Beats EP vs. JBL E55BT

Beats EP vs. JBL E55BT Over Ear Headphone Specifications Comparison

Both Beats and JBL are known for their excellent quality music entertainment accessories. Their products vary from headphones, headsets, wireless speakers, Bluetooth waterproof accessories and more revolving around music. JBL is a well-established brand and this field and has managed to earn the respect of the buyers. Many JBL fans would consider it waste of time to compare anything with the JBL products, thanks to the remarkable quality they deliver. However, it’s not that every JBL product can beat any product by any brand. Today, we are comparing two headphones by Beats and JB (Beats EP vs. JBL E55BT):

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Beats EP vs. JBL E55BT

We will be looking at technical details and specifications of both products side-by-side, so it would be easy for you to understand the significant differences between these two products and determine which suits best for your requirements and budget. So without any further discussion, here we begin the comparison:


SpecificationJBL E55BT

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Beats EP (Black)

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Packaged Quantity11
Body Material Not specifiedStainless Steel
Height7.04 inches8.3 inches
Weight8.32 oz9.17 Oz
ManufacturerHarmanBeats by Dre

The basics thing first. Beats by Dre manufactures “Beats EP,” and Harman makes the JBL E55BT. Beats EP comes with the stainless steel body, providing it with the impressive slick look with a sturdy build. As far as look is considered, Black and White color scheme suits it the best. Still, it’s more of a personal choice. On the other hand, we are not sure what material JBL is built with. The body is wrapped entirely in clock life material, making it hard to figure out, we are expecting fiber build though. This model is coming in blue color.

Talking about the weight, JBL E55BT is lighter (just a bit lighter) compared to Beast EP and shorter as well. I like lighter and shorter models when it comes to headphones and headsets. However, there is not much difference here in weight of these two models so that you can go with either one. Being wireless is a high plus point for JBL. You will have to take care of charging batteries, but you will get rid of the cord.


SpecificationJBL E55BT

Beats EP (Black)

Headphones Form FactorCircumauralSupraaural
Sound Output ModeStereoStereo
In-Cord Volume ControlNoYes
Connectivity WirelessWired
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 4.0 connectivityNo wireless connectivity

You can see the big difference between these two headphones when it comes to forming factor. JBL E55BT is a circum-aural headphone. If you do not know what circum-aural headphone is, they are over-ear headphones with large caps, totally enveloping your ears and sealing them. It helps the headphone to deliver great bass quality and reduce external noise. On the other hand, Beats EP has Supra-aural headphone, which is simply on-ear headphones coming with small ear pads, pressing against your ears. These are usually smaller, lighter and less costly.

However, these models seem an exception according to this theory. As described before, JBL E55BT is wireless headphone utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 technology for connectivity. As there is no cord, there is no question of on-cord volume control, while Beats EP is a wired headphone with on-cord volume controls function.

Remote Control

SpecificationJBL E55BT

Beats EP (Black)

Audio ControlsRemote Controlanswer/end, volume
ControlsRemote ControlVolume, answer/end


SpecificationJBL E55BT

Beats EP (Black)

Connector TypeMini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4 polemini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-pole

As the table shows, Beats EP allows controlling volume and answer/ reject/end calls remotely from connected devices. On the other side, JBL E55BT also provides remote control using the connected device. However, they haven’t specified exactly what remote control functions are offered. We expect them to provide at least the most basic functions such as volume control and media control.

Both JBL E55BT and Beast EP utilize Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4 pole jacks for connecting with various media devices. However, using cord is optional with JBL E55BT since it has Bluetooth wireless connectivity. However, the optional cable might come pretty handy when you forget to charge your batteries.


SpecificationJBL E55BT

Beats EP (Black)

Included AccessoriesCharging CableFoldable carrying pouch, quick start guide, warranty card
Color CategoryBlueBlack

Beats EP is delivered with foldable carrying pouch, quick start guide (not necessary though) and the warranty card. On the other hand, JBL E55BT comes with a charging cable only and no carrying case or any other accessory. However, it is quite considerable since wireless headsets are not that hard to handle. However, the carrying pouch is exceedingly helpful since EP comes with cord.


SpecificationJBL E55BT

Beats EP (Black)

Run Time (Up To)20 hour(s)No battery


SpecificationJBL E55BT

Beats EP (Black)

Rechargeable BatteryRechargeable batteryNone
Recharge Time (Up To)2 hours(s)None

As it is a wired headphone, with Beats EP, you will not have to worry about recharging the battery regularly, while JBL E55BT operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery while using Bluetooth. The distributors claim that it takes only 2 hours to get fully charged from 0%. Moreover, it lasts up to 20 hours once fully charged. You can expect at least 12-15 hours in real-time on a fully charged battery. You will have to charge it daily, depending on your use, anyhow.

Dimensions & Weight

SpecificationJBL E55BT

Beats EP (Black)

Width 4.47
Length 5.83
Weight 8.32 oz9.17 oz

Over-ear headphones are generally bulkier and more prominent compared to on-ear headphones. However, in case of these two headphones, Beats EP is more massive a bit despite having the smaller form factor, and JBL E55BT is a bit lighter than the former one despite having the more significant Over-Ear form factor, which is a great plus. The weight of an earphone does not matters, but it affects the comfort in extended listening time.

Service & Support Details

SpecificationJBL E55BT

Beats EP (Black)

TypeNonelimited warranty
Full Contract PeriodNone1 year

Unfortunately, there is no warranty for JBL E55BT. On the other hand, Beats EP offers one year of limited warranty on their product. They usually replace the product without giving much trouble as far as there is no external/physical damage.

Final Words (Our Thoughts):

Beats EP Review Summary:

For the price they are offering it for, it is a pretty balanced product. Most of the buyers known to us have stated that these headphones provide everything they brag about an advertisement. However, we felt the build quality to be a little cheap than advertised. We advise you to handle it with care since the warranty would not be useful if you broke any part of the product. The warranty is only applicable if there is an internal/technical issue (i.e., headphones stop working without external damage).

JBL E55BT Review Summary:

What we love about these headphones is that there is no connectivity issue regardless of what device you are using. The headphones pair right away with Android, iOS and Windows devices as you turn them on. It is pretty impressive as Bluetooth is infamous for connectivity issues. The sound and bass quality is pretty clean, and the cups don’t cause any discomfort on ears even in more extended use periods. There are really few complaints about build quality and batteries usually last over the entire day of use, which is pretty much what we were expecting.


With this, we end the comparison between Beats EP vs. JBL E55BT. We hope this post helped you to understand how these two headphones, Beats EP and JBL E55BT differ from each other and which is matches best with your comfort zone and requirements. If there is any question, doubt or suggestion in your mind, feel free to contact us directly or use the comment box below. Make sure you subscribe to our blog for receive regular updates and notifications, Thank You!

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