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Best Passive Subwoofers with MDF Construction For Home Theater Setup


Looking for the best passive subwoofers for your home? Why? Because the passive subwoofer is the cheapest and easiest way to add bass to your sound system. If you are a DJ, Musician or live sound engineer right passive sub woofers play a significant role. But the market is extremely crowded with plenty of passive subwoofers that come in various shapes and sizes.

If you are confused what the difference between powered and passive subwoofer is, let me clarify your doubt first. The powered subwoofer comes with an inbuilt amplifier. But the passive subwoofer doesn’t have any amplifier. You need an external amplifier to power the subwoofer.

That’s why the passive subwoofers are way cheaper. But if you are looking a subwoofer for your home entertainment and doesn’t know much about the amplifier and its tuning, you better go with the powered subwoofers.

For the professionals, the passive subwoofers are the best options. You can tune them as they way you want. I hope that’s enough to give you an idea about the passive subwoofers. Now let’s move on to the list of best passive sub woofers for PA sound systems.

Best Passive Subwoofers With MDF Construction

As already said, the passive subwoofers come in different sizes and power, so increases the price. We have covered here a few best passive sub woofers with MDF construction that ranges from $50 to $500.

1. OSD Audio IWS8 Passive 8-inch In-Wall 150-Watt Subwoofer Speaker

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OSD Audio IWS8 is an 8-inch passive subwoofer speaker. The system has  Polypropylene woofer with butyl rubber surround for high performance. It can handle power from 25-watt to 150-watt and offers an impedance of 8 ohms.

It can control the frequency response of 40 Hz to 200 Hz for deep and thunderous bass. The sensitivity of the subwoofer system is 2.83V/1m: 87dB. Now, coming to the dimensions, the cutout size is 222 x 222 mm with a mounting depth of 92 mm. As, it is a passive subwoofer system, so you need an amplifier to operate. It can be easily mounted on the wall to save floor space.

2. MEGACRA 80W 8-Inch Wired Passive Subwoofer

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Megacra 80W 8-inch passive subwoofer is a floor subwoofer that will add an impact of deep bass to your favorite movies and music. It features a stylish design and superior sound quality. It can handle lower frequencies as low as 30 Hz to as high as 160 Hz.

Comparing it to the OSD Audio subwoofer it truly has deeper bass. Moreover, it has a 91dB signal to noise ratio. It has a vented enclosure design that packs single 8-inch passive subwoofer. The long excursion cone for profound and accurate bass response.

3. Rockville SBG1128 12-inch 600 Watt Passive Pro DJ Subwoofer

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Rockville SBG1128 is a 12-inch 600-watt passive pro DJ subwoofer. It houses an MDF cabinet that ensures distortion free bass. It can give an output of 300 watt RMS and 600 watts peak power. You just a good amplifier to use this subwoofer speaker to use at its full potential.

The front section of this passive subwoofer has molded steel grill. The nominal impedance of this subwoofer is 8 ohms, and sensitivity is 92dB at 1w/1m. It can handle low frequencies up to 25 Hz to 800 Hz. It is quite thick and weighs 44 lbs, that is good as it gives stability to the subwoofer during heavy bass.

4. Bazooka BT6024DVC BT Series 6-Inch 4-Ohm Dual Passive Tube

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Bazooka BT6024DVC BT series subwoofer features dual passive tube with a 6-inch 4-ohm subwoofer. Its dual passive tube design helps it to output deep and rich bass. Don’t let its small size fool you.

It would be great subwoofer to use with a four channel amplifier to setup a great sounding. It can handle 150-watt max power and recommended power with each channel is 6-100 watts. The frequency response is 39 Hz to 1500 Hz with 100 dB sensitivity.

5. Rockville PBG18 18-inch Passive 2000 Watt MDF Cabinet

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Now we are moving to the high power subwoofers that feature 18-inch sub woofer speaker for deep and thunderous bass that will give you heart thumping vibrations. Rockville PBG18 is 18-inch Pro Audio woofer that is capable of producing 1000 watts RMS power and 2000 watts peak power.

The cabinet is made up of high-density, high-quality Non-Resonant MDF material. On the front side, it has molded steel grill to keep the subwoofer safe. It can work in the frequency range of 35 Hz to 4 kHz with 98 dB sensitivity. It is the heaviest woofer till now with a weight of 68 lbs.

6. Cerwin-Vega INT118SV2 900-Watts 18 Inches Passive Subwoofer

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Cerwin-Vega INT118SV2 is a premium 900-watt 18-inch subwoofer speaker that features strong drivers by beefing up the build quality with MDF construction and molded steel grill.

With the increased size of the magnets on the compression drivers, it achieves better and natural bass that doesn’t over power the vocals and treble and delivers the well-balanced bass. It has 8 ohms full range nominal impedance. With the frequency response of 49 Hz – 200 Hz it gives heart thumping bass meant for the DJs.

7. Electro-Voice ELX118 Live X 18-inch 1600 Watt Passive Subwoofer

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Moving on to the last passive subwoofers, we have got Electro-Voice ELX118 Live X 18-inch subwoofer 1600 watt passive subwoofer. With dual bass vents, it gives deeper and heart thumping bass to pump up your home audio entertainment.

It can handle frequencies in the range of 32 Hz to 200 Hz with 96 dB sensitivity. The peak power that it can deliver is 1600 watts, and the continuous output is 400 watt. Moreover, the rugged wooden cabinet can be used to support pole mounted or stacked active loudspeakers. With black textured finish it looks premium and worth the money you spent on them.

8. JBL JRX218S Portable 18-inch Stage Subwoofer

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JBl a well-known brand in the audio systems. JBL JRX218S Portable is an 18-inch passive stage subwoofer used in the PA sound systems. It can handle peak power of 1400 watts and continuous power 350 watts. Though it has a bit less output than the above sub woofer, it has clean and distortion free bass.

The cabinet is made up of MDF material giving it a rugged design. All the handles are made up of non-resonant steel. The frequency response is 53 Hz to 250 Hz with 98 dB sensitivity with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. It is the heaviest among all the subwoofers with 71 lbs weight.


We hope you like our list of the Best Passive Subwoofers available on the market under $1000. Before buying, do take into consideration the area in your house where you intend to install this setup. In some cases, any subwoofer over 500 Watts is overkill.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome in the comment section below. Do let us know what you think. Cheers!

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