AKG K240 vs Superlux HD668B
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AKG K240 vs Superlux HD668B Headphones Specifications Comparison

If you are looking for semi-open, over the ear Professional Studio Headphones, check out our AKG K240 vs Superlux HD668B comparison.

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The music enthusiasts looking to adopt a high-quality gear for comfortable listening experience can go for the AKG K240 headphones or the Superlux HD668B headphones. Both these headphones are standard gear for availing symphonic listening experience.

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You can comfortably listen to music or DJ for short or long periods as per your comfort. Both these headphone models are presented at the affordable price tag as compared to the features offered.

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It is necessary to make a proper comparison between these two headphone models to make sure your investment is worthy. Aspects like sound quality, dimensions, accessories, fit, interface, durability and many more need to be considered before purchasing the one. Let’s look at the details of the AKG K240 headphones and the Superlux HD668B headphones and then their comparison:

Comparison of AKG K240 and Superlux HD668B:

AKG K240

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Superlux HD668B

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Model Year20082011
Dimensions19 x 20.1 x 10.9 cm10.6 x 18.8 x 20 cm
Weight240 grams222 grams
Headphone typeSemi-openSemi-open
Audio Frequency range10 – 30,000 Hz10 – 30,000 Hz
Additional FeaturesOn-EarOver-ear
Impedance56 Ohms56 Ohms
Headphone sensitivity104 dB SPL98 dB SPL
Max. Input Power200 mW300 mW
Included cables3 meters detachable cableCables: 1-meter (3.3 ft.) & 3-meter (9.8 ft.) straight, single-sided; plug-in cable on headphones (mini stereo connector)
Connector typewired-3.5mm single pinwired-3.5mm single pin
EarpadsCup style ear padsLeatherette ear pads
Microphone Form FactorWithout MicrophoneWith Microphone
Batteries IncludedNoNo
Batteries RequiredNoNo

AKG K240:

The AKG K240 Studio headphones depict a classic design which has now turned out to be a standard in monitoring. It presents a professional level of performance essentially for the home studio. This headphone model is the latest, lower impedance 55-ohm version headphone model.

It intends to offer outstandingly higher volume level whenever it used in conjunction with keyboards, portable studios, drum machines, and several other project studio accessories. This indirectly implies how good this headphone is concerning compatibility.

In order to present clear sound quality, naturally, the AKG K240 headphone comes with an integrated semi-open air design. Besides, its structure features circumaural (around-the-ear) pads to present long hours of wearing comfort. To achieve an optimal fit, this model of headphone is self-adjusting.

The K240 studio headphone represents detailed and clean mids and highs. These mids and highs assist in enhancing the overall sound quality and clarity. From this headphone, the vocals sound and guitars sound are perfect. You will find that the cymbals and wind instruments would sound perfect. Availability of the speed and detail resolution at the high notes is exceptional.

Their performance resembles that of very expensive headphones. The greatness of this K240 headphone goes to the semi-open design, and also the soundstage floats softly around your head. Whenever you’re looking for an affordably priced critical/ analytical listening pair of headphones, these semi-open headphones are perfect.


  • The frequency range supported is 15 Hz to 25,000 Hz.
  • It can support stereo (1/8-inch minijack and 1/4-inch) connections.
  • The AKG K240 headphone comes with the low, 55 Ohm impedance.
  • Its semi-open design offers a substantial bass range and clear highs.
  • Presence of the over-ear pads surround the ears decently to make sure you feel comfortable while wearing.
  • There is the availability of a professional mini XLR connector to facilitate instant replacement of the cable.
  • The included 3 meters cable offers a convertible jack plug for effortlessly connecting portable devices.
  • Its audio interface type is stereo plug – 3.5mm with 6.3 Mm screw-on adapter.

Superlux HD668B:

The HD668B is referred to as a semi-open dynamic headphone with the sound quality capable of meeting the needs of professional recording studios. The high definition and balanced sound of this headphone model make sure that a professional sound engineer can confidently mix down the music or can carry out post-production effectively.

This headphone’s patented well-built headband structure presents long-lasting durability irrespective of the external environment. Its structure is made lightweight, and the optimized mechanical pressure assures wearing comfort for long-term.  For personal or professional use, you can make use of the different cables included inside the headphone’s package.

They assist in getting the high-quality sound output reliably. In simple terms, the Superlux HD668B delivers natural and balanced sound, with high clarity and high resolution.

With the help of a generous soundstage courtesy of this headphone’s semi-open design and a proper balance over all the levels, this headphone precisely delivers the best listening experience. There would not be the addition of fuzz or decay. The bass packs do not dominate the mix. Also, the mids are sharp and accurate. It is found that the highs would never approach sibilance.

Superlux was capable of delivering clear and compelling performance in this HD668B headphone model. It comes with well-stocked accessories, clear sound output, and the minimalist design at an affordable price tag.


  • The cups of the Superlux HD668B headphones are made huge, and they are equipped with pivoting movements.
  • Its included earpads are designed in a circular shape like the cups and as big as them. Thus, they are fully capable of fitting any different ears sizes.
  • The headband pads are comfortable and self-adjusting.
  • It is seamlessly compatible with Android and Apple devices.
  • The HD668B model is equipped with two removable straight cables. Its short cable has a length of 1-meter, and it is found suitable for the personal sound source on-the-move applications. On the other hand, the long cable has a range of 3-meter and ideal for professional monitoring applications.
  • Its included cables can be connected collectively for even more distance if needed.


The AKG K240 headphones possess cutting-edge XXL transducers capable of generating enhanced sensitivity and high sound levels. On the other hand, the Superlux HD668B headphones upkeep a balanced and high definition sound quality to uniquely fulfill your mixing needs. Whichever headphones you choose among the two, you are assured of excellent sound quality, comfortable fit, and the decent listening experience overall.

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