Ourart ACG vs Ti7 Headphones Specifications Comparison

Ourart ACG vs Ti7 Headphones Specifications Comparison

The portable headphones have become one of the most widely used accessories if you have been into music. The diverse range and type of headphones has always been quite promising and efficient in its own right. Ourart ACG vs Ti7 have been the two capable headphones coming from the brand which are highly recommended by audiophiles.

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How do the two fare against one another? Let us have a look at what do they have to offer?

Ourart Ti7 Headphones – A Sneak Peek

Ourart range of earbuds has been considered to be extremely revolutionary products. The modular design and build of the earbuds are inspired from sports car. The unique shape of the product makes it one of the perfect options you would want to go with.

The earbuds are an excellent option to go with pop music and would suit the party hoppers perfectly.

The accessories that form part of the package would include

  • A zip bag with four full black foams.
  • A zip bag with four black donut foams.
  • A zip bag with four full grey foams and four red donut foams.
  • A particular and great clip for the clothes.

The Spec sheet reads as follows –

  • Driver: 14.2mm custom titanium crystal diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-25000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 118dB
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Cable: 1.1m
  • Jack connector: 3.5mm in L, gold plated
  • Type of capsule connection: MMCX


  • A wider soundstage
  • Highly detailed sound performance
  • An excellent build quality
  • MMCX connectivity


  • Bass leaves a little more to be desired
  • Thickness may be something that makes it slightly uncomfortable.

Our ACG Headphones – An Overview

They are almost equivalent to the Ourart Ti7 earbuds. The difference lies in the number of accessories that the earbud comes with.

It has a lot of features increased from the days of Ti7. The impedance, frequency range, and sensitivity have all received a bump. Almost all other features remain the same as on the Ti7. The earbuds come with an Ultra thin custom titanium crystal diaphragm dynamic driver. This is believed to bring in a better degree of softness and enhancement. You can ensure that you can have access to better durability.

The vibrant features of the ACG would ideally make it a better option when you compare it to Ourart Ti7.

It comes with the following accessories –

  • Two zip bags with four black donut foams, each.
  • A particular and clothespin.

The spec sheet of the earbuds read as follows:

  • Driver: 14.2mm Ultra-thin custom titanium crystal diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-32000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 122dB
  • Impedance: 35Ω
  • Distortion Ratio: <0.5% (1kHz)
  • Cable: 1.2m, Jack: 3.5mm, gold-plated
  • Type of capsule connection: MMCX


  • A high degree in treble performance
  • High-end detail and resolution
  • MMCX connectivity
  • A high-end build quality


  • Possibility of sibilances
  • Milder bass performance

The difference between Our art ACG and Ourart Ti7

Having understood the two devices with those specs and a concise reduction, here is how we can compare them together for a better understanding.

The Intro

Our art Ti7 has been one of the best options for the mids. Like we stated already, they are best suited for pop music. The prime aspect that they differ from Our art ACG is the number of accessories. The Ti7 comes with a considerably good amount of accessories, while the ACG has it limited.

As you can see for the above specification table, Our art ACG has upped a few features when compared to the Ti7. If you are concerned with the high frequencies, the ACG earbuds would be the better alternative when you compare them to the Ti7. In the lower frequency zone, however, they are similar enough.

The Build and Construction

The design on the Ti7 resembles a car rim, and that makes the best one for the sports car lovers. The complete ensemble is highly energetic and unique. You will find it both impressive and quite spectacular enough. The design remains similar to the Ti7 as well.

The Ergonomics

The thickness of the earbuds may not make it ideal for use with every ear type. The fit and the comfort are quite exciting in its own right on both the varieties of the earbuds. It can be used in a traditional manner or over the ear. Using it over the ear would be more practical.

Both the earbuds come with their comfortability. This has more to do with the thickness of the product.

The Sound Performance

Ourart Ti7 is more focussed on the mids. You can have access to the softer trebles and lighter bass. Ourart ACG, on the other hand, comes with the focus on the mid and high frequencies. However, if you are in the lower zone, you would find the functionality quite similar across the two options.

The bass on the two earbuds remains on the lighter side. In any case, you can choose the earbuds based on the preferences you may have. The differences may not be visible unless you are quite minutely listening to it.

Which of them should you go with?

Well, that would be entirely a decision based on the preferences. As you can see from the discussion above, it would be worthwhile to notice that both the earbuds come with similar features and functionalities.

It comes with the dynamics of more exceptional detail and aggressive dynamism, and that would make it one of the excellent options to go with. The sporty design is what would make it one of the unique opportunities you would want to buy. You can be assured of focus on the mids and get access to a prolonged listening with ease. Both of them are perfect and should be worth the use of interchangeably.

The Concluding Thoughts

That should be a perfect comparison between the two earbuds coming from the brand of Ourart. As you would see, Ourart ACG has a few technical advancements in the form of impedance, sensitively, and frequency range when you compare it to the Ti7. That apart, you would not find any considerable difference between the two.

Check out the two competing products and make a well-informed choice for your chosen product among the two.

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