Skullcandy Titan vs Klipsch S3M vs Sony MDR-XB50AP

Compare Skullcandy Titan vs Klipsch S3M vs Sony MDR-XB50AP Specs

If you like Earbuds with powerful Bass, then you would like our Skullcandy Titan vs Klipsch S3M vs Sony MDR-XB50AP comparison. This is because all three of these offer powerful bass at affordable price points.

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If you love music, your personal earphones would be what should help you enjoy your favorite music or listen to the content that you adore. If you are confused between the host of options available in the genre, the comparison here between the three of the most potent earphones should ideally be one of the excellent choices ever.

In today’s post, we will undertake a comparison between three of the most efficient options in the mid-range earphones category. Let us review and compare Skullcandy Titan, Klipsch S3M, and Sony MDR- XB50AP in this post and check out the best features offered by each of them. That should ideally help you make the right choice.

Skullcandy Titan vs Klipsch S3M vs Sony MDR-XB50AP – Comparison Table


Skullcandy Titan

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Klipsch S3M

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Driver12 mm dynamic – Dome type5.8mm Full Range KG 15
Power Output100mW100 mW
IMPEDANCE (OHM)16 Ohms16 Ohm (1kHz)18 Ohms
FREQUENCY RESPONSE20Hz – 20kHz4-24,000Hz12Hz-18kHz
SENSITIVITIES (DB/MW)106 dB/mW, 110 dB/mW106dB
PLUGGold-Plated 3.5mm Stereo Mini PlugFour-conductor gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini-jack – 3.5mm3.5mm
DIAPHRAGMPETDynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
Weight0.28 oz11 grams, 0.24 oz

Skullcandy Titan – An Overview

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An excellent pair of efficient and sturdy earbuds, the Skullcandy Titan, can be something that can be tossed around, and you can safely forget. Well, what we mean by that is they are one of the sturdy options that won’t get damaged easily.

An excellent pair of massive bass performance, the earbuds are quite well built. If you are someone who loves a truly efficient and effective build quality along with a considerably longer service life, the Skullcandy Titan should be the right option for you.

From the design point of view, you would fall in love with the all-metal construction. The earbuds also come with a metallic case, which again is sturdy and well built. They would offer you a look that resembles the industrial earbuds. The earbuds are available in six different colors viz black, chrome, copper, magenta/grey, red, and white. The stripped cable is unique and looks quite beautiful on an earbud.

Like we have always made it clear, the metal construction should make it a great choice in terms of build quality. There aren’t, however, strain relievers available on the earbuds. But, that does not necessarily reduce the usability of the capability of the earbuds. The cable is quite durable when you compare it to the other earbuds and headphones in a similar range. As long as you are not extremely tormenting it, the earbuds should continue to offer you an excellent performance ever. The earbuds also come with silicone gel ear tips. They are competent enough to isolate the noise to a reasonable extent and helps you keep the earbuds in place.

The sound performance is one of the best in its class. The bass is quite powerful. The rhythm of the music is quite deeper, louder, and much exciting at its core. Sub-bass frequencies, however, are not much impressive. The earbuds can let you listen to any genre of music rather comfortably.

If you are too keen on music, which is why you are here reading this review, you will find the mids are a little recessed. The high frequencies do not appear to be entirely accurate. If you are too analytical, you will find it a little uncomfortable only if you are music connoisseur par excellence.

Ideally, the earbuds should provide a pleasing experience for most of the listeners. The mainstream sound signature offered by the earbuds should ideally make it one of the excellent options for a majority of music lovers out there.


  • The built n microphone should be an excellent option for taking calls.
  • A mighty bass
  • Comfortable for long listening hours


  • No strain relievers.

Sony MDR-XB50AP – An excellent option for Extra bass

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If you have been a regular user of the budget or low-end headphones, and looking to climb up the ladder, the Sony MDR- XB50AP should be one of the excellent options you would want to go with. Of course, they may be slightly expensive, but the high price is justified – thanks to its music and audio quality. Excellent bass response is what should ideally make it one of the most preferred options ever.

Coming from Sony, you can expect a genuinely perfect build quality on the headphones and the Y-shaped wires. You do not need to worry when using them while running, jogging, or even exercising. The lightweight construction is what would make it one of the top options as a workout companion if you are a fitness freak. A perfect bass performance coupled with lightweight construction is what offers an ideal mixture for the fitness enthusiasts.

A combination of metal design with plastic accents is what should ideally make it one of the most exceptional choices ever. The design appeals both in terms of build quality and appearance. For the best possible comfort levels, you get access to hybrid silicone earbuds.

The 1.2-meter flat cord should be yet another excellent option that should be helpful in more ways than one in reducing the tangled wires. You also have access to a built-in microphone that should be useful in a perfect hands-free conversation. A small button that aids the music playback control should be yet another great inclusion.

The bass is powerful, as we have already found out. Still, you would also find it offering you exceptional performance in reproducing the sub-bass sounds quite effectively without any sort of distortion. That is something we have always come to expect from a Sony earbud. The bass is good enough, and there is no creeping in terms of reproducing quality mids.

However, you would experience a little lack of detail in the higher part of the frequency spectrum. Of course, there is a good possibility that you would not notice it during an ordinary course of listening to your music. One of the best options we found with the headphones is that it offers you exceptional noise isolation. That should make it one of the great choices for traveling.


  • Extremely comfortable experience.
  • The cable that does not tangle at all.
  • A perfect build quality
  • Louder voice clarity


  • Sound detail is a little limited.

Klipsch S3M – An exceptional Set of Buds

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The headphones are made available in multiple color options that include black, white, red, blue, and jade. The earphones are made of plastic material in its entirety and do not contain any trace of metal. That should be quite acceptable given the fact that the earphones are made for budget users.

Convenient functionality, affordable pricing, and conservative stylish are a few excellent options you would find quite significant performance indicators. The funky design and traditional styling are what would ideally make it one of the much-favored options.

The rubberized cable extension from each of earbuds should provide you access to good stereo indicators. The single button control microphone should be one of the best options you would find rather impressive.

The comfortability levels offered by the platform would ideally make it one of the exceptional options ever. The perfectly tailored driver arms and silicone ear tips would be one of the excellent choices for your needs.

As for the sound quality, you can be assured of quite a good and brilliant clarity of efficiency. The clarity offered is one of the best when it comes to inexpensive and low-cost earphones. You can experience a perfect degree of mid-range and upper bass regions of the musical spectrum.


  • A high level of clarity and instrument separation
  • A highly affordable price
  • A comfortable and funky design


  • The midrange may appear a little anemic.

Which among them would we recommend you to go with?

Well, each of those three capable headphones come with their features and functions worthy of mentioning. The Klipsch is, obviously, at the lower end of the spectrum and provides you access to a better degree of efficacy given its affordable pricing. Of course, you would not be able to compare it to the more high-end options out there.

The Sony MDR – XB50AP is one of the perfect options, in the long run, thanks to the high-end functionality and extra bass efficiency that it offers you. The metal construction and extreme durability are the other two features that should take you ahead.

Well, that is all we have concerning the best among the three competing earphones. Check them out and pick the one that best meets your requirements. That would perhaps help you make the right choice based on what features you would want to go with.

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