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Best GoogleCast WiFi Speakers With Optional AirPlay & Spotify Support

Looking for the best GoogleCast WiFi Speakers? Interested in multi-room audio over WiFi with music App compatibility? If yes, then read along to know more about which one is more suitable to fit your needs. In this article, we have selected several compact portable speakers with built-in Chromecast audio. Let’s discover what Chromecast audio is and how it functions.

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Chromecast audio is a terrific, affordable streamer that isn’t very big at all. Google’s Chromecast audio will allow you to enhance any speaker system, integrating Wi-Fi voice control and multi-room music at an economical cost.

Best GoogleCast WiFi Speakers

Google’s Chromecast built-in technology allows you to stream movies and songs from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop directly into your speakers or TV. Chromecast built-in speakers let you stream your choice of radio, podcast, or music to your speakers right away. It is simple to connect. All you need to do is hit the cast button on a music app to begin streaming music into your speakers.

Chromecast built-in speakers function over Wi-Fi (as opposed to Bluetooth speakers), allowing you to connect multiple devices to your speakers at once. You can regulate what music to play no matter where in the home you are situated.

Chromecast built-in speakers provide several features, such as multi-room sync that allows you to play one song across numerous compatible speakers at once. Additionally, it will let you play a game, answer an incoming call, or send a text without disrupting the music. Further, it isn’t very taxing on your battery.

Streaming right from the cloud, Chromecast built-in speakers give you optimal sound quality. You can do the same thing on your laptop or Android smartphone. Additionally, you can stream music via the Chrome browser. Streaming music with Wi-Fi has several benefits, more so than Bluetooth dos.

  1. Sony SRS-X99 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Speaker

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We will begin the list of the most magnificent Chromecast built-in speakers with a product from Sony. The SRS-X99 is a top of the line speaker with built-in Chromecast. Listen to songs with high-resolution audio clarity. The SRS-X99 provides you with the freedom to play music over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It comes with high-quality LDAC multi-room music enjoyment and seven speakers, all of which have a dedicated amp, producing a frequency range of 45 Hz–40 kHz. Combined, they offer sharp audio from the deepest bass to the highest melodies in pure High-Resolution Audio.

The mounted super tweeters on the top and front of the speakers produce an impressive sound that stems from the compact speaker. The speaker has a 154W total output. It comes with a couple of USB ports and a single network port. Within the package, you will find the speaker system, an AC power cord, a remote control, a cleaning cloth, AAA batteries for the remote, and a speaker grille detachment piece.

  1. Sony HT-CT790 2.1 Soundbar


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Added with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth technology, the Sony HT-CT790 is a 2.1 soundbar that may be expensive, but when you listen to the audio, you’ll be very impressed. It’s a top of the line soundbar with 330-watt output power in total. Thanks to the LDAC, it produces high-quality sound.

It comes with a 2-way driver at both ends of the soundbar that provides leveled and full frequency audio output. You’ll get movie theatre-esque surround sound with Sony’s virtual surround sound technology. Further, this soundbar looks quite luxurious and should blend well with your tastes. USB and HDMI connections will allow you to experience audio in high quality.

With only a cast button, you’ll be able to stream online radio, music, and podcasts from your tablet, smartphone, or laptop into to your soundbar. The sales package comes with an HDMI cable, the central unit, batteries, and a wall hanging bracket.

  1. Sony HT-RT5 5.1 Sound System

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The 5.1 channel sound system with built-in Chromecast offers you the freedom to play music via NFC, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. You’ll get a real home theater experience from a portable system. The sound system comes with wireless rear speakers, a slim soundbar, and an active subwoofer.

It creates a total of 550W of 5.1ch real surround sound with thunderous bass to make you feel like you’re actually at the movies. A three-channel sound-system with a pair of rear speakers, in addition to a wireless subwoofer, produces an authentic sound.

The wireless setup is easy, as each speaker automatically connects to one another, eliminating the need for cables. You’ll have access to an abundance of entertainment via Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in.

  1. LG SJ6B 2.1 Soundbar

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The LG SJ6B 2.1 soundbar includes HDMI connectivity and offers high-resolution audio. The built-in Chromecast lets you play songs over Wi-Fi. Further, it supports Bluetooth streaming. At up to 24-bit/96 kHz quality, this certified soundbar can play back lossless stereo audio.

