Best Headphones with 50mm Drivers

Best Headphones with 50mm Drivers Wireless Options For Bass & Sound

Music is everyone’s love. However, there are a few audiophiles who love music more than anything else in their life. If you are one of them, we are sure you would love bass more than anything else. Your headphones need to be capable of driving the best bass because the lows are what your brain can capture faster. And the essential elements that help you get the best music from your headphones is the driver inside. Music lovers swear by the 50 mm driver for the best music experience. What are the best headphones you can opt for if you are an audiophile? Let us check out the best headphones with 50mm Drivers.

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What is a Driver in a Headphone?

The driver is that element inside your headphone that converts the electrical signal into sound. It is akin to the loudspeaker inside your ears, albeit smaller in size.

A driver consists of a magnet, a voice coil around it, and a diaphragm. Drivers are generally measured regarding their diameter. The driver size plays a vital role in deciding the headphone’s performance and capabilities in producing enough quality sound effects across the range.

However, keep in mind that the driver’s size alone will not provide you with the performance you are looking for. We advise not to blindly follow the specs printed on the box. It is better to understand the type of headphones that you opt for.

See: Planar Magnetic Headphones

Most of the headphones you buy today come with dynamic drivers, which are the least expensive to make. Even in this case, it will depend on the materials used to build the driver.

Now, you might be thinking, if driver size does not matter, then what is? It is merely a combination of Driver Optimization, enclosure design, and even the ear padding. So, depending on how flexible the drivers can pump in air from the enclosure to your eardrums is of prime importance. With that in mind, let us go ahead and check out our recommendations.

Best Headphones with 50mm Drivers

Larger driver sizes would produce louder output. That is indeed why audiophiles prefer headphones with larger driver sizes. Ideally, the maximum driver size observed in the headphones, inmost reality, tends to be 50 mm.

Now that we know how a driver affects the music output on a headphone, we will check out the best 50 mm headphones you can opt for.

Here is what we got on our list. Check the table below:

OneOdio Studio Pro 50 – Over-Ear Headphones

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V-MODACrossfade M-100

Check on Amazon

YamahaPro 500

Check on Amazon

DenonAH D600

Check on Amazon

SonyMDR-XB800 Extra Bass

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FostexTH-900 Premium Stereo Headphones

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OneOdioOver-Ear Headphones (Wireless)

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CORSAIR HS50 – Stereo Gaming Headset

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CreativeSound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition

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HyperXCloud Flight

Check on Amazon

CORSAIRHS70 Wireless

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CorsairVoid Pro RGB  Wireless Gaming Headphones

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Turtle BeachElite Pro Tournament

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HyperXCloud Alpha

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ROCCAT NOZ –Stereo Gaming Headset

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LogitechG633S 7.1 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Headset

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Featured: OneOdio Studio Pro 50 – Over-Ear Headphones

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This is one of the best value headphones from OneOdio. It uses the Japanese voice Coil and a set of 50mm driver diaphragm for pro-grade audio at an affordable price. The Studio Pro is a convenient headphone that can be worn even for prolonged working sessions. It gets dense paddings on the head strap and the earmuffs; both are carpeted with protein leather, making it top-notch both in comfort and external noise isolation.

1. V-MODA Crossfade M-100

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A global brand for the best in headphones, V-Moda produces a few excellent devices. The V-Moda Crossfade M -100 is one of the best options you can get in the 50mm driver category.

The headphones come with over-ear and closed-back headphones and offer an overpowering bass performance. They offer you a comfortable design so that you can listen to your favorite music for hours together. One of the features that we loved the most about the headphones is the noise isolation feature that it offers you.

The Pros

  • Foldable and lightweight
  • The best quality punchy bass performance
  • Best build that lasts longer
  • A lot of accessories

The Cons

  • For larger ears, they may tend to be uncomfortable.

2. Yamaha Pro 500

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The Yamaha Pro 500 is the best audiophile headphone with a 50 mm driver from the world’s largest music instruments maker. The sound effects are both loud and deep.

You can get the high undistorted sound performance on the Yamaha Pro 500. The headphones offer you the best bass performance at this price point. The low-frequency reproduction is prominent but balanced enough for most gamers. The headphones tend to be a little more substantial than the other options in the same genre and thus seem to be uncomfortable to an extent.

The Pros

  • A balanced bass performance
  • It offers you a louder performance.
  • The stylish and sturdy design would make it one of the best options.

