List of Best Daisy Chain Speakerphones - Wired and Wireless
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List of Best Daisy Chain Speakerphones – Wired and Wireless

In certain pieces of audio equipment, there are not enough audio jacks available to expand or scale. For example, some mp3 players and boombox come with only one set of headphone jacks. While the limited number of headphone jacks is enough for the personal listening experience, they are not suitable for large audiences. To convey the outstanding sounds in more ample meeting rooms with a large audience using an existing microphone system, you need daisy chain speakerphones.

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Best Daisy Chain Speakerphones – Our Recommendations:

Daisy-chaining is the process of linking one speaker to another, which subsequently binds to the next one, and so on. This process connects the line output of one to the line input of another. In the present article, the discussion is centered on the daisy chain speakerphones.

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They are handy for conveying powerful sound output to a considerable mass of people. In other words, they enhance the amplification of your music or voice by connecting additional media players or speakers to portable speakers. Let’s get more details about the best daisy chain speakerphones:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1eMeet M220 Bluetooth Speakerphone -Daisy ChaineMeetCheck on Amazon
2Phoenix Spider MT503 – USB SpeakerphonePhoenix Audio TechnologiesCheck on Amazon
3Avermedia COMVC5SP2 VC520 Daisy-Chain SpeakerphoneAverCheck from Amazon
4Phoenix Audio Quattro3 (Q3) MT-304 SpeakerphonePhoenix Audio TechnologiesCheck on Amazon
5Revolabs 10-YVC1000MS-NA SpeakerphoneYamahaCheck on Amazon
6eMeet Luna AI SpeakerphoneeMeetCheck on Amazon

5. Revolabs 10-YVC1000MS-NA Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

Implemented with outstanding audio technology, the YVC-1000MS provides the best listening experience for a large meeting space. It is a USB speakerphone solution that improves communication during meetings and sound transmission to a broad audience. It is extensively used for Skype for business meetings.

Irrespective of how you connect, the specially designed auto-tuning function feature from Yamaha detects and supervises the acoustics of the environment. With the help of auto-tuning, this speakerphone optimizes sound processing for a superior audio experience. Furthermore, with the help of the unique table configurations, this speakerphone supports the audio requirements of vast meeting spaces. Moreover, it is extensively used in classrooms for remote training and distance learning.


  • The excellent scalability allows the users to daisy-chain up to five different microphones easily, and 2 external speakers are supported.
  • The external speakers and microphones can be connected to this speakerphone to support a wide range of meeting environments.
  • It supports multiple connection options through Bluetooth and USB.
  • There is the Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) implementation to reduce background noise when making calls. This technology detects and sorts of human voices.
  • It comes with an intuitive interface for Bluetooth, USB, and NFC technology. This interface helps you instantly begin Skype communication for business meetings.
  • The Skype for Business Certification guarantees comprehensive with Skype for business purposes or Microsoft Teams meetings.

4. Phoenix Audio Quattro3 (Q3) MT-304 Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

When it comes to a seamless conference experience for many people, this Phoenix speakerphone is one of the best choices. This device transforms any room into a professional conference room. What makes it unique among the other speakerphones is it comes with a large pickup and broadcasting range. Despite being discrete in design, the fields for pickup and broadcasting are full.

There are multiple microphones, powerful DSP, and a uniquely designed speaker to present high-performance sound output in its configuration. One helpful feature is that Q3 can be paired with an interface module to facilitate communication with diverse infrastructures. This Q3 speakerphone is enclosed in the metal case, and the metal grill meshes for excellent RFI immunity and durability. With the plug & play software, there is no need for drivers.


  • It comes with 4 microphones beam-forming array with automatic gain control. In addition, there are 4 high-quality directional microphones included.
  • This speakerphone supports full-duplex communication along with echo cancellation, de-reverb filtering, and noise suppression.
  • There is the inclusion of a daisy-chainable system with daisy chain power.
  • On the aluminum case, LED illuminated control buttons are present.
  • This speakerphone allows you to connect it to any PC and power without requiring an additional interface.
  • It comes with 7 hours of battery talk time with a secondary interface.
  • The speakerphone is compatible with interchangeable interface modules.
  • It comes with a USB outlet that connects to the PC for VoIP sessions like Skype, Vidyo, etc. With the help of an interface card, you can daisy chain multiple units while powering up to eight Q3s from one power source.
  • The audio setup utility for Windows monitors the audio input and output level.
  • The recording utility enables you to record conversations with your PC.

