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Best Smart Speakers For Apple Music – For Music and Live Streaming

Are you searching for smart speakers that can stream from Apple Music? You are at the right place. Intelligent speakers have increased by 50% in 2018 as per a report. So the time is not far away when all your home devices will be under the control of your voice.

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Even though most of you must have heard of the smart speakers, but what are they? And How they work? Smart-speakers look like a portable Bluetooth speaker, but they have a few things more advanced that make them smart speakers. Smart speakers have a built-in assistant like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant or even Cortana.

The smart speakers hear your voice commands via the microphone mounted on them and pass the speech to the assistant for further processing using cognitive services and machine learning. The smart speaker is connected to the Internet via WiFi and does the appropriate processing as per the command by calling the necessary APIs. This makes things simpler. You can control all your compatible smart devices with the voice commands using your intelligent speaker. You can ask questions, read the news, get weather and traffic reports and many more things right on your speaker with just your voice commands.

Best Smart Speakers For Apple Music

This post is a bit different though. In this article, we are going to be talking about a specific niche, i.e., Apple Music. If you have an Apple Music subscription or you like to stream from Apple Music and looking for a smart speaker that could stream from it, this post is for you. So let’s find out the best smart speakers for Apple Music.

1. Apple HomePod

The Siri Assistant based speaker right from Apple store is called the HomePod. It is the best speaker that you could buy if you want to stream from Apple music. HomePod packs a smart speaker with incredible sound. It features a seven tweeter array, with each tweeter is outfitted with its dedicated driver. An upward facing 4-inch Apple designed woofer handles the mid and low frequencies. All those things are packed in a small form factor that is a little less than 7 inches in height.

The internal processing is done by the A8 chip that keeps it ahead of its competitors. Also, there is 1 GB RAM to process you voice commands on the go. Touch controls are given on the top that allows simple navigation. The six-microphone array will hear your voice from any corner of the room even when the music is playing on the speaker.

Privacy is paramount, and Apple seriously takes care of it. All the communications on the Siri and Apple’s servers are anonymous and encrypted. Siri can do even more than playing music like give sports updates, set reminders, set timers, send text messages, play podcasts, offer weather reports, share traffic and more. HomePod came in white or space grey color option and priced more than $300.

There is no doubt that this is an expensive speaker but considering the design, looks, sound quality, and Apple brand value you can not stop yourself from considering this smart speaker. Also, if you are more into the Apple environment, look no further, HomePod is best for you.

2. Sonos One

Sonos one is the speaker for those who want superb sound even from smart speakers at an affordable price. Sonos One WiFi-based intelligent speaker also has Amazon’s Alexa built-in. Though Alexa might not be the best assistant around, undoubtedly does the job and were one of the first to create this new market. After using the Sonos One for a week, one thing we could say is that the sound output is room-filing. Sonos One is the strong contender for the Google Home Max and HomePod that is because of the sound quality and lower price.

You can connect two Sonos speakers to create a stereo sound system for a simulated cooling effect. Though most of the time you will be using the App to control the Sonos One smart speaker touch controls are also there that works flawlessly. The outer body is humidity-resistant, making them perfect for the bathroom. You can use your voice and Sonos App to control and keep all your music in one place.

Sonos One can stream from Apple music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora and much more. It feels like the Sonos One is the best Alexa speaker considering the sound quality, price, and build quality. It sounds much better than the Amazon’s Echo smart speaker lineup, and above that, it can stream from a whole lot of cloud-based media streaming services. Pairing it up with another set of Sonos speakers will make it a complete setup for large room setups. Yes, we do love the sound of these.

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We hope you like your article on the best Smart Speakers For Apple Music currently available. We know the list is small, but we expect more manufacturers jump in and license the tech.

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