Sony MHC V11 vs Sony GTK – XB7

Sony MHC V11 vs Sony GTK – XB7 BoomBox Specifications Comparison

Have you ever thought of an age where speakers are explicitly designed for the parties? Well, we are talking about the wireless boomboxes that would help you play the party songs and enhance the party atmosphere beyond the boundaries. If you are a party hopper and looking ahead to check out a few best boomboxes available at your disposal– we would help you choose the right option between the two most capable alternatives. We will compare the Sony MHC V11 vs Sony GTK – XB7 and understand how do they compare with one another.

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The Sony MHC-V11 – An Introduction

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Sony has launched a few boomboxes and speakers in the MHC series. The Sony MHC V11 is the smallest member of the MHC family. If you are looking for the best musical extravaganza with a smaller footprint, the Sony MHC V11 should ideally be the excellent option you can go with.

The salient features that the Boombox offers you include

  • It gives you a host of connectivity options including Bluetooth, NFC, and USB.
  • You have access to the built-in DVD and CD Player along with the FM radio. You have an option to configure 20 pre-set radio stations.
  • The party speaker also offers you a Karaoke functionality as well. Just pop in your favorite party DVD and sing along.
  • The proprietary Mega Bass system will help you listen to low tones with an extra deep performance.

You have an excellent collection of integrated DJ sound effects as well. The speakers come with a Party Chain feature that would help you enjoy the party with multiple speakers. You can source your music and content from various sources including Bluetooth, CD, USB or radio sources.

The Spec Sheet

  • Power Output – 470 watts
  • Number of speakers built in – 3
  • Whether integrated speakers – yes
  • Connectivity – USB, NFC, and Bluetooth
  • Wireless Range – up to 10 meters

The one box design that the Sony MHC V11 comes with would be one of the best options and help you achieve the best results regarding placement, transportation, and storage.

The Sony GTK–XB7 – An Overview

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The Sony GTK – XB7 is a high power home audio performer that offers you extra bass functionality. Like the competitor we just mentioned, the GTK – XB7 too comes with the Bluetooth and NFC connectivity options.

The lights and Strobe effects provided by the party speaker would make it one of the excellent options that would suit your every respect. You can add additional speakers for enhanced performance.

The salient features that would make it an excellent option can be summarised as

  • Connect with the smartphones of your choice and stream the content from your phone.
  • EXTRA BASS feature can add extra bass to every tune
  • The service offers you an excellent flexible setup functionality.
  • Party Chain feature would help you connect you too multiple speakers as your preferences.
  • The SongPal app helps you customize and combine your favorite music
  • High-end Bluetooth streaming through LDAC
  • The DSP processor is capable of processing the frequencies depending upon the source of the music.

The boombox has been designed as the bass oriented speaker and focusses on high power performance. The 16 cm woofers would add value to the power that would make it an excellent option for your power packed parties. The multicasting functionality with the multicolor lighting, strobe effects and pulsating lights in response to the music.

The Spec Sheet

  • Power Output – 470 Watts
  • Number of speakers built in – 2
  • Whether integrated speakers – yes
  • Connectivity – USB, NFC, and Bluetooth
  • Wireless Range – up to 10 meters

The Pros and Cons of The Competing Speakers (Sony MHC-V11 vs Sony GTK – XB7)

Knowing the positive and negative aspects of both the party boomboxes would help you understand the differences between the two competing devices. Let us check out the Pros and Cons of the two capable Sony products.

Sony MHC C11

The Pros

  • An excellent connectivity option through NFC. Connect your smartphones, and other NFC enabled portable devices seamlessly with the speaker
  • Mega Bass functionality to enhance the low tones and provide a remarkably deeper sound.
  • Additional DJ effects and Karaoke functionality

The Cons

  • Lack of integrated battery can be an issue

Sony GTK – XB7

The Pros

  • Excellent Sound effects
  • Highly portable design.
  • Lights and strobes effects would add value to your party environment

The Cons

  • There are not many customization options available
  • The Companion app is not up to the mark.

The Comparison between the Two Party Speakers (Sony MHC V11 vs Sony GTK – XB7)

Well, now that we have already known quite well about the two speakers – how about comparing the two boom boxes side by side. This will help us go through their specific differentiation between the two capable speakers.

Features / Particulars

Sony MHC V11

Sony GTK – XB7

The SystemFloor SystemFloor System
Number of Channels2.12.0
Media ConnectivityUSBUSB
Number of bands supported12
Bass Reflex OptionYes, availableYes, available
Equaliser OptionsYes, availableNo
InterfaceBluetooth and NFCBluetooth and NFC
Input FunctionalityRCA and MicrophoneRCA
Output FunctionalityRCARCA
Physical Dimensions600x290x265 mm650x326x340
Weight10 Kg12 Kg

The Concluding Thoughts

Sony is a powerful player when it comes to acoustics and related products. One of the pioneers in the realm of audio technology, they know how to impress music lovers with the exemplary performance. From that perspective, the two capable boomboxes designed and developed by Sony Corporation compare and complete very well with each other.

Except for a few minor differences, the two-party speakers work exceptionally well and have almost identical features and specifications. If you are looking for a portable solution for your parties, the Sony MHC – V11 would be one of the best options, while the GTK-XB 7 works excellently well with its coloring effects and strobe lights.

You can choose either of them depending upon the exact requirements you may have. Both of them offers you equally commendable performance. The choice would finally rest with you and what you are looking ahead to.

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