LG’s flexible sound control system recognizes what is being played and automatically modifies the sound by adding deep bass to music and movies. It’s 2.1 channel configuration offers a total output of 320 watts. This sound system by LG comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

  1. LG LAS950M 7.1ch Wi-Fi Streaming Soundbar

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The LG LAS950M Chromecast built-in soundbar has a 7.1 channel output. The 7.1 channel immersive sound from the soundbar produces deep bass via the wireless subwoofer. The soundbar comes with a seven-speaker array inside for surround sound effects. The high-quality of the DAC (Digital-to-Analog) converter within your sound system dramatically defines the overall audio quality.

This system has real high-fidelity DAC for the smoothest reproduction of music being played. LG’s Mesh Network mixed with Dual-Band Wi-Fi technology produces high-definition songs over a seamless and secure connection. The 7.1 channel configuration offers 700 watts of a total of power with negligible distortion. The subwoofer itself creates a total 175-watt sound output, which is strong enough to move the panes on your windows.

  1. Philips HTL5160B/12

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The Philips HTL5160B/12 is a Chromecast built-in speaker with unparalleled voice clarity from a 3.1 channel configuration. Enhance your television with improved clarity and virtual surround sound for a truly theatrical experience.

It has a single HDMI output ARC and a single HDMI input. Music can be streamed over NFC and Bluetooth. There is a 320-watt total RMS output. The subwoofer creates a total of 200-watt RMS power. The speaker soundbar produces a total of 120 watts. Philips pairs this product with a 1-year warranty.

  1. Vizio Crave 360

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Vizio Crave 360 is a compact Chromecast built-in speaker. It produces 95 decibels of stunning audio to fill any room in every direction. You can connect your wireless speakers for consistent enjoyment within your home using the multi-room pairing feature.

With regards to the design, the wear-resistant satin-alloy exterior glass touch surface comes with a leather carrying strap. It is developed to be compact. Its 95-dB crystal clear sound from a 2.1 configuration is ideal for a party. It can go as deep as 50 Hz for thunderous bass with a subwoofer built in.

Music can be streamed with the Bluetooth built-in. Also, the intuitive control is most impressive. The easy on-speaker touch controls are straightforward: touch to pause or play, twist to modify the volume, and swipe to skip. The audio is produced with unrivaled DTS studio sound technology. The built-in battery offers approximately 8 hours of playback time.


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The JBL Playlist is a compact built-in Chromecast speaker for all your party requirements. Casting songs to your speakers with an embedded Chromecast is simple. All you need to do is tap the cast button on your app to begin playing the music on the speakers. Additionally, you can play music via 3.5 mm input or Bluetooth.

Further, Spotify can be played on your laptop, speakers, and television via the Spotify app as a remote. Listen to the high quality 24bit/96kHz immersive sound that is cloud-powered. You’ll be pleased with the basic setup and multi-room regulation with the Google Home app. Also, with the dual-band Wi-Fi connection support, it offers you connectivity without interruptions using a secure and robust wireless connection.

30 watts is the rated output power of the speaker. It functions in the 60 Hz – 20 kHz frequency range. The package is comprised of a guide, the Chromecast built-in speaker, a warranty sheet for safety, and regional power cords. JBL provides a one-year warranty on this item.

  1. Grace Digital CastDock X2

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If you’re in search of an economical and mobile set of Chromecast built-in speakers, Grace Digital CastDock X2 is right up your alley. It has digital fiber optical connection integrated to support 24-bit Chromecast Audio with 192 kHz lossless sound. This compact speaker uses a digital class D 50-watt amplifier and electronic crossover.

Grace Digital’s CastDock Chromecast Audio speaker dock gives you the most robust speaker system you can get for its price range. Additional power adaptors or cables are needed. Play the music right after it’s docked. It’s not heavier than 3.5 lbs., making it simple to carry around. Also, the speaker comes with a one-year warranty.

  1. Polk MagniFi Mini

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Polk MagniFi Mini is a super-portable home theatre soundbar system. It creates immersive home theater surround sound using 5.1 Dolby Digital. In spite of its super portable design, the music is clear and robust enough to fill any room with an intended noise. Voice modification technology substantially raises vocal volume and clarity for conversations.

The music can be played wirelessly on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop with Bluetooth or Google Cast. For a profound bass effect that’s almost tangible, this sound system comes with the wireless subwoofer. It can create a complete output of 150 watts. Polk provides a one-year warranty for the Chromecast built-in speaker.


We hope you like our list of the best GoogleCast WiFi speakers available on the market. For any questions or suggestions, please use the comment section below.

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