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Best Passive Subwoofer Amplifiers: Options for Active and Passive Setups

If you are looking to build a powerful sound system for your home, a subwoofer is an essential option for your needs. A subwoofer would offer you the opportunity of reproducing the lows. In fact, a subwoofer would transmit extremely low frequencies sounds more efficiently than a full-range speaker system. A subwoofer can either be passive or powered. Explaining the differences between Powered and Passive subwoofers is beyond the scope of this article. But, we would be discussing the best passive subwoofer amplifiers in today’s post.

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Best Passive Subwoofer Amplifiers

Here is our list of the best subwoofer amplifiers in the tablet below:

Acoustic Audio WS1005WS1005

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Dayton Audio SA230SA230

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Blue Octave Home B1000SB1000S

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OSD Audio SMP250SMP250

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Theater SolutionsSA200

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Nobsound G2 Subwoofer Amplifier

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Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Fosi Audio BT30DFosi AudioCheck on Amazon
2OSD Audio 300WOSD AudioCheck on Amazon
3Fosi Audio BT30D-SFosi AudioCheck on Amazon
4Monoprice SWA-400MonopriceCheck on Amazon
5FX AUDIO 2.1 Channel AmplifierFX AUDIOCheck on Amazon
6JBL STX818S & Crown XLi3500JBL & CrownCheck on Amazon India
7Fosi Audio M02Fosi AudioCheck on Amazon

7. Fosi Audio M02:

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The 100Watt M02 mono channel subwoofer amplifier is also used as a home-theater power amplifier. Not just a subwoofer amplifier, it can be used as a full-frequency amplifier. No sparks arise with the incorporated power protection circuit while you plug in the power adapter in the amplifier. So, it is safe to use. Use the available frequency control to choose the desired frequency. A home Hi-Fi mono class D amplifier is available. When you want to obtain HiFi audio output, the Fosi Audio M02 is a suitable pick.

The unibody design shows sleek controls and curved edges. The design also offers premium enclosures. Being compact, it fits well in your hands. This petite design makes it practical yet efficient. The distortion-free sound makes sure your investment is worthwhile. Even when nothing is playing, the output is free from noise.


  • The NE5532 op-amp and TPA3116 chip deliver 100 Watts power output for 4 Ω speakers or subwoofer.
  • With a selector, the device can be operated as a full-frequency mono amp or subwoofer bass amplifier.
  • When switched to PBTL, it works as a full-frequency mono amp. When changed to SUB, it works as a subwoofer amplifier.
  • It can be connected to an active subwoofer or passive subwoofer, or passive speaker.

6. JBL STX818S & Crown XLi3500

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The JBL STX818S is an 18-inch passive subwoofer along with a Crown XLi3500 power amplifier. Its rugged construction indicates durability and reliability. For DJs, entertainers, and musicians, this product is recommended.

For simplicity of carrying around, it comes with rugged DuraFlex finished enclosures. The steel grille is enclosed with an acoustically transparent cloth. This passive bass-reflex subwoofer is designed to overcome the limitations of massive tour sound systems and light-duty portable PA speakers.


  • It supports XLR and RCA inputs allowing you to choose input sensitivity of 1.4V or 0.75 V.
  • There is support for Speakon outputs and binding posts.
  • 6 LEDs show signal availability and fault for every channel.
  • For ease of control, it includes a power switch and 2-level controls.
  • The STX818S is protective against no-load, short-circuit, and radio-frequency interference.
  • Air cooling avoids extreme heat accumulation.
  • For extensive low-frequency output, a vented gap woofer is present.
  • The multiple port area reduces distortion.
  • For safe satellite/speaker mounting, it contains a 20 mm threaded pole socket.

5. FX AUDIO 2.1 Channel Amplifier:

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With excellent power amplification, this 2.1 channel amplifier delivers lossless, high-quality audio. One of the fantastic aspects of this FX AUDIO amplifier is its broad compatibility. It can work with most Bluetooth devices, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, projectors, TVs, etc. This product is also known as a desktop audio power amp with precise music reproduction and low distortion.

