Best Marine Speakers

Best Marine Speakers – 6×9 + Stereo & Bluetooth or Tower Budget Options

For some people, music is life because it can rejuvenate their mind in a way no other forms of entertainment can. Gone were the days where there were limited numbers of audio equipment choices for entertainment. Fortunately, with the advancements in technology and several significant innovations, there are now tons of audio equipment available. These equipment are dedicated to boosting the overall concert experience for music listening.

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There is no doubt that loudspeaker systems are one of the most preferred choices for music listening. All speakers are not designed to resist the effect of water, i.e., all speakers cannot work harsh high-humid conditions. For that, it is the best approach to try out marine speakers that are extensively used for a wide range of applications.

You may find marine speakers being used in swimming arenas, scuba diving boats, cruising ships, or simply in open beaches while enjoying the calming waves on the ocean. Such speakers are designed uniquely to sustain the harsh weather conditions and simultaneously deliver superior audio quality performance. Being waterproof, they will also resist corrosion from the salt that is common in these areas. Therefore, you need not concern about exposing these units to water. To get a proper idea on the best marine speakers, continue reading below:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1BOSS MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker SystemBOSS Audio Systems 

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2Alpine SPS-M601W Marine 6-1/2″ Speaker (White)AlpineBuy from Amazon
3JBL MS6520 Coaxial Marine Speakers – (Pair) WhiteJBLBuy from Amazon
4BOSS Audio Systems MR652CBOSS Audio SystemsBuy from Amazon
5Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5″ 2-Way Marine Speakers PairKenwoodBuy from Amazon
6Pyle 6.5 Inch Dual Marine SpeakersPyleBuy from Amazon
7Polk Audio DB6502 DB+ Series 6.5″ Component Speaker SystemPolk AudioBuy from Amazon
8Kicker KM8 8-INCH (200mm) Marine Coaxial SpeakersKickerBuy from Amazon
9Fusion Electronics MS-FR6021 Marine 2-Way SpeakersFusion ElectronicsBuy from Amazon

9. Fusion Electronics MS-FR6021 Marine 2-Way Speakers:

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These 2-way marine speakers from Fusion Electronics are exclusively designed from the ground up to integrate state-of-the-art audio innovation. This particular set is not perceived before any high-performance marine speakers. The design is done solely to sustain the severe marine environment. They comply with International ASTM Standards for conveying fog-resistance and UV stability. Furthermore, they comply with the IP65 Waterproof and Dust Standards. The structure of these 2-way speakers showcases a crossover, magnet, and tweeter encasing with the waterproof cone as well as surrounds.

The appealing aspect to note is all these marine speakers are tested extensively in terms of their sound quality and capability to sustain the marine conditions without damage. For the audiophiles who want to hit the ocean and still enjoy some music, Fusion MS-FR6021 will come in handy as it combines excellent design, excellent sound quality, as is made for the marine.


  • The range of frequency for their operation is 70Hz-22 kHz.
  • The mounting depth is 3,” and there is the implementation of CURV Cone Technology.
  • To provide unprecedented audio output even in high-traffic areas, their rugged marine grills offer excellent strength and rigidity.
  • Inside their structure, the central core titanium tweeter maintains the stability of the speaker grille and simultaneously protects the crossovers crossover components against the external elements.
  • The entire structure is made complete with the two grille options, i.e., midnight black and ice white. Moreover, the two size options available are 4″ and 7″.
  • Fusion MS-FR6021 Marine Speakers with fog and salt resistance, UV protection waterproof and dust resistance are designed to cope with unfavorable elements in the waters.
  • The water-resistant surround and cone arouse a perfect environment to protect the encased tweeter and magnet from deteriorating elements.

8. Kicker KM8 8-INCH (200mm) Marine Coaxial Speakers:

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The KM8 marine coaxial speakers from Kicker are 8″ 2-way marine speakers with high audio performance at the output. When you once hear the sound output from these marine coaxial speakers, you will be astonished by the quality. There is the exclusive availability of lights that demand simple wiring to let the results appear crisp. The remote can control these lights’ illumination. To drive these two speakers in the pack, there is a need for 1000 watts of the amp. The sound output will be heard loudly over a hundred yards away.


  • The peak and RMS output are respectively 300 watts and 150 watts. The impedance is 4 ohms.
  • They come with a multi-color LED whose lighting can be controlled by the KMLC remote. This remote facilitates you with the multi-function control of the LED light. The same is accomplished by managing color and dynamic mode functions.
  • These 2-way coaxial marine speakers are designed using the 2-way Tweeter Design Dome Tweeter Composition, Titanium Woofer Composition, and Polypropylene Woofer.
  • The frequency response supported is 30 – 21000 Hz.
  • Surround rubber sensitivity is 92 dB.

7. Polk Audio DB6502 DB+ Series 6.5″ Component Speaker System:

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Equipped with Marine Certification, this speaker system from Polk Audio are designed in a classic black color. Belonging from the DB6502 DB+ Series of Polk Audio, the included speakers are quite simple to install. They adopt a simple drop-in installation for mounting on any vehicles like cars, ATVs, boats, etc. This 6.5″ Component Speaker System delivers outstanding audio quality in any marine conditions. They are thoroughly tested for UV and water resistance. In their configuration, the high-performance audio upgrade conveys the signature quality sound that surpasses the OEM factory systems.

