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List of Best Budget USB C Charging Headphones Earphones and Earbuds

The joy of listening to your favorite music while working or relaxing or while exploring your favorite pastime activities is unparalleled. There are several audio devices designed for the same, and one of them is your headphones. It may seem simple to purchase a headphone, but actually, it comes in a myriad of varieties and types. Once your requirements are precise, you can easily pick the desired model of headphones. In recent times, the use of a USB type C port is extensive, and you will find more and more devices equipped with the same. The current article is related to USB C headphones.

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In several situations, you may have any of the devices like tablets, notebooks, phones with USB Type C port(s), and without the typical universal 3.5mm audio jack. In these situations, you will require USB Type-C to 3.5mm (F) adapter to let your old headphones work with your new device. Alternatively, you will request a new pair of USB-C headphones.

When you decide to choose the second option, you need to make a careful decision out of the full range of USB-C headphones. Not just compatibility, but these headphones excel in presenting excellent sound output, aesthetic, durability, and many more. Take a look at the best USB C headphones described below to make a wise buying decision:

Budget USB C Charging Headphones:

SennheiserMomentum 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

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MicrosoftSurface Headphones 2

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OnePlusType-C Bullets

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SamsungCorded Type-C Earphones (EO-IC100BBEGUS)

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SonyNoise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

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BoseHeadphones 700

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TaotronicsSoundSurge 85

Model No: TT-BH085

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SoundSurge 55

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Now, we have USB-C earbuds best suited for smartphones and portable devices. See below:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Pixel 2 XL HiFi Stereo HeadphonesKUPOISHE 

Buy from Amazon

2WamGra HiFi Stereo Type C Earbuds, USB C HeadphonesWamGraBuy from Amazon
3HTC Usonic USB Type C HeadsetHTCBuy from Amazon
4Poker in-Ear USB C HeadphonesBuy from Amazon
5Essential Earphones HD, USB-C Digital, Noise Isolating In-Ear headphonesEssential ProductsBuy from Amazon
6AUKEY Sport Wireless Headphones, Key Series B60AUKEYBuy from Amazon
7Libratone USB-C in-Ear HeadphonesLibratoneBuy from Amazon

7. Libratone USB-C in-Ear Headphones:

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Dedicated to presenting the premium sound quality for audio output and phone calls, this in-ear headphone is highly functional. The design of this USB-C headphone boasts an exceptional signature sound profile. This profile showcases a balance of full midrange, deep bass, clear vocals, and high tones. All these characteristics will make sure the sound output will be fantastic every time you listen through this headphone.

Inside the configuration of this device, there is a noise suppression microphone. This microphone will provide clear quality phone calls and will eliminate external noise. The USB-C connector of your phone will power your music and adjust the noise cancellation functionality. Therefore, you need not worry about a massive sized battery or recharging hassles. All you have to do is a plugin and go.

At the output, you will always enjoy noise-free phone calls. Whether you attend business calls or casual calls, you will not find any depreciation in the call quality.  There is an excellent support for the Google voice assistant. There is a four-button control module to offer immediate access to the Google voice assistant. All you need to do is say hey, google, or ok google to inquire a question or raise a command.  The included USB-C connection is specially designed for Google Pixel, pixel 2, 3, xl, 2 xl, 3a, 3 xl phones, and pixel books having USB-C compatibility for supporting phone calls and music.

When operated in level 1, the music will continue to play while still allowing 80% of external sound to enter inside. This level will let you talk to nearby people without taking off your earphones. In level 2, you will relish music output with full awareness and safety. It will allow 60% of the external sound to enter inside; this makes the headphone suitable for commuting.

When you operate this in-ear headphone in level 3, you will stay focused on the output. This is because, at this level, the headphone will block external noise while also allowing people to obtain your attention when required. Generally, level 3 is suitable for a hectic office or while studying in public places. Finally, level 4 lets you immerse yourself entirely in sound by eliminating 100% of external noise. This level is useful to tune in when you are traveling by plane or just relaxing.


  • Libratone has implemented the 4-level noise-canceling technology. This technology will allow you to relish the immersive listening experience. Regardless of the surrounding environment, you will always enjoy a clear listening experience.
  • You can easily enable ambient monitoring with a single button to listen to the surrounding. During this, you need not remove your headphones.
  • It is made sweat-proof and highly comfortable for suiting the hectic lifestyles. Its nonintrusive in-ear design makes sure the earbuds perfectly fit inside your ear.
  • This in-ear headphone is presented in 3 different sizes of ear tips i.e., S, M, and L. Furthermore, there is a sports flange to make sure the ear tips stay in place during any physical activity.

6. AUKEY Sport Wireless Headphones, Key Series B60:

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Now you can conveniently enjoy the wireless sound with high clarity from this sport wireless headphone. This is a Bluetooth 5 in-ear headphone that is highly useful while you are on the go. You will obtain the personalized comfort from the included two pairs of ear-tips along with ear-hooks. There is a special provision of a button-free style on/off in the design. You need to take out the magnetic earbuds to power on and then join them together when you want to power off. It will be effortless to manage audio and calls through the in-line control panel and the included microphone.