The body of the amplifier is built from quality aluminum alloy. The wiredrawing shell has a metal oxidation ability. Moreover, the RF4 PCB board is impact-resistant and high-temperature resistant. A close look at its design shows a binding post with gold plating and 4 silicone anti-skid pads. For the operation, you need to connect a DC 4A/24V power supply. Input options can be any of these –Bluetooth or RCA, or AUX. Long-press its on/off button to on or off the amplifier. It would help if you shorted press the on/off switch to select input modes. Every time, music output is natural, clear, and with minimal noise.


  • The L/R passive speakers can deliver a maximum of 100W power output (total).
  • The built-in Bluetooth chip is CSR8635.
  • Amp chip IC adopts Texas TPA3116. As a result, it delivers audio with deep lows and thumping highs.
  • Passive subwoofer output and L/R passive speakers output create a 2.1 channel system.
  • Bass cut-off frequency is 180 Hz.
  • With the treble knob adjustment knob, the amplifier can adjust the treble of the right and left channels.
  • The gain adjustment range is -6 dB to 6 dB.
  • It is easy to control the volume in the full range with the volume knob.
  • Maximum distortion up to 0.03% leads to exceptional audio clarity.

4. Monoprice SWA-400:

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The high-quality, clean sound from the SWA-400 drives medium as well as large-sized subwoofer speakers. The petite 1U design makes it compatible with various other famous multimedia equipment and electronic devices. The overall design of the SWA-400 is intended to present HiFi bass amplification. Therefore, it is especially suitable for home-theater audio systems.

With easy-to-use tailored presets, you can exert comprehensive control on crossover frequency, phase, slope, and low-cut. Set a particular present depending on your taste for listening. Along with deep, thumping bass, this subwoofer system enhances the fidelity of your main speaker. Powering a separate subwoofer system, your right and left speakers can express dialog and clear audio accents when the audio is played at high volume. Moreover, this amplifier can work with passive in-wall subwoofers. The rugged construction promises that the build quality is fair for the price.


  • The maximum power output is 400 Watts.
  • With 4 Ω impedance, it can drive 1-2 subwoofers.
  • The tailored preset DSP comes with memory.
  • The Class D amps operate quietly and stay calm.
  • After 2 minutes of inactivity, the backlit LCD screen at the front panel goes dark.
  • Automatic power management supports 12V triggers and audio triggers. These triggers will turn on the amplifier while you need it.
  • For safe operation, it comes with thermal protection circuit and short circuit.

3. Fosi Audio BT30D-S:

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Fosi audio BT30D-S is the updated version of the BT30D. It is an impeccable choice for the DIY home audio system. Basically, it is a Bluetooth 5.0 receiver amplifier capable of presenting HiFi stereo audio. Other vital features include Class D and 2.1 channel output.

BT30D-S drives most home passive and passive subwoofers based on the RCA and Bluetooth inputs. The ability to control treble or bass guarantees HiFi audio quality. With efficient performance, the audio quality is immersive, and output power is excellent. Every time, the sound output is clear and precise. The pack contains this amplifier, a 24V/4.5A power supply, and a user manual.


  • Max power output is 200 Watts.
  • It comes with a 2.1 channel Bluetooth 5.0 power amplifier.
  • 2 Texas Instruments TPA3116D2 chips are included.
  • DC input range is 12-24V.
  • Maximum THD is 0.04%, and minimum SNR is 98 dB.
  • The frequency range is 20 Hz-20 kHz (±1 dB).
  • Maximum Bluetooth coverage is 50 feet.
  • With treble and bass at mid-setting, the sound output features crisp & clear midrange and high bass.

