you. But if you are someone who has the standard pair of earphones and want to experience the crystal clear, high-fidelity audio performance with exceptional sound quality, we have a set of best budget portable headphone amplifiers you can check out.

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Best Budget Portable Headphone Amplifiers in 2018

If you have ordinary asset headsets and trying to listen to the high-end music from your regular earphones, you should look forward to improving the performance of your headsets. You can achieve it using a dedicated amplifier for the purpose.

A host of the options we have are designed to provide you with a dominant high impedance audio performance, thereby making your music sound clearer, more vibrant, and smoother.

1 FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier

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This should be the first among all the headset amplifiers in every list. You can be assured of sharp and clear sound for all your needs for a delightful musical experience. Enjoying the best experience at just under $ 60 should be an excellent option you will ever give a thought to.

Some excellent features that the headset amplifier comes with are

  • The durable and sturdy body will help you carry it anywhere without worrying about damaging it.
  • They are best suited for headsets with impedance ranging from 16 to 150 Ohms.
  • The 1400 mAh internal battery ensures 16 hours of usage.
  • You can be assured of excellent layering and mid-range resolution with extraordinary bass control.
  • The small size and lightweight design should be what makes it the best portable headset you will lay your hands on.

2 Creative Sound Blaster E5 600 ohm Headphone Amplifier

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Are you looking for a lightweight and durable option among the portable headset amplifier? The Creative Sound Blaster E5 is the best you can opt for.

A 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution USB DAC and portable headphone amplifier, Creative Sound Blaster E5 is an excellent 600-ohm headset amplifier for your needs. It has been designed to offer you the hi-fi audio with the minimum distortion and noise.

Some salient features that would make it an excellent choice are

  • It offers you a high range of Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • You have access to a fully customizable SBX Pro Studio suite.
  • High-End Bluetooth streaming is what you would make it an excellent option in every respect.
  • The 3200 mAh battery provides you with an 8-hour playback.
  • Low output impedance at 2.2 Ohm.
  • The MFi-certified product that offers you excellent compatibility with iOS devices.

3 Sony PHA1A

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Sony has been a clear leader in the arena of sound technology. It offers you 14 times of the detail of your MP3 files.

You can connect your headset to your PC or smartphone through the USB connectivity. The Hi-Res DAC and amplifier lets you make the most out of your musical journey. The compact and lightweight design should make it an exciting option for your needs.

The features that make it an excellent choice can be summed up as

  • The durable aluminum design makes it sturdy and durable.
  • It offers you support for headsets with impedance levels from 8 to 600 Ohm.
  • It provides a dynamic range of 120 dB.
  • Multiple connectivity options in the form of USB A and micro USB.
  • It supports audio file formats up to 192kHz/24-bit

4 Peachtree Audio SHIFT Portable Headphone Amplifier and USB DAC

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It is indeed one of the powerful, compact, and portable headset amplifiers you would ever find practical enough for all your needs. It offers you high-resolution asynchronous USB DAC for playback.

The features we love with the Peachtree Audio Shift Headphone amplifier are

  • The 4100 mAh battery provides you with an 8-hour backup.
  • It comes with the tan leather and Aluminium enclosure.
  • It is built with an ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC with a Hyper Stream Modulator and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, providing you with lifelike sound.
  • It supports music files with 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and 5.6 MHz DSD.
  • The High and low gain setting ensures you match low impedance and high impedance headphones.
  • You can ensure a more vibrant and robust sound.

5 Indigo Portable Powered Headphone Amplifier

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One of the most affordable portable headset amplifiers, the Indigo Portable Powered Headphone Amplifier is an excellent pocket-sized and ultra-portable option for your needs. You can use it to power two headphones simultaneously.

A few features that can make it an excellent option for your needs are

  • It offers you two-level bass EQ for providing extra performance.
  • The portable amplifier provides you with 8-hour battery life.
  • Smoother volume and precise volume settings make it an excellent choice.
  • It provides you up to 250 mW power output.
  • It powers headphones with impedance 16 to 150 Ohms.

6 Topping NX3 HiFi Portable Headphone Amps

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Another option with the ultra-affordable amplifier, the Topping NX3 HiFi, is available in two color options. The amp is available with multiple plugs.

Here are a few features that may interest you to opt for the portable headset amplifier –

  • A powerful 2400 mAh battery is suitable for hours of uninterrupted music.
  • Quicker and smarter charge g options through USB charging functionality.
  • You have access to a mega bass booster for the studio-quality musical experience.
  • Built-in DAC decoder

7 Fiio E17K ALPEN 2 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

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Equipped with USB audio decoding, the Fiio E17K is an excellent headset amplifier and can be used as an external sound card. It is incredibly durable and offers you a host of connectivity options. You have access to a small LED screen and multiple jacks and two buttons.

Some of the features that would make it an excellent option can be

  • You have access to scroll wheel menu navigation.
  • The standard micro USB interface lets you connect with the digital audio transfer and charging your amplifier.
  • You have access to coaxial digital input and dual-function lines in and out.
  • Check out the high-quality DAC and an op-amp.

8 YoHoolyo XU09

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The most affordable option among all the portable headset amplifiers we have discussed so far, the YoHoolyo XU09 is an excellent option to boost your headset performance. It is one of the best options for connecting with the devices with analog audio outputs.

A few of the features that would make it an excellent option for your needs can be summed up as

  • The 2000 mAh battery capacity should ideally provide you with a backup of up to 8 hours.
  • The matte black finish provides a premium look to the amplifier.
  • It offers you cleaner bass performance coupled with audio performance sans distortion.
  • It also comes with a volume control knob for a new enhanced range for your music.
  • It does have a 40 mW output of power.

The Concluding Thoughts

We assume we have provided you with enough options for your need. You can opt for any of them, and we assure you that all of them offer you excellent performance. We have focussed on the budget range of headset amplifiers, and most of them are available at an affordable price range.

One of the factors we have focussed on while compiling this list of affordable headset amplifiers is to check the portability. It is a device that you would want to carry everywhere you go, and you do not wish to take a massive load in your pocket. A pocket-friendly approach is what you will look forward to, and that is indeed a factor we focussed on. However, that should not mean we have not concentrated on functionality and performance.

Check out the amplifiers listed here and share your experiences with us. That will help us refine our suggestions so that this compilation will be optimized more for our valued readers.

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