3. Avermedia COMVC5SP2 VC520 Daisy-Chain Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

This Avermedia daisy-chain speakerphone is a full-duplex microphone array speakerphone. It comes equipped with noise suppression and echo cancellation. Presenting the full-duplex audio allows all sites to communicate without worrying about the clarity of the sound during the conversation. The whole discussion will be heard by all participants involved in the call.

The superior echo cancellation and noise suppression technology reduces echo, hollow-sounding audio, and background noise. As a result, the audio communication is crystal-clear. This is applicable irrespective of the room size or the room configuration. In addition, on this VC520 daisy-chain speakerphone, a 1-year warranty is provided.


  • The COMVC5SP2 VC520 can over a 30 feet diameter with a 360° pick. Therefore, you can successfully listen to audio output throughout the room.
  • It comes with 3 high-quality directional microphone arrays. The included microphones can pick up to 15 feet radius.
  • The frequency response of the mic is100 Hz – 14 kHz, and that of the speaker is 280 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • The microphone distortion is less than 1% at 1 kHz at 65 dB.
  • The maximum output from its 10W speaker is 95 dB SPL.
  • With the help of included touch buttons, you can mute, volume up/down, and pick up calls.
  • This speakerphone is UAC (USB Audio Device Class) compatible.
  • Ports: 3.5mm phone in jack (3′ cable); 3.5mm line out
  • The 3.5mm cable can connect to BYOD smartphones or PC.
  • A Kensington security slot is available.

2. Phoenix Spider MT503 – USB Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

While supporting full-duplex communication, this USB speakerphone is suitable for large rooms, halls, and conference places. It can be easily mounted either on the ceiling or tabletop. A maximum of 15 microphones can be connected through the daisy-chain process.

In simple terms, this Smart Spider device is a high-quality conference speakerphone capable of transforming a room into a professional conference room. The pickup and broadcasting ranges are superb. Due to its compact size, it can be easily carried to different places. With the assistance of a speaker, a powerful DSP, and multiple microphones, the sound output is always outstanding. It is possible to connect this Spider speakerphone to any PC or any analog audio device.


  • It comes with 16 sq ft of coverage in 360º directions.
  • The full-duplex communication makes sure the transmission is not distorted during talking. Thus, though two people are talking simultaneously, the conversation stays consistent.
  • Regardless of the room size, it can daisy chain up to 15 units. In addition, it allows you to add a Phoenix audio power hub and expand the coverage.
  • All the included microphones convey beam-forming output with constant beamwidth. This beam width improves echo-canceling and noise-cancellation. Also, it enhances the voice pickup.
  • It can power the device through a USB connection; no cable mess.
  • In this speakerphone, a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable adapter is included. It enables you to connect to any smartphone or tablet device.
  • There is the implementation of the intuitive and engaging user interface with the help of LED lights.
  1. eMeet M220 Bluetooth Speakerphone -Daisy Chain:

Check on Amazon

The eMeet M220 is a professional wireless speakerphone. It can be used for up to 16 attendees. The voice picks up from all directions makes this Bluetooth speakerphone unique. All the included microphones are noise-canceling. So, they make this speakerphone suitable for business meetings and Skype meetings. There is no concern about distance blocking your unified communication going on with your business partners.

The configuration of this eMeet wireless speakerphone showcases daisy chain functions. When you cascade 2 conference speakers, you can expand your meeting space. As a result, outstanding audio is delivered for a collaborative conference. One of the best aspects is that you can use this daisy-chain speakerphone for small and large spaces. You can take it for a massive meeting space or can use it alone for small rooms.


  • The 360° microphone arrays and the full-duplex audio supports dual talk.
  • Help you hold a multi-party conference anywhere without
  • This Bluetooth speakerphone is implemented with 4 high-sensitivity MEMS digital omnidirectional microphones. This makes sure each person is heard during the teleconference.
  • The aforementioned microphones can identify the distance of the sound source and automatically adapts the sound volume. In this way, the audio balance is achieved.
  • The AI-based VoiceIA algorithm eliminates noise as per the environmental dynamics.
  • It successfully suppresses echo, which indirectly filters ambient noise when communication is happening in open environments. As a result, the immersive sound output is guaranteed.
  • This portable speakerphone is compatible with different software, apps, and devices.
  • It can be connected to devices using Android, iOS, Window7/8/10, or Mac OS.
  • It can support typically used softphones like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, WebEx, etc.
  • There are 2 ways to connect the M220 speakerphone, i.e., via USB, Aux, or Bluetooth.
  • It comes with plug & plays convenience for easy installation; no need for using drivers.

Concluding Note:

If your audience is located far from you, using any of these daisy-chain speakerphones, you can deliver high-quality sound output. These speakerphones link multiple speakers will transmit your audio production to the masses.

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