Best Passive Subwoofer Amplifiers

Best Passive Subwoofer Amplifiers: Options for Active and Passive Setups


If you are looking to buy home theatre system for your home, a subwoofer is an essential option for your needs. A subwoofer would offer you the opportunity of reproducing the lows. In fact, a subwoofer would transmit the extremely low frequencies sounds. A subwoofer can either be passive or powered. Explaining the differences between the Powered and Passive subwoofers is beyond the scope of this article. But, we would be discussing the best passive subwoofer amplifiers in today’s post.

Best Passive Subwoofer Amplifiers

Passive subwoofers are called passive because they do not have their power supply. They would need to be powered by an external amplifier if the low-frequency sounds need to be enough. So much so good, but the amps used for passive subwoofers need to be unique in their own right. The subwoofer amplifiers would need more power than the traditional speakers. They should have enough power so that they would be able to sustain the effects produced by the subwoofer without affecting the ability.

Having understood the basics of Passive subwoofer amplifiers, let us now move ahead to list out the best passive subwoofer amplifiers you can use on your subwoofers.

Why would you need A Subwoofer Amplifier?

If you are using a powered subwoofer setup, you would not need an amplifier to power it. A Powered Subwoofer would come with its internal amp. A passive subwoofer is the one that would consist only a woofer or a combination of woofers in an enclosure and thus do not have an internal amplifier powering it.

Many subwoofer amplifiers offer you the additional functionalities apart from powering the subwoofer and thus double up as a means of cutting off the low bass away from your surround speakers.

Acoustic Audio WS1005


It is one of the best Passive Subwoofer amplifiers for your requirements. Please note that the amp should only be used with passive subwoofers only.

The amplifier is compact and sturdy option in its right. Some of the features we would indeed love the amp can be summed up as

  • It supplies power at 200 Watts.
  • The amplifier comes with a built-in crossover network
  • An affordable option for all passive subwoofers.
  • It offers you an Output Impedance of 4-8 ohm

If you are interested in it, you may check it out on Amazon.

Dayton Audio SA230


Looking for the best subwoofer amplifiers that offer you a standalone performer, you should opt for Dayton Audio SA230. The high-quality subwoofer amplifier should be the best among the alternatives.

The table top subwoofer system can deliver the cleanest and robust sound system. Here are a few great features of the amplifier –

  • It offers you adjustable phase and crossover.
  • The amplifier comes with a low level, high level, and LFE inputs
  • Heavy-duty steel chassis offers better durability.
  • You had access to manual, auto and triggered on/off modes.

Sounds interesting? Why not give it a thought, check it out here.

Blue Octave Home B1000S

Out of stock

The Blue Octave amplifier is the best suited for your need in-wall subwoofer. It should work with all kinds of home audio receivers.

Some of the best features that would make it an exciting option can be summed up as

  • The amplifier offers you an output of 200 Watts
  • You have access to an output impedance of 4-8 ohm
  • The amp comes with LFE and RCA Inputs for use from a home audio receiver
  • It has Sub Volume and Crossover Control Knobs thereby ensuring the best performance

You can get more information about the product on Amazon.

OSD Audio SMP250

Out of stock

Best in class low-frequency crossover and low-frequency effect input are a couple of effects that should go in favor of OSD Audio SMP250. It should be the best that would go with your home décor, thanks to its excellent function.

Some of the features worth the mention can be summed up as

  • It comes with high powered 250 watts amplifier option
  • You also get a built-in variable high-cut filter.
  • The amplifier is specially designed for the high wattage passive subwoofer
  • The low pass crossover and phase adjustment let you tighten the level of the bass signal.
  • The amplifier system also comes with a front-mounted power meter, easily accessible volume control and an Auto Power On/Off functions.

Would you think it should make it the best option for your requirements? Get more information on Amazon.

Theater Solutions SA200 Subwoofer Amplifier


The Theater Solutions SA200 Subwoofer Amplifier should be your best solution for all your needs for use with all in-wall passive subwoofers. Also, it would also be a practical solution for other needs as well including In-Wall or In-Ceiling Home Entertainment, Home theater systems, Multiple Room Systems and Industrial Sound Systems.

What would make it an excellent option for your requirements in passive subwoofer amplifiers? These features may be right reasons –

  • You get 200 watts peak power output performance
  • The amp comes with an impedance of up to 4 to 8 Ohm and an excellent frequency response of 50 to 200Hz.
  • You also get the features like Sub volume and crossover control knobs, LFE and RCA inputs.
  • It offers you a rugged and compact design for all your needs.
  • It can also power multiple subwoofers.

Worth all your money and efforts? Give it a try Amazon.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, we assume we have answered all your queries concerning the passive subwoofers and their amplifiers. We have attempted listing out almost all possible genres of speakers while compiling this list of top subwoofer amplifiers.

Have you used any of the passive subwoofer amplifiers that have been featured here on this list? If you have – Please do share your experiences, views, and opinions with us. In case, if you feel we have missed any of the best options available for passive subwoofer amplifiers – do share them as well. This would help our readers check out them as well and arrive at a well-informed and fruitful decision.

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