The Cons

  • Heavier than the alternative options
  • Maybe uncomfortable with smaller ears.

3. Denon AH D600

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Whether you are listening to music on the go or at home, you would love the experience with the Denon AH D600 Music Maniac headphones. Authentic acoustics is what should provide you with an excellent option for all your musical extravaganza.

Equipped with the 50 mm free edge nanofiber driver offers you a distortion-free music experience ever. Listen to the music exactly as how the creator wanted it. A detachable cable connection would make it one of the excellent options. It offers you a comfortable wearing with pentagonal memory foam. Enhance your listening experience beyond boundaries.

The Pros

  • Comfortable listening
  • A mature and practical design
  • It also comes with a smartphone app.
  • A true to original sound performance

The Cons

  • Bass can be overpowering
  • The cord seems to have issues.

4. Sony MDR-XB800 Extra Bass

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Sony presents a wide range of well-balanced headphones, and the Sony MDR XB800 is just one of the series that offers you an exceptional audio performance. The ergonomic design makes it one of the best options to work with.

The headphones have been designed to boost the bass response while ensuring that the wearer’s comfort levels are not affected. It can be one of the best options for the DJs, but it may not be a good option if you are an audiophile. It is explicitly shaped to cancel any external sound, thus offering you a choice to focus entirely on your music.

The Pros

  • An impressive bass performance
  • Easier wireless connectivity with multiple devices
  • Most ergonomic design ever.

The Cons

  • Bass can get a little loud at times
  • They also tend to warm up after a continuous usage
  • They can get a little challenging to handle in hot weather.

5. Fostex TH-900 Premium Stereo Headphones

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Another excellent option for the bass maniac, the Fostex TH 900, offers you the best sub-bass range. The Neodymium magnetic circuitry provides you the best performance.

The headphones offer you the best bass and sub-bass. Midranges are presented quite effortlessly. However, there isn’t noise isolation or cancellation available on the headphones. Given the pricing, we would have loved to find the features.

The Pros

  • An exceptional sub-bass performance
  • Quite comfortable to wear.
  • Best appearance and build quality
  • Widest soundstage

The Cons

  • The cable may not be detachable

Beats Studio3

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The headphone with a 50 mm driver should be an excellent option if you look for a good sub-bass experience. You would have access to an enhanced and improved efficiency with a premium and select option providing you a higher degree of bass performance.

The headphones come with a closed-back design and foldable construction. A massive battery backup of up to 22 hours should be one of the excellent features. If you have been a regular Beats user, you will get access to familiar audio excellence. The Apple W1 chip offers you access to a high degree of battery efficiency and highly reliable streaming.

Quick Note: The Solo 3 has 40mm drivers, while the Studio comes with a 50mm set of drivers.


  • Quick charge efficiency
  • An active noise cancellation.
  • Real-time audio calibration performance.
  • Industry-leading Bluetooth technology


  • Midrange frequencies may not work as expected
  • Expensive price tag

OneOdio Over-Ear Headphones

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Are you looking for a powerful and thundering bass performance ever? The OneOdio Over-Ear Headphones should be an ideal choice for almost every requirement you may have. The best possible thumping bass and the 50 mm driver efficiency are a few great features you would find extremely interesting.

The headphones come with a better degree of passive noise cancellation. The headphones provide you access to a long power cord, which should act as a better option for the DJs. You can run two different audio services simultaneously with the OneOdio Over-Ear Headphones.


  • Highly comfortable ear cushions
  • Value for money option
  • Swiveling ear cups provide improved wearability.


  • We did not find any, considering the price.

Best Headphones with 50mm Drivers – For Gamers

Gaming is one of those activities that need extreme attention. That would mean, if you look for that beautiful, immersive experience, you would need an exceptional quality of performance with the right type of speakers. A perfect combination of an exciting video and clear, immersive audio should be the best option to achieve the best standards.

The best way to achieve the best standards that we just spoke about is essential to go with the best PC gaming headsets. The gaming monitors you would be using for your gaming needs do come with a lack of speakers, and you would want to have access to a good pair of speakers.

If you are looking for the best PC gaming experience, you can check out the following options that would be helpful in your quest for the best gaming headsets. For the sake of this post, we will focus on the headsets equipped with 50 mm drivers.