2. OSD Audio 300W:

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The OS Audio 300W is a mono-channel class A/B subwoofer amplifier. The 300 Watts of maximum power gives you outstanding exhilaration for ultimate entertainment. You can connect this amplifier with higher wattage passive subwoofers like in-wall subs, which need external power. The power output from this amplifier is always stable. Also, you will find enhancement of low-frequency sound effects.

Multiple connectivity options are available, including RCA and raw cable. Therefore, this amplifier proves to be versatile as it can work with the majority of the subwoofers. Besides the power button, a red indicator is available. It depicts when the amplifier is on. For durability, the manufacturer built it in heavy-duty steel chassis with a brushed aluminum wall bracket.


  • Input types are low-level, high-level, and LFE.
  • Power handling is 156 Watts RMS or 310 Watts Maximum per channel at 8 Ω.
  • The frequency range is 25 Hz to 50 Hz up to 12 dB gain.
  • It comes with manual/auto/triggered on/off modes for easy integrations in any automated systems.
  • The bass boost is adjustable.
  • In standby mode, it consumes less than 1 Watt of power.
  • With pop-out type adjustment knobs, the settings stay as it is, without disturbance.
  • The bass boost is adjustable
  • Impedance varies in the range of 4 -8 Ω.

1. Fosi Audio BT30D:

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Fosi Audio BT30D is the updated version of BT30C. It comes with a 2.1 channel Bluetooth 5.0 power amplifier. With excellent sound performance and appealing design, your investment turns worthwhile. All the included switches and knobs come with sufficient resistance. Bluetooth setup does not need a password; it is quick to set up. Because of the compact style amplifier, you can easily add home-theater quality audio performance to a desktop.

The included 24V/4.5A power supply is stable and energy-efficient. It always delivers high-performance output power. Every time, you obtain precise, clear sound enriched with frequency control and subwoofer volume. The output is free from white noise and distortion.


  • The BT30D can power most passive/powered subwoofers and passive home speakers with Bluetooth and RCA input.
  • With bass/treble control and subvolume/frequency, this amplifier guarantees Hi-Fi music quality.
  • For the 2 Texas Instruments TPA3116D2 chip, the power output is always efficient.
  • The maximum power output is 200 Watts.
  • For safe operation, the advanced DC outlet contains a power protection circuit.
  • With an RCA jack and Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming, you can directly stream sound from external devices.

Passive subwoofers are called passive because they do not have their power supply. They would need to be powered by an external amplifier if the low-frequency sounds need to be enough. So much so good, but the amps used for passive subwoofers need to be unique in their own right. The subwoofer amplifiers would need more power than traditional speakers. They should have enough power so that they would be able to sustain the effects produced by the subwoofer without affecting the ability.

Having understood the basics of Passive subwoofer amplifiers, let us now move ahead to list out the best passive subwoofer amplifiers you can use on your subwoofers.

Why would you need A Subwoofer Amplifier?

If you are using a powered subwoofer setup, you would not need an amplifier to power it. A Powered Subwoofer would come with its internal amp. A passive subwoofer is the one that would consist of only a woofer or a combination of woofers in an enclosure and thus does not have an internal amplifier powering it.

Many subwoofer amplifiers offer you additional functionalities apart from powering the subwoofer and thus double up as a means of cutting off the low bass away from your surround speakers.

Acoustic Audio WS1005

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It is one of the best Passive Subwoofer amplifiers for your requirements. Please note that the amp should only be used with passive subwoofers only.

The amplifier is a compact and sturdy option in its right. Some of the features we would indeed love the amp can be summed up as

  • It supplies power at 200 Watts.
  • The amplifier comes with a built-in crossover network.
  • An affordable option for all passive subwoofers.
  • It offers you an Output Impedance of 4-8 ohm.

If you are interested in it, you may check it out on Amazon.

Dayton Audio SA230

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Looking for the best subwoofer amplifiers that offer you a standalone performer, you should opt for Dayton Audio SA230. The high-quality subwoofer amplifier should be the best among the alternatives.

