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Best Noise canceling USB Type C Earphones & Earbuds Google Pixel 3

Before we talk about noise canceling USB Type C Earphones, let’s talk about the interface first!

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USB Type C interface was launched in 2014, but it is yet to become a mainstream device interface. With the USB Type C interface being used as a standard option on Google Pixel phones, we would expect the genre to produce a few grand options in the days to come. We went through a frenzied search for the best USB Type C headphones that offer a noise canceling feature and found a few exciting choices. If you are one of those like us, we present you the best options you can try on your new shining Google Pixel 3.

Noise Canceling USB Type C Earphones

The USB Type C interface was one of the most unique and innovative concepts to hit the smartphone arena. The idea behind the USB Type C was to replace all the ports on smartphone and use a much smaller port that would handle all the essential duties.

By design, the USB Type C port is meant to replace charging ports, display ports, the USB Type A and B ports and use a single port for all those activities. These smaller ports would be used for a variety of activities like charging, data transfer, and even video input.

A few advantages that the UB type C ports offer include

  • Faster bidirectional charging.
  • Smaller and symmetrical design
  • Assured faster data transfers
  • It can replace HDMI, USB and all other ports in the future.
  • Backward compatibility.

When we consider them regarding the headphones and earphones, they offer added advantages like excellent sound quality, multiple functionalities and lack of need for battery unlike the Bluetooth headphones or other battery-powered wired earphones.

Having understood the importance of USB Type C earphones and the advantages that they come with, let us now dwell into a few good USB Type C earphones with noise canceling.


Best Noise Canceling USB Type C Earphones

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Given its price tag, the LIBRATONE Q ADAPT USB-C In-Ear earphone offers you exceptional performance. The product is best optimized for working with your Google products.

One of the features that impressed us is the CityMix ANC that helps you opt for a customized noise-canceling functionality. That would mean you can adjust the level of active noise cancellation on your earphones. You can even disable it or set it to hear a certain level of the surrounding noise.

Regarding the features and functionality that it offers, we would consider them the best fit for your Google Pixel 3 or for that matter any of your Google products. Not that they will not work with other products with the USB Type C implementation, but the performance may be somewhat limited. The sales packages consist of four pairs of ear tips made of silicon, one pair of ear hooks for the sports freaks and a carrying pouch.

If you are looking at the functionality, they offer you four buttons and an easy to use the feature. You can also activate Google Assistant with one of the buttons. The AANC levels can control with noise canceling at 20, 40, 70 and 90 percent depending upon your preferences. And yes, we forgot to mention that they come with  IPX4 splash-proof rating and thus can be best suited for Athletes and sportspersons.

2. Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones

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These earphones come with AANC functionality and are available with the Xiaomi range of smartphones. However, they are not proprietary as a few options available in the market tend to be.

You can use the Xiaomi Mi ANC Earphones with most of the USB Type C enabled devices, and that should include your Google Pixel 3 as well. However, there can be a few compatibility issues, and it would be advisable to check if it indeed works with your device. The earphones are available only in black and come in a sales package that consists of the headphones, four pairs of tips of different sizes, two pairs of hooks and a carrying pouch.

The build quality is impressive with a titanium coating. The accompanying cable is 48 inches long and should be ideal for most of your needs. The ANC functionality is controlled with the aid of four buttons and is indicated through the ANC LED. These controls are located in the middle of the cable and can be easy to use.

The earphones are quite impressive regarding looks. However, some of you may not like the angular tips provided. The ANC functionality may be a little imperfect for some of us. At low volume outside noise, they tend to be excellent, but may not work as expected if high pitched sounds surround you.

The earphones have been found to work efficiently with Pixel devices, but you should note that they have officially been tested with Xiaomi devices.

3. Essential HD USB-C Noise Isolating Earphones

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Made specifically for the Essential range of smartphones, the Essential HD USB-C Noise Isolating Earphones are compatible with most of the devices enabled with USB Type C connectivity.

The earphones are indeed well built, and have an excellent appearance and look – but the price can be a deterring factor. They are undoubtedly one of the overpriced earphones you may come across. You may get them only in the grey color option, and the sales package offers three pairs of ear tips for different ear sizes. The earphones indeed fit well enough. They are built with Aluminium alloy and have sturdy construction.

The Essential HD USB-C Noise Isolating Earphones come with a single multifunction button that can be used to answer or end calls, play or pause music or to activate/deactivate Google Assistant. It leaks sound at high volumes. The noise isolation functionality is not up to the mark. In essence, we found the earphone falling short of expectation, especially with an expensive price tag.

4. JBL Reflect Aware C In-Ear Earphones

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The credit for the creation of the first ever USB Type CC earphone should go to JBL. They came up with a USB Type C earphone long back in 2015, and we don’t know why – they just stopped launching any new option in the genre.

The earphones were explicitly developed for the HTC10 but can work with other HTC devices and other products employing USB Type C interface. That includes Google Pixel smartphones as well. The earphones come with a good performance regarding ANC functionality and reliable audio performance. They can also be one of the best options for the sports lovers.

The sales package looks premium to a large extent. You get three pairs of ear tips, three pairs of hooks and a carrying pouch. You may buy them in two color options – black and white. The price tag is a little on the heavier side. We would even go to the extent of considering them overpriced given the performance they offer when compared to the pricing.

The earphone comes with enough number of control options. There are two buttons for volume control, one multifunction button ( for play/pause, receive/end calls and skip/play a song) and one ANC button. You can adjust the noise cancellation levels too anyone that you would prefer. You have three levels to choose when it comes to ANC. However, the ANC performance is not perfect. It can isolate the low-frequency noises, but will not be able to do it at high pitched sounds.

The earphones are sweatproof but do not offer any sort of waterproof or splash proof properties. This is yet another feature we missed given the price tag of the product.

Any Other Options?

Well, there aren’t many earphones available that would support USB Type C with ANC technology. Even when we could find a few good options, a host of them lacked the noise cancellation. We assume the earphones we picked here should ideally meet all your requirements to a favorite extent.

And yes, if you are unable to find a good USB Type C earphone – but in awe of a few ones that do not offer you the interface, you can opt for a USB Type C to 3.5 mm dongles. These can help you connect any of your favorite earphones with your Google Pixel. There are several options available in this genre, but discussing them would be beyond the scope of this post.

The Concluding Thoughts

That was all we had for a right earphone that would offer you a combination of noise cancellation and a USB Type C interface. Given the fact that the USB Type C is still believed to be the technology of the future, we did not find many manufacturers paying attention to the genre.

Check out the earphones we have listed in this compilation and opt for the one that best meets your requirements and expectations. We will keep updating this compilation as and when we come across any new options in the sphere of USB Type C earphones with noise cancellation functionality.

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