CORSAIR HS50 – Stereo Gaming Headset

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The Corsair HS50 is an excellent option for the budget gamer. It should be the perfect gaming headset in the budget range that you can ever opt for. It offers you a performance that surpasses the audio performance on high-end headphones. Build quality is quite excellent and reliable.

The metal construction should ensure long-lasting performance. The headphones come with plush memory foam and adjustable earcups. This should translate into a stable, comfortable performance. The microphone is optimized for unidirectional performance. This can help you reduce ambient noise. The headset is compatible with multiple devices like PC, Xbox One*, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

You can find more about the headset on Amazon.

Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition

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The upgraded 50 mm drivers will ensure high-end performance and an exceptional audio capability. Highly comfortable, the headset offers you a crystal clear sound. A brand is known for the sublime audio products; Creative excels with the tournament edition for the best gaming experience. The earcup plates are made of brushed metal and gunmetal combination. The steel and Aluminium combination provides you access to an enhanced and improved build quality.

The detachable microphone ensures picking up the vocals effectively while reducing the noise disturbances. You can be assured of the best in the class dynamic sound signature that performs well in highs, mids, and lows. The headset also comes with an X-Plus mode that improves the gaming performance further ahead. What’s more, you can enjoy the world-class HD 7.1 Surround Sound performance that can take you forward in terms of the exciting audio performance.

The gaming headset is available at this link on Amazon.

HyperX Cloud Flight

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Offering you a gaming level extreme performance, the headset does provide access to up to 30 hours of battery life. The immersive game audio, coupled with the comfort levels that have become synonymous with HyperX, has been a few best options that make it a gamer’s headset in every right. The headset comes with a detachable microphone designed for noise cancellation. The steel slider comes with durable and adjustable functionality.

The 90-degree rotating ear cups can be another exciting feature that should help you get the best in class LED effects. The headset is compatible with PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro, and we would indeed find it a great performer for almost all your gaming needs. The onboard audio and microphone controls would make it easy and straightforward to work with. The Dynamic, 50mm, with neodymium magnets, ensure your enhanced performance.

The HyperX Cloud Flight gaming headset is available on Amazon at this link.

CORSAIR HS70 Wireless

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As has been the most common feature on the Corsair headsets, the comfortability would be one of your device’s best. The headset comes with plush memory foam and adjustable earcups, improving the performance further ahead. The 50mm neodymium drivers are optimized for an excellent performance. The low latency of wireless connectivity provides you with an improved range. You can be assured of superior sound quality for enhanced performance.

The noise cancellation microphone can be detached with ease. An assured 16 hours of battery backup is one of the excellent features that should take your gaming experience to the next level. The rugged construction with metal structural components would be one of the features that will ensure high-end durability. The optimized unidirectional microphone takes care of the noise cancelation effectively enough.

Check out the headset at this link on Amazon.

Corsair Void Pro RGB  Wireless Gaming Headphones (Ca-9011152)

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Another excellent offering from Corsair is a perfect option for your needs in a gaming headset. The headset will indeed need no introduction after a few headsets that we have already discussed here. Known well enough for the gaming accessories, the manufacturer excels with the high-performance headset to take your immersive gaming experience to the next level. The price may be a deterrent if you are keen on budget, though.

You can be assured of high-end build quality, exceptional sound quality, and the beautiful RGB lighting that takes your gaming, making it a great option. What makes it yet another powerful performer is that if you have plenty of Corsair peripherals, the headset would fit in right away. Beautiful design and excellent audio quality are a few features that should ideally make it an excellent choice for most of your needs.

The headphones are available on Amazon here.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament

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The gaming headset should be the prime choice if you look for the best experience in a powerful and precise performance. Available with the wired connectivity option, it lets you connect with your PC either through a 3.5 mm jack or USB as per your preferences. While the headset is quite comfortable to wear, it also ensures that you can enjoy the high-end audio performance with the 50 mm drivers. The headset comes with a plastic build and offers you a personified styling.

The comfort Fit System is designed to assure you a completely personalized fit. And yes, if you are a die-hard gamer who wears glasses, ProSpecs Glasses Relief System relieves you of the uncomfortable wearing experience. The Pro Gaming Microphone is designed to be yet another advantageous option for an enhanced experience. Specially designed for the eSports athletes and hardcore gamers, the headset has garnered appreciation from around the globe, even from OpTic Gaming, who are considered to be the most popular eSports organizations.

You can check out the best features that the headset offers at this link on Amazon.

