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How to resolve and Fix Sound related issues on Skype

Skype – you would not be able to experience a business communication without that one piece of excellent software. It is arguably one of the most popular communication tools in the world, it supports both video and audio conference calls.

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One of the enormous advantages that it offers is it lets you communicate for free via the Skype platform when this happens between the two Skype users. One of the excellent features that it provides you is the fact that it works both on computers and smartphones.

How to resolve and fix sound related issues on Skype?

There are Skype users who have been complaining about Skype having issues with Audio. A few problems concerning the audio on your Skype installation can manifest itself in more ways than one. The resolution would depend upon the exact questions you may be facing.

What are the typical sound related issues on Skype?

The sound issues on your Skype installation can be varied and can affect you in more than one way. The most common Skype sound issues can include

  • No sound in a call – The item can hit you if you have any configuration issues between your microphone or the speakers. This can make you be in a situation where you may find yourself in a case where you cannot listen to your Skype calls appropriately.
  • Audio Breakup – You would find your Skype calls breaking up. That would make you lose communication and may not be able to listen to it appropriately.
  • Distorted Audio – This can be generally caused as a result of an issue with your network connection. You would need a faster connection for the purpose.
  • Audio does not go through the headphones- This can be caused due to the communication issues with your Skype installation.
  • Audio is extremely Quiet – This is yet another common sound issue on Skype. It can result from the automatic volume leveler.

Depending upon the actual issues affecting you, apply the fixes featured here, and get the best communication efficiency ever.

How to resolve and fix sound related issues on Skype?

The issues that would affect your Skype can be manifold. The fixes, too, would be dependent on the exact questions you may be facing.

Fix 1 – Check if your speakers and microphones are configured properly

Not setting up a proper microphone or audio device can cause an issue where you may not have access to an adequate sound on your Skype call. Here is how you can resolve the problem –

  • Launch your Skype installation
  • Choose the option Settings and then Audio and Video.
  • Make sure you have configured the Microphone and Speakers properly. Sometimes the automatic configuration can go wrong.

They can be tested for functionality from within the Skype application. Once you are satisfied, you can save your changes.

Fix 2 – Use Default Audio Driver

The driver issues can sometimes create problems and leave your Skype audio, not working as expected. Opting the default driver from Microsoft can ideally help you resolve the problems.

Follow these steps –

  • Launch the Windows Device Manager. You can do this by Windows Key+X to launch the power user menu and choose Device Manager from the list.
  • Locate your Audio Device and right-click on it
  • From the Context menu, click on Uninstall Device
  • If you are prompted to uninstall the driver for the device, confirm the deletion of drivers as well.
  • Reboot your computer.

When your computer restarts, you will find that the default driver has been installed on your computer.

Fix 3 – Restart your Windows Audio Service

Restarting the Windows audio services can help assist you in resolving most of the sound issues you may be facing on your Skype installation. The problem can also be caused due to the problems in your Windows Audio service.

Here is how you can fix it –

  • Press Windows Key + R and type in ‘services.msc‘.
  • In the services window, locate the option Windows Audio
  • Right-click on the option and choose the Restart
  • If you do not find the Restart option, you can stop the service and then start it again.

Fix 4 – Update or reinstall Skype

Reinstalling or updating your Skype can effectively resolve the issue. Check if your Skype installation has any new updates.

You can update your Skype installation by opting for the latest update on the official website. You can even check your Skype installation to find if there is any update is available for you.

Fix 5 – Choose the proper Audio Service

Your audio device may not be functioning correctly. Most of the time, an incorrect audio service can make you have a malfunctioning Skype installation.

Here is ho you should be able to resolve the issue –

  • Right-click on the audio icon on the ‘taskbar‘ and choose ‘Playback devices
  • Choose the right playback device from the list of available devices
  • Right-click on it and select the option Set as default
  • Save your Settings, and you are good to go.

Fix 6 – Check your Network Connection

An issue with your network can cause distorted sound. Checking up your system can help you effectively diagnose the problem. Ideally, Skype changes the quality of the audio depending upon the network strength and speed.

Changing to a wired connection can also help achieve better sound quality. A WiFi connection can be susceptible to interference or other issues.

The Concluding Thoughts

Skype can have a host of issues. Installing Skype can help you communicate with your colleagues, employees, and others with ease. But the sound issues can have severe consequences, and it will indeed defeat the very purpose of communication.

Apart from using the latest version of the tool, the above fixes should ideally help you fix most of the common issues that may be affecting your Skype audio functionality. Apart from a slow internet connection, assume the rest of the problems should quickly be resolved with the help of the troubleshooting tips outlined in the above tutorials.

Check your Skype connection for the exact issues, and you can be assured of the perfect solution for almost every audio problem affecting your Skype communication.

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