After setting up this component speaker system, you will find that the corresponding speakers sound way better than other speakers. They are easy to wire up and use in any outdoor conditions.  The frequency response is found acceptable to deliver excellent audio quality at the output. The majority of the small speakers only go below 100 Hz. Hence, if you are looking for good mid-bass in a tiny package that won’t distort for an affordable price, then these speakers are the best choice.


  • These 6.5-inch diameter speakers are marine certified with an IP55 rating. They will resist the penetration of dirt and water. Moreover, they are tested to withstand UV radiation, fog, and humidity.
  • Their structure includes polypropylene and UV tolerant cone along with waterproof inner and outer surrounds.
  • The cutout diameter is 5″, width for the bottom mount is 2.12,” and that for the top mount is 1.77″.

6. Pyle 6.5 Inch Dual Marine Speakers:

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The Pyle 6.5-inch dual marine speakers, as shown above, are dedicated to delivering the amplified audio stereo output. These 2-way coaxial marine speakers are waterproof and equipped with Bluetooth compatibility. There is a special provision for wireless RF streaming. They look elegant in white color and will not take much time for the setup. You may mount these dual marine speakers for water base automobile and off-road vehicle use. They possess an IPX4 waterproof rating to withstand water splashes and other severe external conditions.

Discussing the dimensions of these included speakers, each of them has a total diameter of 6.9″. Moreover, the cutout diameter, full depth, and mounting depth are respectively 6.75″, 3.97″ and 3.1″. This 2-way active powered speaker system conveys an impressive wide-bass response and the full range stereo sound reproduction. In the box, you will find a 6.5-inch dynamic speaker, 6.5-inch passive speaker, cutout template, and mounting screws.


  • There is a built-in RF wireless streaming ability for trouble-free wireless streaming connection. It is found that the RF audio module supports additional speaker connectivity within a range of 100 feet.
  • Implementation of the 4.2 Bluetooth techniques allows these coaxial speakers to function with smartphones, laptops, PC, and tablets. Consequently, they ensure flawless wireless music streaming from these devices within a range of 30 feet.
  • The 600W power indicates that these dual audio speakers boast a full-range stereo sound reproduction for a simple speaker system. The peak and RMS values of the power output are 600W and 300W, respectively.
  • Each of these speakers comes with the RCA Audio Aux (L/R) connectors and easy-to-access speaker terminals. Moreover, each of them is equipped with the potential to serve as a passive type speaker.

5. Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5″ 2-Way Marine Speakers Pair:

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Belonging from the KFC-1653MRW Kenwood series, this pair features two 6.5-inches recessed speakers. Both these speakers are capable of reproducing precise and superior quality audio in a comfortable loudness. Therefore, your marine experience will be enthralling. Now you will be able to relish swimming, scuba diving, and boating experience at best. Taking a look at their construction, they are durably made with premium quality materials. The design is being reinforced with durable plastic material along with a smooth and beautiful grille.

To further reinforce the speaker, the grille is pinned with six screws around the periphery of the speaker. This kind of durable construction certainly makes them suitable for use in humid environments. This is because this type of construction makes them resistant to corrosion and UV rays from the sun. At the offered price, the sound quality seems decent enough, and the overall structure is too durable. You may be stunned to note how they crank plenty loud while you are sitting on the water banks.


  • These 6.5″ 2-way marine speakers from Kenwood boast the frequency response of 60Hz – 20,000Hz.
  • Their woofer comes with the water-resistant PP cone, and the tweeter is mostly the 1″ balanced dome tweeter.
  • They come with the mounting depth of 2-7/16″.
  • In their structure, the cone woofers and an enclosed dome tweeter offer high precision overall ranges –low, medium, and high range. Consequently, the output will include a strong bass response with detailed midranges and crisp highs.
  • The grill is specially coated to protect against UV rays and other elements. Additionally, there is the inclusion of baskets in the plastic composite speakers and anti-corrosive stainless steel hardware.

4. BOSS Audio Systems MR652C:

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The MR652C from Boss Audio is a 6.5-inch, two-way marine speaker intended to deliver 350 Watts peak power. This power output makes sure your boat will be filled with a detailed, full-range sound. It is possible to keep the MR652C speaker near the water all the time. There will be no harmful effects of the external environment, salt, water, insects, etc. There is the inclusion of coating to protect against corrosion, which exists in a moist and salty environment.

It is true that rubber is impermeable to air and owns the potential to withstand exposure to several types of weather fronts. Therefore, the brand considered using rubber in the making of the surrounds in this speaker. This rubber material will connect the cone to the basket.  The pack includes two 1-inch Mylar Dome TweeteCrossovers Crossovers.


