Best Subwoofer Amplifiers

Best Subwoofer Amplifiers – Class D Budget Options for Passive Speakers

Maybe you are looking for the best experience in terms of the bass in your car. In that case, you should be checking out the best subwoofer amps that money can buy. However, choosing the best subwoofer amplifiers may not be much easy. Let us check out the best speakers so that you would end up getting the best ones for your needs.

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What should you look for in your chosen Subwoofer Amplifier?

There are a few essential aspects you should need to give a thought to before you check out the right subwoofer amplifiers. Instead of having to put in a lot of effort into the search, here are a few exciting options that may prove to be good enough.


Subwoofer amplifiers are typically installed on a car or other vehicle. That would mean paying enough attention to the size of the subwoofer amplifier would be much important. You can find it in multiple shapes and sizes. So, choosing the right size for your vehicle should never be a huge task.


That would be an added advantage. Most of them come with a beautiful MDF enclosure. While it may or may not be necessary, they do improve the safety and acoustics further ahead.


The weight of the subwoofer would be yet another primary pointer you are expected to give a thought to. Since these are used in a car or other similar vehicle, it may be practical enough to opt for lightweight construction.

Output Watts

Choose the amplifier that offers you the best possible output wattage. That would be helpful enough to have an intense experience with your music ever.

A class-D amplifier is a switching amplifier is an electronic amplifier where the amplifying devices operate as electronic switches, and not as linear gain devices as in other traditional amplifier systems.

Are you checking out the best options for the best Class D subwoofer amplifiers? Finding them should be a difficult task, and that is precisely what made us give a thought to check out a few great options for the best class D subwoofer amplifiers you can check out.

But before we can check out the best Class D subwoofer amplifiers, let us understand what exactly we mean by a class D subwoofer amplifier.

What are Class D subwoofer amplifiers?

Class D amplifiers are designed to shift the sample frequencies that they work at to extremely higher rates. The subwoofers are also known as digital amplifiers.

They are designed to make use of smaller transformers. That would mean they would utilize a smaller footprint. That is something we always look ahead in our subwoofers, and a Class D subwoofer helps you meet those needs.

They would also be more refreshing enough to run. You can also be assured of the best midrange and treble performances.

The Best Class D Subwoofer Amplifiers – A formidable list

Having checked out how capable the class D amplifiers can be, here are a few of the best options you can give serious thought to. We present to you the best available options among the best Class D subwoofer amplifiers.

Pioneer GM-D8601 class D

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An excellent option for the class D amplifier with the reasonable price tag and high caliber quality – that is what we would term the Pioneer GM-D8601 class Das. The speaker provides you access to 1600 watts of power on a 1-ohm connection.

The mono subwoofer should be an ideal and perfect option for a performance that outshines the class AB subwoofers. A compact enclosure coupled with a flexible installation is what would make it one of the ideal choices for your needs in enhanced amplifier performance.

High output and circuit protection are a few best features we found interesting. The product is one of the perfect functionalities with a well-engineered functionality.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

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If you are checking out the options such as car amplifiers, the Rockford Fosgate R500X1D is an excellent option that would be helpful in that direction. The comfortably compact design is one of the prime options that should make it one of the great options.

A well-engineered and durable design in one of the best factors that would ideally make it a great choice in every respect. It does provide you with a complete functionality with a peak RMS of 500 watts at 2 Ohms impedance or 300 watts at 4 Ohms.

The amplifier comes with the best safety features such as over current protection, short protection, overheat protection. Exceptionally well-built monoblock design is what makes it one of the great options you would want to go with.

Alpine MRV-M500

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Alpine is one of the excellent options and a very prominent one, for that matters if you are looking at the best alternative for an enhanced experience in terms of the best Class D subwoofer amplifiers.

That is one of the excellent options with the 500-watt peak RMS channel at 2 Ohms or 300 watts at 4 Ohms. You will find it offering you complete functionality with a 40 percent smaller chassis. The circuitry is one of the excellent options you can go with. The protection against the overheating and short circuit would ideally make it a great choice in more ways than one.

Comparatively affordable pricing. It is superiorly compact and comes with a well-engineered functionality. You would find it offering the punchiest subwoofer performance ever.

Rockville 4000 Watt

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In case you are checking out the best options for an excellent high output option ever. Like most of the other subwoofer options outlined in this compilation, the Rockville 4000 Watt subwoofer amplifier is also equipped with the best possible compact design.