The availability of the chic carrying pouch holds this headphone. This pouch makes sure there is no cable tangling issue. So, you can safely and conveniently take it wherever you head-on. One of the noticeable aspects of this AUKEY wireless headphone is it comes with the magnetic retention system. The contained magnets work powerfully, and they will work as an on/off switch.

Considering the build quality, the headphone is decent enough, and the material used is of premium quality too. Besides, the packaging done by Aukey is of satisfactory quality and appears professional also. While looking at the battery life, it is decent enough to support many hours of use. The built-in battery allows this sport wireless headphone to charge quickly. This device doe not utilize a proprietary charger like many identical headphones. It only uses USB C. One of the most attractive traits is automatically working on/off mechanism with the magnetic backs. If needed, you may detach them from each other, and it will stay connected to your phone before you can place them in.


  • Being a sport USB C headphone, it can sustain rain and sweat. Also, you can use it conveniently during your workouts. It comes with the IPX6-certified water-resistance feature.
  • It comes with an 8-hour playback, so you will always experience clear quality sound for the duration of up to 8 hours through a single charge.
  • A personalized fit is employed by the selection of ear-hooks, plush silicone ear tips, and tension lock. All of them guarantees a secure fit, along with decent noise isolation.

5. Essential Earphones HD, USB-C Digital, Noise Isolating In-Ear headphones:

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The Essential HD headphones are considered as the lavishly designed headphones. They are primarily devised for the Essential smartphone; however, they are easily compatible with a broad range of different USB-C devices. For example, tools like tablets, phones, and notebooks will be compatible with it. Design-wise, this in-ear headphone appears elegant and compact.  Unlike the other earpieces, they are not made bulkier and will not present an uncomfortable fit. It will perfectly fit a person having the smallest ears.

The housing of this digital headphone is done using decent quality aluminum alloy. This makes the device lightweight yet sturdy. The included cable’s length is 1.2m long, and it is free from tangling issues. In the center of the cable, there are in-line controls available along with the built-in mic. Without experiencing any bulky weight, you will be able to listen to superior quality audio on your Essential Phone, PC, or Mac. Those customers whose prime needs are fantastic to build quality and decent sound output; for them, this USB-C digital headphone is a superb choice. Once you find the right pair of ear tips, it will feel extremely comfortable.


  • Its lightweight design and ability to remove cord tangling problems make sure you can quickly put it in your bag or pocket.
  • A carry case is included to ensure protection.
  • The configuration includes a 9.2mm high-resolution driver and support for USB-C connector and USB Audio Class 2.
  • There is an inclusion of a multifunction button; you can use this button to play/pause an audio track, answer/end calls, or enable Google Assistant. Merely touching this button lets, you control different functionalities without touching your phone.
  • With the stylish and compact EarphoneslHD from Essential, you can listen to high-quality audio without needing oversized, bulky headphones. 

4. Poker in-Ear USB C Headphones:

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The Poker in-ear USB-C headphone excels in terms of sound quality and design aspects. In this functional headphone, the bass and noise-canceling features are excellent. For the price offered, you will find it highly useful. One of the best benefits of using this stylish in-ear headphone is it will snugly fit in your ears. Furthermore, the noise isolation is decent enough. The lightweight yet rigid aluminum housing maintains the stability of sound for conveying dynamic performance.

Some of the admirable traits include a full metal wire control, easy mobile phone button, CNC machine tool precision engraving, and durability. In the box, you will get this headphone, earbuds storage box, 4 interchangeable ear fins (small & large), 4 interchangeable ear tips (small & large), and a user manual.


  • The high-resolution Sony DAC chip will convert the standard resolution audio (i.e., 16-bit analog) into better quality lossless audio (i.e., 24-bit digital).
  • It comes with a HiFi digital type stereo surround balance input.
  • Essential features include the built-in DAC, digital audio decoding, 192KHz/24Bit sampling, high-resolution audio, deep bass, and influential acoustics.
  • For the noise cancellation, there is the implementation of the in-ear sound isolating design. This will allow you to hear your music devoid of interruption.
  • There is a dedicated airflow channel available in the front cavity. Besides, the central tone of the air outlet is engineered in the rear hole to make it smooth and beautiful.
  • The included earphone will stay protected from the mobile phone by all-metal type C interface and incorporated high-elastic TPE.

3. HTC Usonic USB Type C Headset:

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The HTC Usonic USB-C headphone comes in the odd shape, yet it feels comfortable to your ears. Every element in this branded headset is made sleek and beautiful. The build quality is sturdy; the cable and housing are well-built too. What makes it more convenient to use is there is only one control button. So, it makes it quite easy to use. The sound output is always impressive, and it could be made loud up to your expectations. During its working, it maintains a proper balance between low, mid, and high frequencies. Though this HTC USB Type C headphone emphasizes the bass, the output is not extremely bassy.

