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Best USB C Speakerphones For WFH and Home Mobile Office Work Calls

If you are looking for the best USB C speakerphones, you have landed in the right place. If you are looking for WFH (Work from Home) solutions, read our recommendations.

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Attending conferences, seminars, making/receiving calls, etc. is now a necessity of any business premise. Both for formal and informal purposes, these requirements may arise frequently. The mobile speakerphones benefit a lot when it comes to turning a smartphone into a conference ready phone. Moreover, they can work as a hands-free device at home, office, car, etc. While taking calls, driving, cooking, using your PC, etc., you may want to keep your hands free. Under such situations, the speakerphones help a lot.

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The discussion of the present article is focused on the best USB C speakerphones. Instead of using a traditional speakerphone, getting a future-proof USB Type-C speakerphone is always better. The USB-C is now a standard connectivity port made available on many devices, like smartphones and laptops. Equipped with the compatibility of a USB-C port, you can easily connect with compatible smartphones, laptops, and other portable devices. In this way, it becomes easy to enhance the versatility of the speakerphone.

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One key benefit of using USB-C speakerphone is it delivers precise and loud conversations. Also, it is easy to make a connection with compatible devices. The article below highlights the best USB-C speakerphones:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone from Anker, for Home & OfficeAnkerBuy from Amazon
2eMeet M0 Conference with 360° Voice PickupeMeetBuy from Amazon
3Plantronics Calisto 3200 Portable Speakerphone with 360° AudioPlantronicsBuy from Amazon
4Sennheiser SP 30 (508345) Wired or Wireless SpeakerphoneSennheiser Enterprise SolutionBuy from Amazon
5Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker, GXD0T32973LenovoBuy from Amazon
6Sennheiser SP 30+ (508346) SpeakerphoneSennheiser Enterprise SolutionBuy from Amazon
7Plantronics Calisto 3200 Personal Speakerphone with 360˚ AudioPlantronicsBuy from Amazon

7. Plantronics Calisto 3200 Personal Speakerphone with 360˚ Audio:

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The Calisto 3200 is a personal speakerphone with great portability. It is uniquely designed to meet the needs of professionals who are working remotely. It facilitates hands-free use without any hassles of a power cord. One key component in this personal speakerphone is its 360˚ microphone. It delivers powerful audio output. With the USB-C connectivity, you can easily connect compatible devices like smartphones, laptops, PCs, etc.

The intuitive controls and integrated cord storage make it easy to begin the conversation. In a hands-free manner, you can control the calls. Without any extra tools, you can quickly transform any room into a conference room. Whether you work from home or office, you would be able to conduct a professional conference at your convenience.

To use it, simply plug it in and commence the meeting. Since it is powered by USB and found compatible with both PC and Mac, there is no need for extra power cords. Being consistent with Microsoft Skype, this speakerphone is optimized for group conferencing. Therefore, it is sure that you will always sound professional.


  • The Calisto 3200 speakerphone delivers exceptional audio quality from a distance of up to 10 feet.
  • In its configuration, the 360˚ microphone makes sure your voice is always heard clearly.
  • To provide plug-and-play convenience, it comes with standard USB-A or USB-C connectivity, cord storage, and a carrying case.
  • The device turns on automatically whenever it gets connected. It comes with clear visual indicators and controls for sending/receiving calls and controlling volume.
  • It comes with the multi-language voice alerts, along with a dynamic mute signal which keeps you up to date of your call status.
  • To provide seamless IT management, the Calisto 3200 comes with Plantronics Manager Pro. This software manages monitor usage. Headset inventory and maintain devices.

6. Sennheiser SP 30+ Speakerphone (508346):

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The Sennheiser speakerphone, as mentioned above, works as a desk, mobile phone, softphone, and mobile phone. It can support both small and medium-sized conferencing with a maximum of up to 8 people. Moreover, it can be used for personal and professional purposes. Now it is easy to set up a conference call instantly, irrespective of the location. Alternatively, you can use the device as a portion of a permanent conference room solution.

With the flexibility of Bluetooth or USB-C connectivity, you are benefitted with freedom and flexible connection options. A 3.5 mm USB cable is included in the pack. This cable provides plug and plays convenience. Moreover, it removes the need for pairing. It lets you easily connect your cell phones, tablets, and PCs.

Sennheiser has optimized this speakerphone for music and multimedia. So, you can expect the highest quality sound in any location. The crafting process is done from premium materials, easy cable winding, and secure dongle storage. The output guarantees a clean sound and natural conversation flow with exceptional voice clarity. A bed 800 USB dongle is included.


