Ausdom ANC 7 vs ANC 8 Specifications Comparison Headphone Review

Ausdom ANC 7 vs ANC 8 Specifications Comparison Headphone Review

Confused between the Ausdom ANC 7 vs ANC 8? If you are a real music lover, the first characteristic that you would look in a headphone is noise cancellation. In this article, we are going to objectively compare two over the ear headphones that are going to suck the hums and rumbles of day to day life and will make sure that you enjoy your music without cracking volume to ear-damaging levels.

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Ausdom ANC 7 vs ANC 8 – Comparison

Let us compare our two favorite ANC headphones side by side. Ausdom is recognized for their innovative product development in the audio section in the budget category.

Ausdom ANC7 vs ANC8


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Headphone TypeHeadbandHeadphone
MicYes, InlineYes, Inline
Remote Buttonanswer/end calls, Resume Musicanswer/end calls, Resume Music
ConnectivityWired 3.5 mm & Bluetooth 4.0Wired 3.5 mm & Bluetooth 4.0
Frequency Response20Hz-20000Hz20Hz-20000Hz
Sensitivity93±3 dB/mW95 dB/mW
Resistance32 ohms32 Ohm
Cord Length1.2 meter1.2 meter
Speaker Diameter40 mm40 mm
Support Apt-XYesNo
Wireless Range33-Foot33-Foot
Volume ControlYesYes

Ausdom ANC 7

Design: ANC7 is designed in a lightweight Carbon-fiber that is combined with a custom fit supra-aural soft earmuffs. The earmuffs are elegantly painted with artificial protein leather. The artificial protein leather is designed to resemble human skin texture, which helps in providing warmth for a longer duration. The inline remote is very handy in taking the hands-free calls and resume your music with no obstruct.

Performance: Ausdom has attempted its best to give the best performance in its latest version of ANC7. Users found the active noise-cancellation to be extremely useful in killing out ambient noises. It’s possible to use the noise-cancellation trait for up to 25 hours per battery charge, but some may be able to squeeze more time.

Connectivity and Battery: The Ausdom ANC7 can be used both wired via 3.5 mm audio-cable and premium Apt-X Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity. The superior Bluetooth technology helps in streaming the music very fast to your headphones from your PC, smartphone, tablet & more and the range is 33-Foot.

When it comes to battery, it has a built-in 400mAh Lion rechargeable battery. It charges rapidly in 2 hours, and it provides for up to 18 hours of constant music playback or up to 18 hours of continuous talk time on a single charge. An additional audio cable cord is also included so you can connect the headphones manually.

Pros: ANC7 is an affordable budget friendly cohesive unit that has all the essential embedded technologies making it a unique headphone from Ausdom. It has all features that can balance design, features, and sound profile delicately, and excels at it all.
The other part which we liked is its cost. It is priced at around $80; it’s a fantastic deal based on its astounding build quality, feature set, and lively sound. You’re getting a finely-tuned set of headphones that provide over 25 hours of outstanding noise-canceling performance with a single charge astonishing.

Cons: It lacks in lows and bass. Also, it would have been great if it comes with few color options and less bulky size & supports NFC.

In Conclusion –

The Ausdom ANC7 bring out nothing but the best in music & it is a marvelous piece of technology. Not only it delivers mind-blowing music whenever you use it, but also the ANC will make you stick to it. If you’re serious about the sound output and want to hear your favorite music and games in a new way, & if you want the best set of noise-canceling headphones and that to everything below the price range of $100, then Ausdom ANC7 is for you.

Ausdom ANC 8

Design: From an overall build quality perspective, these are nice. They’re not rickety; they don’t make weird creaking noises when you’re using or adjusting them. The ear cups are made of a comfortable protein leather, and they pivot 90 degrees which help you get a comfortable fit.

Adjusting the headphone size by the sliding click adjustments is easy. I like that once you have them changed, they do an excellent job of staying in place and not sliding in and out. However, it can almost be quite tricky adjusting them with one hand, and the corners are a little sharp on the edges next to where you put your fingers to slide them so that can feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re not careful.

Performance: The sound quality of the ANC8 is, unfortunately, the most disappointing aspect of these headphones. This was partly because I had a better experience from some of their other headphones and because at this price point, I expect a little more.

What’s most apparent is a lack of audio clarity. The listening experience is flatter and somewhat withdrawn sounding, so you’re not able to get an emotional experience from your music. It feels a bit like you’re listening to your music from behind a curtain. So you end up feeling like your yearning the life, feeling and details you’re used to hearing. There is some bass response, and it’s ok, but again, there’s just nothing exhilarating here in how the bass is presented.

Connectivity and Battery: 

Included with the ANC8 is a lightweight, compact carrying case, that’s reasonably durable and helps to make these headphones are great for travel. Also included is a 3.5mm cable which allows you to use these as wired-headphones (and thus you can use them when they’re not charged or when the battery has run out). Finally, there’s also a micro USB cable which is what you use to charge these headphones. It has a 400mAh lithium-ion battery for non-stop music.

Pros:  There is an updated CRS chip for easy paring and stable connection. Stereo sound quality makes it a choice for a category of music lovers. The advanced noise cancellation technology is no doubt most valuable feature. Premium leather quality for ear cups and headband makes it a comfy choice. It can be used as both wireless and wired headphone.

Cons: Few users feel little uncomfortable after a long period of usage, and the overall sound output is just “Flat.”


Ultimately, the priority that you place on sound quality will determine whether you should consider these headphones or not. If sound quality is your top priority and you want as much sound quality for your money as possible, then you’ll probably want to pass on these.

However, if you’re not overly picky about your listening experience and if the feature set of these headphones is appealing, then these could be a reasonable choice. And this price point certainly puts these in an affordable place for many people. So from that standpoint, these could be an excellent choice.

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