Best Echo Canceling Speakerphone

Best Echo Canceling Speakerphone for VoIP Calls for Home Office

In this article, we are listing out the best echo canceling speakerphone for VoIP calls for your home office. Check out our recommendations:

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The idea of face-to-face meetings has now turned old-fashioned, and there are various reasons behind this. Out of the several reasons adhering to this fact, the prominent one is the advancement in digital voice technologies. These advancements have fostered the inception of cutting-edge digital devices in the market. Such devices eliminate the reliance on personal meetups and make them entirely digital. Another reason is the scarcity of time to catch up for the face-to-face meeting.

Now, considering all these reasons, VoIP calls are trendy to eliminate the requirement of face-to-face meetups. It is known that the business VoIP and unified communications that are equipped with excellent video conferencing over the internet. On top of that, the call experience excels in terms of both voice and video calling.

When the VoIP calls are combined with the appropriate set of conference room hardware, including conference phones and cameras, remote collaboration is possible. The same proves to be superbly beneficial for business or any professional environment.

To transform a meeting space into a video conferencing hub, the speakerphone for VoIP calls are quite beneficial. In addition to that, they are advantageous to upgrade the existing speakerphones or microphones. In order to eliminate the disturbance due to echo, there is the availability of echo canceling speakerphones for VoIP calls. Take a look at the below products featuring such speakerphones to make your selection easy.

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What is the significance of high-quality speakerphones for VoIP calls?

Compared to mainstream phone technology, conference phones suffer from some distinct challenges. Indeed, the regular phones are not dedicated to people conversing several feet far from the microphone in rooms having an echo. As compared to the audio technology implemented in the mainstream mobile phones, the techniques utilized in the latest conference call systems are far advanced. The contemporary phones such as speakerphones present HD voice.

Furthermore, they utilize specialized, superior quality microphones for flawless communication. The echo conference canceling speakerphones designed for VoIP calls are capable of handling noise reduction, echo cancellation, and full-duplex. All these functionalities lead to clear quality audio at the output.

A meticulously designed conference phone system will undoubtedly enhance productivity. The business professionals will be able to make a quality decision in less time. Another plus point is that the participants can solely emphasize the meeting and can stay away from the distraction.

The primary factor responsible for distraction is the external noise ad echo, and they got eliminated by these speakerphones. In this way, the jeopardy of misunderstandings will get reduced significantly. While there are essential meetings organized with customers, it becomes easier to detect subtle changes in tone of voice provided the audio quality is outstanding.

Echo Canceling Speakerphone – Our Recommendations

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Best Echo Canceling SpeakerphonePlantronics Calisto 610-M USB SpeakerphonePlantronics 

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2eMeet USB Speakerphone Plug and PlayeMeetBuy from Amazon
3Best Echo Canceling SpeakerphoneJabra Speak PHS001U 410 USB SpeakerphoneJabraBuy from Amazon
4Best Echo Canceling SpeakerphoneVtech VCS754 ErisStation Conference PhoneVTechBuy from Amazon

4. Vtech VCS754 ErisStation Conference Phone:

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The critical component of the VCS754 conference phone in the present discussion is the four wireless microphones. These microphones are intended to present excellent audio quality at the output. Mainly, this speakerphone for VoIP calls come with four detachable DECT 6.0 microphones. These microphones feature Orbit link Wireless Technology.

It is inferred that these microphones are built uniquely to work with SIP hosted providers. Based on your needs, you can integrate into the training room softphone in the form of audio input source for video conferencing.

If you need, you can split the computer audio to room speakers and utilize the microphones from the ErisStation for audio inputs. Inside any training room environment, this conference phone can effortlessly allow 16 persons to involve in video conferencing and listen to every attendee. It may seem tad tricky to set up but once set up; it works great.  The absence of echo makes the output crystal-clear.


  • In this conference phone, there is a central full-duplex speakerphone in the base. The speakerphone is capable of supporting up to 3 SIP lines/accounts. Moreover, the device comes with the G.722 codec support for HD audio and facilitates USB connection for using a computer-based speaker.
  • This 3-way local conference phone comes with Local phonebook with up to 200 entries.
  • It comes with up to 8 hours of talk time per wireless microphone. Moreover, it comes with up to 70 hours of standby time per wireless microphone.

3. Jabra Speak PHS001U 410 USB Speakerphone:

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When we consider the customers’ need for audio conferencing, this USB speakerphone is made portable. The corresponding compact design and travel case streamlines the hassles to carry around. There is the facility of a built-in USB cable to guarantee instant setup without the fear of losing cables. You only need to plug it into the USB port of your PC, and subsequently, you can readily use it to make conference calls.

The exceptional portability allows you to make such calls at home, in the office, or anywhere. With the implementation of the advanced digital signal processing, the Jabra SPEAK 410 conveys crystal-clear audio output. This output is accompanied by real wideband sound quality so that it works flawlessly for Skype or Microsoft Lync internet calls.

Similar to other speakerphones for VoIP calls, the critical component housed in this device is the microphone. The device houses an efficient speaker and omnidirectional microphone allowing the participants to listen and to have heard. Regardless of your seating position in the conference room, the output audio quality will always be clear.