  • Inside the configuration, there is an ultra-low distortion speaker and two microphones included. These microphones support noise cancellation, echo cancellation, and advanced DSP algorithms. Moreover, they support long-range communication.
  • The precise voice reproduction enables a natural, conversational flow in any environment.
  • Mobile unified communications are helpful for professionals who are using Skype for their business. The same is also beneficial for people who need decent quality, consistent communication solutions.
  • It comes with easy USB-C plug and plays convenience. It also supports multi-point connectivity up to 3 devices and touches access to Voice Assistant.
  • The device allows setting up a spontaneous conference, or you can also share a call with superior quality sound.
  • It comes with up to 18 hours, manufacturer claimed, talk time.

5. Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker, GXD0T32973:

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If you are looking for a compact-sized speakerphone, go for this Lenovo speakerphone. Mentioned in the product name, it boasts a slim appearance and comes with great portability.

Due to the thin and lightweight structure, you can easily carry it along with it. It only weighs 0.32 lbs. With the help of removable wristbands, this small speakerphone can be easily carried on your travel trip. It is made thin and compact to fit inside your pocket conveniently. You can quickly bring it from your office to the airport or a business meeting. The included leather strap lets you use it on the go. Moreover, you can control it via the touch panel, Google Assistant, Siri, or Cortana.

This Bluetooth speaker is designed to deliver 360° sound quality. The output is defined by the crisp and clear, uninterrupted sound. This sound comes with versatile connection capabilities. For students, music enthusiasts, on-the-go professionals, and WFH users, this Bluetooth speakerphone is a great solution.


  • The included software and hardware work collectively to deliver crisp audio output. This output is provided in all directions, through the integrated quad speakers.
  • It comes with the future-proofed USB-C connectivity.
  • It supports NFC and a functional USB-C port to playback for optimal transfer speed and power.
  • Using USB-C or NFC connectivity, you can connect this device to your phone, desktop, laptop, computer, or gaming system.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity allows simultaneous connection of up to 2 devices. There is also support for Bluetooth audio codings like SBC or an AC or msbc.
  • The device can be fully charged in just 2 hours, and it comes with 8 hours of continuous playtime.
  • This speakerphone’s body is certified IPX2 splash-resistance.

4. Sennheiser SP 30 Wired or Wireless Speakerphone (508345):

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The Sennheiser SP 30 speakerphone mentioned in the present discussion is a portable wireless speakerphone. It is highly suitable for the current day’s mobile workforce. It can support both small and medium-sized conferencing. The maximum capacity is up to 8 people. Using this SP 30 speakerphone, it is possible to set up a conference call irrespective of the location instantly. Moreover, this device can be used as part of a permanent conference room solution.

What makes his Sennheiser speakerphone unique compared to the speakerphones from other brands in the choice of connectivity. It lets you choose between Bluetooth or USB-C connectivity. So, you are benefitted with flexible connection options. The unified mobile communications make sure this device is suitable for professionals who use Skype for business.

The crafting is done in a lightweight design, and premium materials are used. There are no hassles regarding cable winding. You can easily set up an impromptu conference, or you can share a call with superior quality sound. Whether for music listening, multimedia use, or professional usages, you can use this speakerphone to get the highest quality sound. You can use it as a speakerphone and as a wireless speaker.


  • It comes with a USB-C plug and plays convenience and multi-point connectivity. This feature allows you to set up to three devices plus and touch access to Voice Assistant.
  • The maximum talk-time is up to 18 hours. So, there are no interruptions during conversations.
  • It comes with excellent voice clarity and echoes canceling features to make sure the output has natural conversation flow.
  • There are microphones, and ultra-low distortion speaker included. These microphones cancel noise and echo. They come with advanced DSP algorithms.
  • It supports voice assistant through a one-touch button from the intuitive user interface.

3. Plantronics Calisto 3200 Portable Speakerphone with 360° Audio:

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Prepared in a compact design and equipped with portability, this speakerphone can be used for formal and informal applications. This USB speakerphone quickly transforms your PC into a wideband audio speakerphone. Despite its compact size, it packs enough power to deliver crystal-clear audio output.

An omnidirectional microphone with full 360-degree room coverage is included. It makes this device ideal for small workplaces. With the help of easy, intuitive controls, you can answer/reject, mute, and vary the volume of your calls. The dynamic quiet alert informs you if you attempt to talk when the device is muted.

