Cowin e7 vs Taotronics TT-BH22 vs BH040

Cowin e7 vs Taotronics TT-BH22 vs BH040 Specifications Comparison

The low budget Bluetooth headphone arena has been one of the most more comprehensive options and has been considered to be one of the much-preferred range for the best among the headphones. Among the best options available for the range of headphones, we will make a comparison between the Cowin e7 vs Taotronics TT-BH22 vs BH040 and understand what they offer you.

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Cowin E7

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Cowin may not be a brand you may or may not have heard about. However, it has been one of the best options for the Bluetooth headphones that offer a high-end active noise cancellation performance. You have access to the 40 mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth connectivity, and NFC makes it a great package from almost every standard.

The Cowin E7 comes with rounded and more extensive options that would fit inside your ear pads. This makes them quite comfortable to use for almost all your long duration listening pleasure. Available in Blue, black, red, and white color variants, the headphones can be purchased in an active noise cancellation functionality and without it.

The headphones come with a host of other extra features and functionalities. The headphones come with active noise cancellation and the options for both wired and wireless connectivity.

The other added functionalities include NFC and Quick charge compatibility. The device comes equipped with full compatibility with Android and iOS device.

The Cowin E7 offers you an excellent bass performance. You will have access to a superb mid-bass and sub-bass performance. If you are looking for the sound isolation options, you will find that the effects are quite noticeable. You would find that the surrounding sound will be powerfully subdued.

How about comfort levels? The size and depth of the ear cups would make them much comfortable than the average sized options among the Bluetooth headphones.

The Pros

  • The availability of NFC, Bluetooth, and active noise canceling are made available at a fraction of the price charged for the other high-end headphones.
  • Stronger and punchy bass performance.
  • Highly efficient equalizer performance.
  • Best possible noise isolation.

The Cons

  • Sound leaks are observed in a few cases
  • Highs are a little darker and may not suit audiophiles always.

Taotronics TT – BH22

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The best possible performance, enhanced comfort levels, and longer battery life are what would make it a great choice by almost every standard. Of course, the noise cancellation functionality is what would ideally make it stand apart from most other requirements.

The headphones take a cue from the Bose QuietComfort headphones. However, the build quality is not exactly up to the mark. Almost all the parts are made of plastic, and that is something you may not be comfortable with  – especially when you are trying to show off the headphones among your friends. However, the headband and ear cups come with the leather design. Though the plastic build may not be something you will be in love with, it offers you a comfortable design because of the lightweight design provided by the device.

The foldability is one of the best options that make it quite comfortable to carry. It also comes with a carrying case, which is one of the best additions you would want to fall in love with. You will have access to a punchy bass and a slightly recessed midrange. Even the soundstage performance may not be comfortable enough. The overall feeling of a full audio effect would make it quite satisfying enough.

Do note that the speakers appear quite mediocre when the ANC option is turned off. While you would hasten to think that ANC is much needed for the proper functionality of headphones, it may be interesting to note that the headphones work efficiently when used in the wired mode with the ANC turned off. That would mean the wireless tuning has some issue and that is precisely what would make them work inefficiently with ANC off and wireless mode.

You have a battery life of around 25 hours as per the rating. However, in actual usage, you would approximately 20 hours of battery life. This should be equivalent to the battery backup offered by the headphones worth double its price.

The Pros

  • An incredible price range for the features you tend to get
  • The sound signature is quite useful.
  • An amazing battery life.

The Cons

  • Noise cancellation is not up to the mark.
  • Performance is not impressed with the ANC turned off
  • The build is not worthy of being referred to as reliable enough.

Taotronics TT- BH040

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They are the affordable Bluetooth headphones and work almost equivalent to the high-end headphones as well. They come with full-size cups and offer you a partly metal construction. Great battery life and excellent noise cancellation are a few features that should make it a great choice to go with.