The amplifier does provide you access to outstanding performance with 2000 watts over a single channel, with an impedance of 2 Ohms or 1200 peak RMS over a 4 Ohm line. The best quality class D amplifier provides you access to an improved high-quality optical coupler. You also have access to an outstanding over-voltage or under-voltage protection.

The remote dash mounter subwoofer should be one of the excellent options. The adjustable crossover and subsonic filter should be one of the most attractive options you can check out. You will find that an incredibly efficient and sophisticated functionality.

Ignite Audio Mono Block

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The no-frills options such as simple installation and usability are a few excellent options you would find on an Ignite Audio Mono Block. You would find that it does provide you access to a high output performance ever.

The subwoofer amplifier can handle the power requirements such as 750 Watts at 1 Ohm, 530 watts at 2 Ohms, and 530 Watts or 300 Watts at 4 Ohms. You can find quality and reliable construction. You can get access to an optimized circuitry for offering you excellent power and outstanding audio quality. The advanced protection against overheating is one of the unique functionalities ever. Low-level sensitivity is yet another thoughtful addition.

BOSS Audio R2400D

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The subwoofer service is available on 1, 2, and 4-ohm stable performance. The remote subwoofer control should be yet another plus point. You would find one of the perfect functionalities.

The BOSS Audio R2400D is one of the excellent features offered by the subwoofer. The boosted bass can be one of the unique features you would d=find much impressive. The subsonic filter is what we found compelling options ever. The variable crossover feature would be what would make it one of the most significant options we fund on the Class D subwoofer amplifier.

Planet Audio AC3000

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If you are looking for a stable and standard car amplifier for your requirements, the Planet Audio AC3000 should be one of the exceptional choices you would want to go with.

The slim design construction can be one of the perfect options you would find impressive. If you are looking for the best boost for your system, this would be one of the excellent choices you can go with. Of course, if you are a power-hungry audiophile, this may not b the right one meant for you. In any case, a six-year warranty on the product, remote control function for the subwoofer, and variable phase control are a few perfect options that should make Planet Audio AC3000 one of the best class D subwoofer amplifiers we would recommend.

Sound Storm EV4000D

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This is perhaps one of the excellent and an excellent option for a class D amplifier at affordable pricing. The power handling at 3000 Watts RMS and 4000 Watts maximum power at 1 Ohm is one of the great features that can make it an enhanced performer ever.

This can be the right option for you if you are looking for some outstanding performance in terms of the robust set of subwoofers for your audio pleasure. Bass booster offered by the amplifier can be one of the innovative features. You can use it as one of the greatest ever options if you are someone who likes cranking up the volume to the maximum possible. Thermal, overload & speaker-short protection are a few other benefits we found truly perfect options.

Rockford Fosgate PRIME R750-1D

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Prime is the first and entry-level subwoofer options ever among the best choices from the brand Rockford. A few of the features we loved with the amplifier include the infrasonic filter and tri-stage protection cover against over-current, short circuits, and thermal threats.

The high output level impressed us. You would not find any sort of heating issues even after playing it for as much as a few hours. The compact size can be one of the unique concepts we saw quite a bit of enhancing experience. You can experience the outstanding durability of the subwoofer amplifier. You would perhaps never need to replace it unless you decide to – not because of any issues with the speaker.

Hifonics Brutus BRX2416.1D

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The Hifonics brand focusses on the best performance standard in terms of absolute power, and you would find it quite fulfilling. A modern design would be yet another added advantage.

An excellent option for an easier installation is what would make it one of the perfect choices you would find impressive. You would get access to a minimum of 850 RMS watts at 4 ohms. Remote bass level controls and three-way protection circuitry are a couple of huge advantages you stand to gain. A variable bass boost and the variable subsonic filter is something you would find providing access to impressive performance. The built-in system diagnosis is yet another thoughtful feature we found quite interesting.

JL Audio HD1200/1

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If you are not uncomfortable with a high price for a subwoofer amplifier, we would consider the JL Audio HD1200/1 can be one of the exciting options you can opt for. The 2-inch high chassis could deliver 1200 RMS watts.

The Compact, energy-efficient design is what should ideally make it an excellent performer ever. The wired remote control functionality should be what should bring you the best in terms of enhanced service quality. The removable speaker and power plugs are a few other features you would find providing you with a high functionality ever. If you love your audio to be loud and clear, this is precisely what you should go with.