This Plantronics speakerphone supports Microsoft Skype for business specifications that are optimized for group conferencing and softphone integration. Thus, your voice will always sound professional. You can easily connect this portable speakerphone to your PC via USB-C connection. A soft carrying case is included for secure storage and transportation.


  • The Calisto 3200 speakerphone provides excellent audio quality from 10 feet distance.
  • The 360° microphone makes sure you can always talk and listen to the audio.
  • With the help of standard USB-A or USB-C connectivity, this device offers plug-and-play convenience. The carrying case and cord storage add to this convenience.
    It is found compatible with both PC and Mac. There is no need to use extra power cords.
  • This portable speakerphone lets you choose the settings to personalize your headset with Plantronics Hub for desktop.
  • It lets you choose language setting, feature settings, mute, and call notifications. The Plantronics hub firmware updates keep your device up-to-date.
  • The built-in control panel lets you customize the settings.
  • This device works well for UC applications and compatible with softphones from Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, IBM, and more.
  • It allows you to control calls from multiple softphones.
  • The lock-down feature is useful in a small conference or huddle rooms.

2. eMeet M0 Conference with 360° Voice Pickup:

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The eMeet M0 speakerphone is designed to support 4 people for the conference. It is alternatively recognized as a conference phone. You can conduct a meeting for up to 4 people. Generally, this device is found suitable for the small or medium-sized meeting room. There are 4 AI microphones included. They support Skype calls and conference calls. The plug and play convenience is the key benefit of using this conference phone equipped with USB Type C (AUX) connectivity.

Taking a look at its appearance, it is made in a compact and portable design. This design allows you to put this device in your briefcase or pocket. There is no need to charge before using it. You can flawlessly conduct meetings wherever you go instantly. Also, you can pick up calls in a hands-free manner, anywhere, and anytime.

Whenever someone is talking, LED will instantly show the direction of the person. So, you can quickly know whether your sound gets picked up. The volume control, answer/end buttons, and microphone or speaker mute buttons are available. These buttons add to user convenience. A headphone plug is accessible. It assists you to keep the output private.


  • The eMeet conference M0 speakerphone incorporates 4 smart microphone arrays.
  • It comes implemented with Noise Reduction (NR) technology, Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AER), and VoiceIA audio algorithm. So, this speakerphone is optimized to listen and be listened to in any noisy environment.
  • The included speaker and microphone can receive the sound with 360-degree audio coverage.
  • The full-duplex audio support generates a rich sound, just like the real conversation.
  • This conference speakerphone is optimized for UC experience. It can be set up in seconds; no need for driver installation.
  • It is compatible with UC systems and VoIP clients.
  • It can support applications like Google Hangout, Skype, FaceTime, Avaya, Cisco, etc.
  • With plug and play convenience, you can connect your smartphone or PC or laptop with USB-C connectivity.

1. PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone from Anker, for Home & Office:

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The Anker PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone is famous for its capability to pick up voice from all directions. All the 6 microphones in its configuration are organized in a 360° array. They can effectively pick up sounds from any direction. With the set up of this wireless speakerphone, you can connect up to 8 people in a meeting or conference. You get the freedom to walk around while simultaneously conducting calls in a hands-free manner. The device always delivers loud, clear quality voice to make sure the conference or meeting is organized flawlessly.

Due to the deep voice pick up range, it is not necessary to sit in one place while you talk. This conference speakerphone supports all the popular online conferencing services. These include Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, Facetime, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Chromebox, etc. There would be no fatigue while listening or talking. It also optimizes the voices on the other end to allow you to hear them. A lightweight travel case is included. It protects PowerConf when you are traveling or walking around. A USB-C cable is included in the pack.


  • The PowerConf speakerphone comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
  • The optimized volume and clarity automatically stabilize the sound of your voice.
  • It comes with 24 hours of call time.
  • The built-in 6700mAh battery makes sure the speakerphone can work all day without requiring frequent charging.
  • The implemented Anker PowerIQ technology enables you to charge other devices using this speakerphone.
  • The custom DSP algorithm and Smart Voice Enhancement offers echo cancellation up to 70 dB. The background noise is reduced by 20db.
  • With the help of universal compatibility and instant setup and Connect, you can connect a phone via Bluetooth or using a USB-C cable.

Concluding Note:

These USB C speakerphones are noted options for their capability to pick up voice from any direction. They present bright quality sound output without noise distraction. With the help of multiple connectivity options, all these speakerphones are compatible with almost all smartphones and PCs. Most of them are compatible with all leading online conferencing services.

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