HyperX Cloud Alpha

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HyperX Cloud’s range of headsets has been quite powerful and famous. The Hyperx Cloud Alpha is one such excellent headset that comes with a dominant performance at a lower price bracket. It offers you high audio quality and builds performance without adding the fancy features that may increase its price. The closed-back headset is designed to provide you with a perfect option for the best and punchier lows. The dual-chamber 50 mm driver construction is what would bring in a high-level functionality to the headset.

Offering you a powerful yet precise sound performance, the headset comes with the shatterproof build quality. The headset is made of a durable aluminum frame. You also have access to an expanded headband that ensures a high degree of comfortability. The headset also comes with a noise cancellation microphone that can be easily detached. HyperX Cloud Alpha is compatible with many devices that include PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Mac, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and VR.

If you are interested, you can check out the headset at this link on Amazon.

LucidSound LS35X

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If you are an Xbox One user, you will find the LucidSound LS35X the perfect option for practically all your needs in extensive gaming that is quite rewarding. The officially licensed Xbox wireless headset, it can connect directly with your Xbox One. The comfortable construction would be one of the added advantages for those who love playing games for continuous periods. The memory foam cushion comfort can be considered another excellent option to make it one of the formidable choices.

The dual-microphone construction should be yet another excellent option for ensuring an advanced noise cancellation. Intuitive controls can be one of the perfect options taking you to the next level of performance and gaming pleasure.

The signature LucidSound audio acoustics should be one of the added advantages. It lets you choose between stereo or two surround modes – make a choice between the Windows Sonic for headphones or Dolby ATMOS for headphones.

The high-end headset for gaming can be found on Amazon.

ROCCAT NOZ – Stereo Gaming Headset

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The premium 50mm drivers deliver natural sound with crisp highs and deep bass. Comfort and light construction are the two aspects that you would find enjoyable enough. The lightweight construction will make it one of the preferred choices if you are a die-hard gamer. You would not feel any sort of discomfort even when wearing it for prolonged hours. The earcups are covered with padded fabric, thereby providing you with a relaxed and comfortable wearing. You can be able to experience an authentic and distortion-free experience of audio excellence.

The solid metal hinges and the stainless steel headband would be excellent options that make it a formidable and powerful choice. The detachable noise-cancellation microphone would perhaps be yet another added advantage. The size of the headband can be efficiently adjusted. The headset comes with support for multiple platforms and devices that include PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices.

Logitech G633S 7.1 LIGHTSYNC Gaming Headset

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The drivers on this gaming headset come with the woven hybrid mesh construction and ensure that you can experience enhanced sonic performance. The headset also offers you access to improved performance with DTS headphone:x 2.0 surround sound features. You can be assured of a precisely perfect in-game performance. The enlarged Pro G 50 mm driver can make it one of the ideal options that would make it an excellent choice. The light sync RGB features are what would offer you a perfect opportunity.

The multi-platform compatibility makes it one of the preferred choices for almost every one of your needs. In addition to PC and Mac compatibility, you can even get the best experience with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The build quality is one of the best, with both light and sturdy functionality at the same time. Battery life issues may be a concern, though.

The best in class gaming headset is available on Amazon here.

Sopownic Studio Headphones

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One of the excellent options for the best experience is high quality and reliable studio recording and lie sound performance. The earcups are made of memory foam and protein leather. This will help add long term comfort to a complete comfort level. The adjustable and stretchable headband can further be one of the high-end options ever.

You would also provide you access to an improved and enhanced experience in terms of supreme HIFI sound and the greatest music experience. The neodymium drivers and 50 mm drivers reproduce the deep bass response, further enhancing your experience. The high-end durability and portability can further improve your experience ahead.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • It can cut the outside noise.
  • Work great with a live audio source.


  • Heavy mid-frequency
  • Platstic construction


To Summerize

Those headsets can be a perfect bet for almost every one of your requirements for an immersive gaming experience. We have featured the earphones for the best gaming experience without any need to worry about the budget. The list featured here has the options designed for the best experience in your gaming excellence.

Check out the headsets and share your thoughts with us.

The Concluding Thoughts

Those were a few excellent headphones; you may check out among the best headphones with 50 mm drivers. We have individually chosen the best available options across multiple price ranges. Choose the ones that best meet your requirements.

Are you using any of the headphones outlined in the above? If you are using any of them, share your thoughts with us to benefit our readers.

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