Sony MDR-ZX110A vs. Sony MDR-ZX110

Sony MDR-ZX110A vs. Sony MDR-ZX110: Compare Specifications & Price

On-ear headphones are the most commonly used mode of listening to music. When it comes to headphones, you have several options in the market. Maybe you are wondering which brand you should go for. Well, when it comes to the audio equipment, the best you can go for is Sony. In today’s post, we will cover the two of their best offers – Sony MDR-ZX110A vs. Sony MDR-ZX110. Let us check out the headphones and compare them with one another.

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Sony MDR-ZX110A vs. Sony MDR-ZX110 – How Do They Fare against Each Other?

Sony has always been a bright leader regarding audio products and related paraphernalia. They have been the pioneers in many technologies that were introduced a few years ago. One of the issues that have been stopping us everyday shoppers from opting for the Sony products had been the premium pricing. However, the recent competition has made it possible to find their prices lowering.

One of our favorite models from Sony regarding on-ear headphones had, so far, been the Sony MDR-ZX110. The best headphone in the budget pricing range, it has been one of the widely used options for all your needs. However, the recent launch of Sony MDR-ZX110A has created confusion.

This confusion is what we would like to solve through this comparative analysis. Read on to know more.

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Sony MDR-ZX110

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This has been one of the widely popular headphones from Sony. It comes with a few unique features that would make it an excellent functionality.


  • You have access to high range music experience. A full frequency range of 12 to 22000 Hz makes it a source for rich music.
  • The swivel design is foldable.
  • Enhanced portability.
  • It comes with a 2-meter y-type cable that resists getting tangled.

You can find it on Amazon.

Sony MDR-ZX 110A

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The new Sony MDR-ZX110A is similar to the Sony MDR-ZX110 in most aspects. The slight differences between the two devices can be found in the comparative study we will be going through in a couple of minutes.

Features –

  • The 30mm dynamic driver provides clear sound performance.
  • The slimmer foldable design enhances portability.
  • It comes with a full frequency range rich audio from 12 to 22000 Hz.
  • The ear pads are designed to offer comfortable listening.

Check it out on Amazon

How Do They Compare With Each Other?

Based on the description of both these headphones, you might already have found that n=both of them are almost equivalent in most aspects. However, we thought of providing a tabulated design so that you can differentiate them in a precise manner.

Features /ParticularsSony MDR-ZX110Sony MDR-ZX110A
Drivers30 mm Dynamic Driver30 mm dynamic driver
Color AvailabilityWhite and BlackWhite and Black
Impedance24 ohm ( One kHz)24 ohm (One kHz)
Sensitivity98 dB/mW98 dB/mW
Dynamic Frequency range 12 to 22 kHz12 to 22 kHz
3.5 mm connectivityYesYes
Connector gold platingYesYes
Self Adjust ear cupsYesYes
Android compatibilityYes, availableYes, available
Works with laptopYesYes
Dimensions8 x 6 x 1.9 inches8 x 6 x 1.9 inches
Weight120 grams120 grams
Microphone DesignNAElectret Condenser Microphone
In line Microphone directionNAOmni Direction
Price$ 15.75$ 22.93

What Does The comparison Yield?

As you might have rightly observed, both Sony MDR-ZX110 and Sony MDR-ZX110A come with almost identical features. However, the addition of an alphabet to the product name indicates that it must have a few added features. The additional features might have been under the hood and as such may not have been listed out by the manufacturer.

One of the features that make Sony MDR-ZX110A more advanced than the ZX110 is the availability of in-line microphone and remote control functionality. If we leave aside these two elements, there is not much of a difference between the two. Moreover, the MDR-ZX110A is priced a little higher than the ZX-110 model. So, if you want the additional features we just mentioned, you can opt for the newer model. If these features do not make any difference concerning your requirements, it would be practical to opt for the lower priced model.

The Final Thoughts Before We Leave…

Well, that was all the information we have concerning the two on-ear headphones from the same manufacturer – the Sony MDR –ZX110 and Sony MDR –ZX110A. It is quite evident from the discussion we carried out that the two competing headphones have most of the features in common with a couple of differentiation that may interest just a fraction of users. Some reviewers suggest that the MDR –ZX110 offers better quality than the MDR –ZX110A. However, we did not find any such differentiation regarding quality though.

And yes, we would like to add a point here that may be helpful for the prospective buyers. Though the MDR –ZX110A is an expensive option compared to the MDR- ZX110, online stores like Amazon and others run special offers that offer both the headphones at similar pricing or the ZX110A at a slightly lower price as well. Though no such deals are running at the time compiling this comparison, it would be advisable to check out if any offers are available.

Have you used either of these exceptional on-ear headphones? If you have, we will welcome you to share your experiences and your reasons for opting for the headphones that you have. We may include your updates in our comparison so that it may be helpful for the new buyers.

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