Best Wireless Bluetooth Boomboxes Options Portable Waterproof Rugged

Best Wireless Bluetooth Boomboxes Options Portable Waterproof Rugged

A party will never be able to reach up to your level of expectations that you are hoping for unless you have a good collection of music. And if you are looking for that excitement, the best you would want to go with would be to opt for a quality set of party speakers. Also known as Boomboxes, these are the wireless Bluetooth speakers that offer you the ability to carry your portable music to decide anywhere. With that basic requirement of partying, we present you our top picks for the best wireless Bluetooth boomboxes that would add more value to your holidays or professional use.

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What are Bluetooth Boomboxes?

Before we list out the best party speakers or wireless boomboxes – it would be wise enough to understand what exactly constitutes a Wireless Bluetooth Boombox.

Unlike the Bluetooth speakers you may have been using for listening to music at your home or similar smaller environs, the boomboxes are much huge. They can be so huge that for some of them you would use trolleys to carry them around. They come with a lot of connectivity options apart from the Bluetooth options.

Some of the essential elements that would make a Wireless Bluetooth Boombox what they are can be summed up as

  • Lighting and strobe effects that will help you create an ambiance in tune with the music being played.
  • A wide range of connectivity options including Bluetooth, NFC, and USB
  • Karaoke and TV connectivity options
  • Built-in CD or DVD player compatibility
  • Opportunities to connect with multiple speakers.
  • Pre-set sound and DJ effects.
  • Battery with enough capacity to play for hours.

Please note that all these features may not be available on all the Boomboxes you would find. The availability would be dependent upon the model and the purpose of the device.

In any case, a perfect Wireless Bluetooth Boombox should be able to cater to a wide range of usability requirements. A good boombox will be able to handle a party without a limit on the number of guests. Most of the wireless boomboxes we have discussed here can control a group of more than 100 participants.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Boomboxes

Equipped with that background knowledge about what you would be able to expect concerning the Boomboxes, let us now move ahead to check out a few select choices for the best options available for an active party experience.

1. Sony GTKXB7BC

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The Sony GTKXB7BC High power audio system with Bluetooth connectivity can be one of the best for you party hoppers. The Extra Bass option and the light effects that imitate a club should be a couple of features you would fall in love with the values possession from Sony.

While the lighting ranges from pure white to a host of assorted audio effects, you would also be to customize it to sync in tune with the music being played. You can either place it straight in a standing position or lay it on the side by the party feel you are looking ahead to.

A few features worthy of mentioning would be

  • Extra Bass and DJ effects
  • Extreme connectivity with Bluetooth and NFC
  • Party Chain features to help you add in more speakers.
  • Plug and Play compatibility with a host of devices through USB

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2. LG LoudR FH6 Speaker System

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An excellent boombox with lighting creator and Bluetooth connectivity, it can be one of the excellent choices for your parties and get-togethers. The design allows you to keep it straight or lay on side. The speaker adjusts the optimal sound depending upon the position that it has been placed at.

The 600Watts power would offer you an excellent volume performance. You also have access to a cool DJ function enhancing the lighting effects and scratching over tracks. The Karaoke functionality would work with almost any disc as the vocal sounds would be suppressed to provide you with the required results.

Some salient features include

  • Karaoke creator option to turn any disc into a karaoke disc
  • Party lighting that provides up to 64 color combinations
  • Design flexibility makes it suitable for any room
  • Full capacity 600 watts of power.

Price – [amazon_link asins=’B06WGPM3YH’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’wwwfaceofitco-21′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d6c4000e-c0ab-11e8-95f0-23964b6018e6′]

3. Soundboks 2

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If you are someone who loves loudest ever music, the Soundboks 2 is ideally the best you would want to go with. The 119 dB beast is not for a regular party inside a room. It is indeed the one that you would want to disturb your neighbors with.

A sound output range of around a 100 yards, this is undoubtedly the loudest speaker ever for a  party. The battery backup too is terrific and offers you as high as 150 hours of playability. Playing it at the highest volume will provide you with the best backup option of 50 hours – now you are not partying two days at a stretch, right?

A few features that would make it an absolute choice can be summarised as

  • Beast of a boombox at 119 dB
  • Best meant for the roughest party ever with its shock, temperature, weather and water resistance features.
  • The fully digital Bluetooth speaker you would ever find
  • AUX and Bluetooth connectivity options
  • Highly portable with 33 pounds of weight

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4. Sony MHC-V77W

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Do not want a towering height of a boombox? Why not opt for the more straightforward and smaller option with the Sony MHC-V77W? The MHC range of speakers from Sony is the complete solution for a one-stop solution for all the CD and DVD player functionality.

In addition to the regular Bluetooth and USB connectivity options, you also stand to gain with the WiFi and NFC. You can connect with the DLNA compatible media server. Use the built-in Chromecast functionality to stream your favorite music from Android and iOS devices. Another excellent feature that you will cherish would be the Spotify Connect option that comes built within.

Some of the salient features that would make it a good choice include

  • Excellent speaker lights for a party atmosphere.
  • Easy portability with the help of wheels.
  • Use Party Chain option for connecting multiple speakers.
  • High-Pressure massive bass
  • Gesture control for party settings
  • Plug and play compatibility with a host of devices
  • Extra features like Chromecast and Spotify connect would make it one of the excellent choices. However, please note that features like Spotify will be dependent on your region. Some regions may not have access to the service.

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5. DiamondBoxx Model XL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Designed and handmade by the Audio engineers, the DiamondBoxx Model XL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one of the excellent choices for all your needs in your search for the best and expensive party speaker. Boasting of over 120 dB of power, this is a speaker you would indeed love to go with.

The bass provided by the DiamondBoxx Model XL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is indeed the better than that you would get from any of the options you may have tried so far. The speaker comes with 12 amplifiers and 14 speakers, the boom box functions for over 30 hours without a need to power it back on.

A few features that can be considered to be one of the best includes

  • Higher bass than anywhere else.
  • Connectivity with multiple speakers through ¼”TRS linking.
  • Portable functionality with an excellent performance.
  • Syncs well with your smartphones, iPods or any other Bluetooth powered device for the best performance.
  • A Loud, yet not too distorted sound output would make it an excellent choice in its own right.

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Before We Conclude ….

Well, those were a few tops end wireless Bluetooth boomboxes you can give a try too. We would assume that the choice we provided through this compilation would be enough for a good party hopper. We have made it a point to include the speakers that would meet the needs of almost all genres of party lovers.

Which among the above party speakers would you opt for? If you have already been using any of them, do share your thoughts and experiences with us. If you have your favorites that have not been included in this list, do share them as well with us.

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