The Closing Remarks

Well, that was a decent list of a few good options for the best Class D subwoofer amplifiers you can opt for. Not that the file is complete in every respect, but we found it giving access to some sort of enhanced efficiency ever.

Check out the options we have covered in this compilation and find which among them rightly satisfies your audio enhancement needs.

Best Budget Subwoofer Amps in 2020 – For Cars

Well, having gone through the essential buying factors you should ideally give a thought to in choosing the best subwoofer amplifier, here are the best options you can go with.

Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amplifier

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It comes with ample power in a practically smaller size. Of course, it may not be the lowest in size, but it should be one of the perfect options you can go with if you are looking for the ideal space-saving capability. You can be assured of compatibility with any of your systems with ease and simplicity.

The wired bass boost remote and variable bass control are a few features that would ideally make it one of the perfect options that assure an ideal adjustment option. It will make it one of the excellent choices if you are checking out the options like versatility, ease of installation, and high-end performance. The Variable Low Pass Filter lets you make the audio frequency more adjustable enough. The Protection Control System is one of the perfect protection against circuit shutdown.

Alternatively, also try the following option:

Pioneer GM-D8701 Gm Series 1

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Here are the ratings of this amp:

  • 300W RMS x 1 @ 4Ω
  • 500W RMS x 1 @ 2ω
  • 800W RMS x 1 @ 1ω
  • Free rasp: 10hz–240khz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 100dB

On the face of it, it might not look so powerful but does the job of a typical home theatre setup. You can pair this with a Pioneer TS-SWX3002 to get the maximum out of this system.

Boss Audio AR1500M 1500W MONO Car Amplifier

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It can indeed be the best subwoofer amplifier ever at the price that it is made available. It should be the best that money can buy. Given the fact that it is one of the excellent performance options ever in terms of stereo performance, it provides you access to the best set of controls.

The remote subwoofer control will provide you access to the best possible customization ever. You also have access to a low pass crossover that can be easily customized to meet your preferences. The bass boost functionality would take you places with the bass remote control efficiency. Increase the volume to your heart’s content and keep the distortion to the minimum possible. A simple and easy installation is yet another huge plus point.

MTX TNE212D 12″ 1200W Dual Loaded Car Subwoofers

Best Subwoofer Amplifiers

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This is the best subwoofer amplifier you would ever find at a lower pricing level. It comes with a subwoofer system along with the speaker and works well with almost every vehicle model ever. It also offers you a remote subwoofer control as well.

The subwoofer amplifier comes with an installation kit that would make it rather easy to install your amp. The device also features a low pass crossover and a variable bass boost functionality. The speakers are well built enough. The speakers do sound good enough. It should indeed be a real value for money option ever.

Dayton Audio SPA250 250 Watt Subwoofer amplifier

Best Subwoofer Amplifiers

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The access to manual, auto, and triggered modes are just a few of the perfect ones that would make it one of the preferred alternatives you would want to go with. The Variable gain, crossover point, and switchable phase controls will make it one of the exciting options.

The subwoofer amplifier has been designed to provide you access to enhanced performance with high-end flexibility and ample power, and yes, high-end reliability. It should be an excellent option for use with home audio and theatre audio systems. The look of the system is yet another substantial positive and should go with any of the decors  – whether in your car or home.

Sound Storm EV1500M Evolution

Best Subwoofer Amplifiers

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If you are checking out the options for the perfect connectivity options in a tighter space, it is just 2.3 inches, and that should provide you access to a perfect fit ever. It will offer you a cleaner look along with a reliable sound performance.

It works quite efficiently enough and provides you access to distortion-free sound performance. Some of the customization options would include variable low pass crossover, bass boost, and even remote subwoofer control. The ease of installation should be yet another considerable addition. Get access to a perfect mobile audio experience with the subwoofer amplifier, and we promise you that you will never be disappointed. The Automatic shut-off helps you get complete protection against the short circuit.

The Closing Remarks

Well, those were just a few excellent options for the best subwoofer amplifiers ever. The subwoofer amplifier will be the perfect option if you are someone looking up to the best bass performance. Whether for your car or home usage, it should be one of the preferred options you would want to go with. Check them out and share your thoughts with us.

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