These benefits make it a superb solution for impulsive conferencing and collaboration. The Jabra Speak 410 speakerphone works perfectly for one-to-one as well as small-group conference calls. To support private requests, a headset port is available. With the assistance of intuitive on-device call controls as well as an external ringer, it becomes quite easy to use.


  • The Jabra Speak 410 features echo cancellation technology to guarantee outstanding audio clarity on the either ends of the line.
  • In its configuration, the HD Voice enables the user to listen to a wide frequency range while attending a call. Execution of the HD Voice technology infuses exceptional clarity in the conversations.
  • For PC’s Skype certification, this Jabra speakerphone will assure the exceptional audio quality and improved ease of use for Skype. By delivering high-end sound performance, the users will be benefitted at the most from their Skype conference calls.
  • The contained cord averts awkward tangles.
  • It is user-friendly and found compatible with all leading UC platforms.
  • The structure houses 360° Omnidirectional microphone allows its use with 4+ participants.
  • There will be no troubles to use with dedicated controls for picking and terminating calls and adjusting the volume.
  • It will stay protected against scratched because it comes with a protective neoprene pouch. So, it is travel-friendly speakerphone.
  • Through simple USB connectivity, this speakerphone facilitates efficient UC meetings.

2. eMeet USB Speakerphone Plug and Play:

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All the conference calls for VoIP calls are not prepared in a compact design so it may be inconvenient to carry them around. Intending to eliminate this hassle, eMeet prepared this USB speakerphone in a small and portable design. This exceptional design makes it simple to put it inside your briefcase or pocket.

One of the enticing benefits is there is no need to charge before use. The meetings can be held wherever and whenever you go, in a matter of a few seconds. Moreover, the calls can be picked up anywhere and anytime. Due to its lightweight form factor, this USB speakerphone allows you relish audio conferencing.

To enhance the ease during operation, the speakerphone packs in LED indicators and functional controls. Whenever someone is communicating, the LED will instantly depict the direction of the person. It will be easy to know whether your sound gets picked up or not. With the facility of the unique answer/end feature, volume control, mute buttons and microphone, the M0 conference call speaker is quite simple to use. A headphone plug in the case is available to keep the output private; this case is particularly useful in an open office.

Being a plug & play USB speakerphone, this device is straightforward to set up and use. While using with laptop or PC, there will be no need to indulge in complex setup. It is further known that the eMeet USB conference call speakerphone is specially optimized for UC experience.

In the absence of any driver installation, the setup can be accomplished in a few seconds. The cheap quality speakerphones may not feature full compatibility, but this one comes with the same. It is seamlessly compatible with UC systems & VoIP clients. Furthermore, it supports different apps like Google Hangout, Skype, CISCO, Microsoft Lync, Avaya, Facetime, etc.


  • Unlike the traditional single-directional microphone, this M0 conference speakerphone possesses four smart microphone array.
  • With the implementation of the voice audio algorithm, noise reduction (NR) technology, and acoustic echo cancellation (AER)
  • The speakerphone is specially optimized to listen and be listened to even in a noisy environment.
  • It can efficiently pick up the sound through 360-degree room coverage. The device is customized for small or medium-sized meeting room capable of holding a meeting consisting of approximately 8-10 people.
  • The facility of the full-duplex audio support arouses a natural rich sound that imitates face-to-face conversation.

1. Plantronics Calisto 610-M USB Speakerphone:

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To support VoIP calls and communication in any conference, the Plantronics Calisto 610 features plug & play operation. This portable PC speakerphone is suitable for instant conferencing anywhere. It is a corded USB speakerphone accomplished to transform any computer into a mobile conferencing device.

Whenever and wherever you are located, it becomes easy to manage calls with exceptional convenience. This compact-sized speakerphone seamlessly integrates with leading softphones to effortlessly manage VOIP calls and organize small informal conferences. The overall design is made intuitive to simplify the user experience.

The buttons included on the surface of this USB speakerphone function flawlessly with Skype for business. The capability to mute quickly and attune the volume Pis packed inside. The output audio is clear and intentionally optimized for voice.

Every user present around can listen to you without any echo or muffling sound. It is compatible with the most Windows OS. The built-in microphone is precise and sensitive to make sure it picks up the voice present around the room. If you want to use it for group conferencing over PC, then there will be no concerns.

The device from Plantronics is also compatible with VoIP apps without requiring configuration. It is known that the Calisto 610 speakerphone is optimized for Skype, Microsoft Lync, and UC 201859-02.


  • The Plantronics Calisto 610 exhibits streamlined call management with a simple and intuitive interface.
  • It works perfectly for team calls in the small and medium-sized workspaces.
  • Its plug-and-play conferencing convenience saves time.
  • The facility of the single-touch controls incorporates call answer/end, adjustment of volume, and mute.
  • The compatibility with a Kensington style lock feature enhances security whenever deployed in work areas of any size. Moreover, the security is enhanced with the shared conference rooms.
  • The business-quality sound on the call is facilitated with clear wideband audio as well as a full-duplex 360-degree microphone.


The echo canceling speakerphones for VoIP calls are suitable for a conference of any type. They are specially designed for simplicity of use and portability. Whether you want to hear or be heard, the audio quality is crystal-clear.

We hope you like our article on the best Echo Canceling Speakerphone. Your comments or suggestions are welcome. Feel free to drop us your thoughts in the comment box down below.

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