The tabletop subwoofer system can deliver the cleanest and robust sound system. Here are a few great features of the amplifier –

  • It offers you an adjustable phase and crossover.
  • The amplifier comes with low level, high level, and LFE inputs.
  • Heavy-duty steel chassis offers better durability.
  • You had access to manual, auto, and triggered on/off modes.

Sounds interesting? Why not give it a thought? Check it out here.

Blue Octave Home B1000S

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The Blue Octave amplifier is the best suited for your need-in-wall subwoofer. It should work with all kinds of home audio receivers.

Some of the best features that would make it an exciting option can be summed up as

  • The amplifier offers you an output of 200 Watts.
  • You have access to an output impedance of 4-8 ohm.
  • The amp comes with LFE and RCA Inputs for use from a home audio receiver.
  • It has Sub Volume and Crossover Control Knobs, thereby ensuring the best performance.

You can get more information about the product on Amazon.

OSD Audio SMP250

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Best in class, low-frequency crossover, and low-frequency effect input are a couple of the impacts that should favor OSD Audio SMP250. It should be the best that would go with your home décor, thanks to its excellent function.

Some of the features worth the mention can be summed up as

  • It comes with a high-powered 250 watts amplifier option.
  • You also get a built-in variable high-cut filter.
  • The amplifier is specially designed for the high-wattage passive subwoofer.
  • The low pass crossover and phase adjustment let you tighten the level of the bass signal.
  • The amplifier system also comes with a front-mounted power meter, easily accessible volume control, and an Auto Power On/Off function.

Would you think it should make it the best option for your requirements? Get more information on Amazon.

Theater Solutions SA200 Subwoofer Amplifier

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The Theater Solutions SA200 Subwoofer Amplifier should be your best solution for all your needs for use with all in-wall passive subwoofers. Also, it would be a practical solution for other requirements, including In-Wall or In-Ceiling Home Entertainment, Home theater systems, Multiple Room Systems, and Industrial Sound Systems.

What would make it an excellent option for your requirements in passive subwoofer amplifiers? These features may be the right reasons –

  • You get 200 watts peak power output performance.
  • The amp comes with an impedance of up to 4 to 8 Ohm and an excellent frequency response of 50 to 200Hz.
  • You also get features like Sub volume and crossover control knobs, LFE, and RCA inputs.
  • It offers you a rugged and compact design for all your needs.
  • It can also power multiple subwoofers.

Worth all your money and efforts? Give it a try Amazon.


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The OSD SMP500DSP High Power Subwoofer Amplifier is an excellent option for all your needs in a highly competent and efficient Class D dedicated subwoofer amplifier. The amplifier provides you access to improved efficiency at 1000 W peak power and 400 W RMS 4 ohm performance. The subwoofer amplifier has been designed to offer you access to higher wattage passive subwoofers such as in-wall subs.

The 400 W 4 Ohm stable performance provides you access to a delightful experience with the clean, low-frequency audio that will give you access to a respectable gaming or movie viewing activity ever. The OSD Audio SMP500DSP processor offers you access to a compact and sturdy construction at its best. The built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides you passage to high performance at lower frequencies. You would also find access to a good bass response ever.

Some of the best features offered by the platform would include

  • It provides you access to a built-in class digital sound processor.
  • The volume control limiter protects the woofers.
  • The Class D subwoofer design
  • Low and high-level pass through options
  • Low distortion audio quality with an enhanced efficiency

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, we assume we have answered all your queries concerning the passive subwoofers and their amplifiers. We have attempted listing out almost all possible genres of speakers while compiling this list of top subwoofer amplifiers.

Have you used any of the passive subwoofer amplifiers that have been featured here on this list? If you have – Please do share your experiences, views, and opinions with us. If you feel we have missed any of the best options available for passive subwoofer amplifiers – do share them as well. This would help our readers check them out as well and arrive at a well-informed and fruitful decision.

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