Of course, you may not find them impressive when compared to the reviews available over the internet. However, if you are on a tighter budget, the headphones may be the right choice by almost your requirements. The strength of the brand lies in the fact that the brand is known to offer high-end performance at an affordable price point.

In terms of the looks, the headphones resemble the high-end options among Bluetooth headphones like Sony WH-1000XM3, Beats Studio 3, and B&O Play H7. Of course, you may not find the similar high end features apart from the looks though. Most of the headphone is plastic, but you will find the Aluminium over the ear cups. The beveled Aluminium design is yet another excellent look.

The ANC switch comes with a small LED thus letting you know if you have left the feature on when it is not needed. The features offered by the headphones are much more impressive than its pricing. You have Bluetooth connectivity, an active noise cancellation, an integrated microphone, and a high battery life performance.

The battery life expected from the device is a whopping 20 to 30 hours. This high degree of performance in terms of battery performance may be due to the advanced Bluetooth chip technology.

You do not have access to NFC functionality or the apt-X features available on the headphones.

The sound quality is quite impressive enough. Of course, you cannot expect a razor-sharp level of bass performance, but they can be good enough for the inoffensive kind of listening.

The Pros

  • The wireless functionality offered by the headphones is quite practical and powerful enough
  • A right comfort level for an enhanced experience.
  • A great price.

The Cons

  • The sound performance may not be at par with the price
  • Noise-canceling should have been a little better.

The Comparison: Cowin e7 vs Taotronics TT-BH22 vs BH040

Let us compare the three headphones based on a few key features. This should help us arrive at the best possible comparison of the features.

The Design

The foldability offered by the BH 022 should make it one of the best options you would want to opt for. Neither BH040 or Cowin E7 comes with this feature. Lack of folding design may be one of the enormous drawbacks.

If you are looking for the comfortability options, Cowin E7 should offer you a rich functionality. Using it for prolonged hours should not be a significant issue as such. All of them almost come with the plastic build, and that may be something that may make it a little uncomfortable.

Battery Performance

The battery performance across the three devices should be comfortable enough, and one of the best options for use with any of your needs. The 600 mAh battery capacity on the Cowin E7 should provide you access to the best performance in terms of the battery capacity. You will have access to around 30 hours of back up under ideal conditions.

The battery capacity offered by the Taotronics TT-BH040 and TT BH022 should make it one of the best options and provides you access to around 22 to 25 hours of backup function. The BH 040 may be an excellent option in terms off battery capacity it should provide you with a backup capability of over a day or two.

The Sound Quality

The Cowin E7 provides you with a more in-depth and more extended bass experience. The vocals would be impressive enough, while the instrumental lovers may be uncomfortable with the boomy bass. For the rest of the products we are discussing, the BH 040 would be a better option when compared to the BH 022. The issues we faced with the turned off ANC can be something to be worried about. We assume the manufacturer will address this concern soon in the upcoming versions.

If you are looking for the ANC compatibilities, the Cowin E7 may be a good option in comparison to the ones from Taotronics.

The Comparison Chart: Cowin e7 vs Taotronics TT-BH22 vs BH040

Here is a side by side comparison chart for the best features offered by each of the competing headphones. This head-on comparison can help arrive at the best features you would want to check out –

Features / Particulars

Cowin E7

Taotronics TT BH022

Taotronics TT – BH040

Headphone typeOver the earOver the earOver the year
Active Noise cancellationYesYesYes
Foldable designNoYesNo
Carry CaseYesYesYes
Quick charge functionalityNoNoNo
Bluetooth version4.14.24.2
Battery backup30 hours25 hours20 hours

The Concluding Thoughts

That was a formidable comparison between the best features and functions offered by the three competing Bluetooth headphones. The design is something that is found to be similar across all three of them. It is only the looks that would appear to be similar to the high-end devices. Given the price band of the headphones, you would find the functionality slightly limited in more ways than one.

In any case, the comparison here should provide you access to a better understanding of the three headphones and have an in-depth analysis of their features. Check out the features and functionalities underlined here and share your experiences with us.

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