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DTS Neural Surround Sound – What is it? Definitions and Specifications

Video gamers have had an outstanding experience concerning video and advancements being undertaken in the recent years. However, the audio is an aspect that has been observed to get quite a lesser dimension when it comes to the development of new technologies. Yet, the new generation games being released have high definition graphics and gameplay. This has been forcing the capacity of the systems to the boundary in more ways than one. A recent innovation has indeed been able to bring a new dimension to what we have been observing in the audio department of the high-end gaming. DTS Neural Surround Sound is the name of the game, and it is about this unique and advanced technology that we will be talking about today.

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DTS Neural Surround Sound – What is it?

source: DTS

DTS has been a name to reckon with the arena of audio enhancements. The developers at DTS have brought out new technology in the form of DTS Neural Surround Sound.

In fact, it is something that can rightly be treated to be a cutting-edge technology in its own right. Designed to offer you real-time discrete audio at 7.1 soundtracks, it is available on a wide variety of devices across Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and even on PC. The technology enables the game developers to use the audio tools to create an immersive and impressive gaming experience aided by the new sound technology.

As per what Mark Tuffy, Director of Business Development, Interactive Media indicates, the new Neural Surround Sound technology is aimed at introducing a real 360-degree experience in gaming.

How Does It Work?

Well, the exact technology that it works on will only be available for the game developers, but it is set to bring the kind of audio effects that you have been experiencing on Blu-Ray titles. It would convert the 5.1 signal into a surround 7.1 experience. In fact, you are set to get the real 7.1 experience while you indulge in your favorite game.

The experience will make your gaming experience more realistic when it comes to the audio effects. Those creepy sounds that the characters make would be true to the authentic life experience – to explain it to the best. The audio you get to would be the same as the developers have built it into the content. In other words, the DTS Neural Surround Sound will bring the incredible location-specific details of the audio ecosystem within your game.

The technology lets the multiple audio channels to be encoded into two channels while developing the game. This is because only two channels are available for radio broadcast. However, while at the receiving device the process is reversed. The multiple channels are received and broadcast through two channels.

How Can You Use the DTS Neural Surround Sound?

If you want to enjoy the DTS Neural Surround Sound in your gaming or music experience, you will need to opt for a Home Theater System that supports the technology.

A host of receivers being sold in recent times come with the DTS Neural Surround Sound decoders built in. Engage your existing 5.1 home theatre system with the decoder, and you should be good to go. The technology can also work with Dolby Pro-Logic II decoder that should be available on most of the home receivers right now – if your system does not come with DTS Neural Surround Sound decoder built in. You may also get the extreme experience of enjoying the 360-degree surround sound if you have a DTS Neural Surround Sound enabled HD surround receiver.

However, do note that you may also play a regular stereo channel on a DTS Neural receiver with ease. The stereo recording would be presented in surround sound environment.

Which Devices Support DTS Neural Surround Sound Technology?

Several devices come with the support for DTS Neural Surround Sound System. In fact, most of the new devices are available with the decoders for the new technology built-in.

Some of the devices that support the technology can be listed here below.

Onkyo TX-RZ820 AV Receiver is one such example. The receiver comes with support for a variety of encoding and decoding technologies. The DTS Neural Surround Sound is one of the options among those. It can rightly be considered to be one of the best and high-end devices that has THX certification. The A/V receiver also offers you a great audio experience across all gaming modes.

Denon AVR-X4300H AV Receiver can be another excellent option for the best in class experience in Neural Surround Sound experience. The decoder comes with Auro-3D as well. The receiver supports a host of modes when it comes to DSP modes.

Another good receiver you can rely upon is from the Yamaha range of decoders. Yamaha RX-A3070 AV receiver is a good one among the host of receivers you can check out. Yamaha would be one of the developers that come with a unique Cinema DSP HD functionality.

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In Conclusion

If you are looking for the latest technology in audio experience in a real-time 360-degree positional audio environment, look for a device which uses it. What makes it an enticing option is the way it would handle the sound sources. Whether your source is analog or digital, the DTS Neural Surround Sound should be able to convert the sound into a richer 7.1 experience. In fact, if you are looking for something utterly immersive in every sense of the word, DTS Neural Surround Sound is what should suit you the most.

Even if you are not able to find the receivers supporting the specific DTS Neural technology standards, you can also try it out in the older receivers that might get updated with a future firmware release. These hardware-decoders should function equally well. Receivers which support the support for Dolby Pro Logic II and SRS have been observed to be working efficiently. Check out the decoder options available on your receiver and can try them in the order of your preference.

Please note that if you want to experience the fullest potential of the DTS Neural Surround Sound, you need to have a DTS Neural Surround Sound enabled receiver.

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