It is important to note that there is specific sound leakage at high volumes. However, it is minimal and not highly perceptible. The built-in mic functions well. Even in a noisy surrounding, the sound will be heard clearly. This HTC product is shipped in a box along with three pairs of silicone ear tips. They are available in different sizes like small, middle, and large. Also, you will get a user manual, a warranty card, and a 30-days return policy.


  • The included high-resolution HTC DAC chip delivers superior quality audio without any loss.
  • HTC has implemented the Active Noise Canceling technology to deliver precise quality sound. On HTC U11 recording, there is an array of microphones that analyzes the environmental noise. With the help of a tiny piece of software, a different sound is generated and delivered to your ears.
  • Availability of the hands-free in-line microphone and the remote lets you answer a call quickly. Whether you are driving or traveling, you can soon attend a call on-the-go.
  • The contained in-ear earbuds quickly match to the size of your ears to employ a perfect fit.
  • Its type C port accepts the 24 bit/96 kHz digital audio that substitutes the standard 3.5mm port. It will restore the HIFI sound by making a connection with the digital signal. So, you will listen to clear mids and highs.

2. WamGra HiFi Stereo Type C Earbuds, USB C Headphones:

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The budget quality USB C headphone may not guarantee superior sound quality. But when you go for this HiFi stereo headphone, you will enjoy the unprecedented sound quality at the output. This is made possible by the inclusion of the cutting-edge DAC chip and the support for the digital input signals. The latter allows the unit to accommodate the majority of the USB C audio output devices available on the market. Consequently, a bright, crisp, and convincing sound will be perceived at the output. The entire listening experience is amplified with the execution of the advanced noise reduction technology.

One of the noteworthy characteristics of this WamGra headphone is it is made comfortable and durable. The ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design makes sure this headphone will conveniently fit in your ear. Throughout the listening session, there will be no pain experienced in your ear. What makes it the preferred choice among customers is that it is compatible with most USB C audio output devices present on the market. Whether you listen to music indoors or outdoors, or you are at work, taking rest or traveling, you will admire the high-quality sound.

Not just the output, but even the build quality is made outstanding. It is possible to use this device for several years without compromising the production. The included volume control is quite simple to use. Whether you wish to play a song or pause it or increase/decrease its volume, you can do it conveniently. Right from Google Pixel 3 to MACBOOK iPad Pro, this headphone unit is compatible with a wide range of devices.


  • In this HiFi stereotype C headphone, the built-in mic facilitates streamlined conversations on your device. The conversation experience will be excellent, whether you are using it on your mobile phone or attending a video call on a computer. You will be able to answer or reject calls in a hands-free manner.
  • In each of the wire, there is an oxygen-free copper wire technology as well as sweat-proof qualities. They make this headphone ideal for daily use.
  • The included remote control buttons enable the user to play or pause songs, skip any song without requiring picking up your phone. There is flawless access to volume control for use on the go.

1. Anbobo Pixel 2 XL HiFi Stereo Headphones:

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The key specialties of this HiFi stereo headphone are its microphone and volume control. Both of them are dedicated to boost the sound quality and enhance the convenience of users. For use at indoor, outdoor, traveling, etc., there will be no discomfort felt to your ears. The included earbuds boast hands-free design with the embedded microphone. There will be no discomfort created by earbud throughout your listening experience. The convenience is further enhanced by the easy-to-use control button like play/pause the audio track and attend/reject the phone calls.

Whether for music playback or phone calls, you will praise the impressive sound output. The entire listening experience will be rejuvenating and fun-filled.  The included pocket is sufficiently large to hold your rollerballs for accommodating the tiny bottles. Though this headphone unit is made in a compact size, it looks fantastic and excellent for the price. You will admire the distinctive sound quality that sets it unique from other typical headphones. Furthermore, the modern shape and its classic black color let you look chic.


  • In the Pixel 2 XL HiFi stereo headphone, there is the implementation of the noise-canceling function and rich tone. The noise cancellation technology successfully decreases noise and convey outstanding sound output. So, you can listen to your favorite music whenever you want.
  • The manufacturing process uses TPE environment-friendly material accompanied by the double insulating layers. This material is resistant to abrasion and capable to last longer.
  • Its ergonomic design allows perfect fit in your ears without suffering from any pain. Even after all-day listening, your ears will not feel pain.
  • With support for the USB Type-C connector, this stereo headphone will be able to connect an extensive range of smartphones, tablets, and laptops from leading brands.
  • The essential features include built-in DAC, hi-Res sound quality, remote control operation, and microphone.


Picking any of these USB C headphones will let you connect your tablets, smartphones, or laptops to enjoy the crystal-clear listening experience. With full compatibility for USB type-C connector and advanced technologies, they have become the popular choice among music enthusiasts.

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