  • This audio system comes with the overall dimensions of 7″ (L) x 7″ (W) x 3.1″ (H). This pair weighs 4.4 lbs.
  • The MR652C marine speaker exhibits removable crossovers to let them be used as a complete set.
  • It comes with the impedance of 4 ohms, frequency response of 60 Hz – 20 kHz, and sensitivity of 92 dB.
  • The inclusion of the dome tweeter radiates sound with a full dispersion pattern. Because high-frequency sound waves are incredibly directional, a broad dispersion of the sound waves would facilitate you with a big ‘sweet spot’ while setting up your audio system.
  • It comes with a mounting depth of 2.4 inches and a mounting hole diameter of 5.1 inches.
  • The material used in the making of cone s polypropylene and the voice coil is made up of 1-inch aluminum. This voice coil is capable of sustaining high temperatures.

3. JBL MS6520 Coaxial Marine Speakers – (Pair) White:

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The pair of white-colored coaxial marine speakers from JBL delivers excellent audio clarity. The user will face zero troubles while listening to these speakers over the roar of the powerful flow of water. Some speakers may require an amplifier to bring sound output to their fullest capacity. However, these speakers do not use microphones, and still, they sound loud and clear. Taking a look at their installation, they are relatively easy to install into the existing connections on your boat.  These JBL speakers are exclusively designed for withstanding the external elements, and they pass the Oem-level reliability testing.


  • The MS6520 6.5″ coaxial marine speakers include Plus One woofer cones and balanced dome tweeters. Both these components allow you to hear the clarity of your audio on top of the harsh sounds of the sea.
  • These efficiently working speakers come equipped with the waterproof motor structures, a sealed magnet, a one-piece cast-polymer Basket, and rubber surrounds.
  • These components make sure these speakers can work in any external conditions. Such elements allow them to withstand damage due to water, extreme sun rays, and wear & tear.

2. Alpine SPS-M601W Marine 6-1/2″ Speaker (White):

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The Alpine SPS-M601W speaker is engineered uniquely to match with the PDX marine amplifiers. The purpose behind the same is to make the whole system sound outstandingly. To make it right, the characteristics of speakers and that of the microphones must be at par. The overall design is intended for hassle-free installation and providing the maximum water resistance. Furthermore, the plan is made complete with the screw grill and an extra rubber surround with a waterproof feature. Consequently, there will be no leakage issues during installation.

Inside its structure, the most integral parts are found resistant against corrosion due to saltwater. The facility of the critical magnetic shielding defends other electronic apparatus from interference. This directly implies that the speaker can be conveniently mounted at any corner. The capability to handle high power allows this Alpine speaker to deliver high volume and sustain high tide. The SPS-M601W speaker is capable of resisting waves, wind, and noise that may influence the output sound quality. Therefore, the desired fidelity will be conveyed uniquely.

Unlike other speakers, this Alpine speaker is capable of delivering sweet, crisp highs. It works at its best in the low ends producing precise bass tones. Moreover, the high range is so accurate that no distortion will be found even at maximum volumes. Right from the base to the top, the sound generated is incredibly balanced.


  • This 2-way SPS-M601W Alpine speaker comes with the 7/8″ titanium/PEI balanced-dome tweeter.
  • Its structure shows the silver UV-resistant grilles and the high-temperature ABS custom frames.
  • The supported power range is 2-35 watts RMS, and the peak power is 110 watts.
  • It comes with a frequency response of 60-22,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 89 dB.
  • 110W 6-1/2″ 2-Way Type-S Marine Coaxial Speakers – White
  • Inside its configuration, the balanced tweeters are designed for optimal sound projection at the high range. They allow the speaker unit to bear the marine environment. Furthermore, they are made sturdy to resist the enormous vibration that may take place on the boat.
  • The facility of the magnetic shielding facilitates easy installation anywhere in the boat.

1. BOSS MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System:

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The MRWT40 speaker system from BOSS is capable of staying near water throughout the day and still waiting unaffected by water effects. This speaker system is resistant to all major components like insects, water damage, extreme temperature, etc. The body is specially coated and sealed for protection against the corrosion existing in a humid environment. Its structure has been prepared with the cutting-edge weatherproofing techniques for offering protection against the external elements. There will be no hassles while mounting this speaker system to the roll bar. Even when you ride at top speed, the music will be heard clearly.


  • Since the included cone is made from polyurethane, these 4-inch wake tower speakers provide high resilience and durability. The same benefit to present excellent sound output along with extending the life of speakers.
  • Each of these speakers comes with a frequency response of 130 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • The built-in voice coils are capable of withstanding high temperatures and still upkeeping its strength and fatigue properties. Consequently, these speakers will benefit from longer play times with lower weights.
  • The rubber included in the surround allows the unit to withstand constant abuse where it is needed at the most. This material makes sure there will be no harmful effects of wear & tear.
  • The built-in dome-shaped tweeter gives out the sound with a broad dispersion pattern so you will get a big sweet spot.

Concluding Note:

The regular speakers are incapable of standing out to the rigors of external environmental conditions, especially the contact of water. These marine speakers allow you to make the most of your aquatic activities while still ensuring the excellent sound quality and excellent speaker body protection.

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