Best Speakerphones with Hardware Mute Button
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List of the Best Speakerphones with Hardware Mute Button

In this post, we have a list of the best speakerphones with hardware Mute button. If you heavily use the mute button, then these products might be best suitable for you.

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It is a myth that speakerphones are only used for business purposes. Besides business, they are widely used for personal uses. Essentially, a speakerphone is a standalone device that can be placed on a desk, and you can speak comfortably with people located at remote places. You will feel as if the person you are talking to is in the same room. A speakerphone frees you up for multitasking.

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The situation frequently arises in which you need to mute your voice to focus on what others are speaking. The speakerphones with buttons are the best choices in those cases. You may find hardware or soft-touch-type button in most speakerphones. Get to know the details of the best speakerphones with a mute button:

Best Speakerphones with Hardware Mute Button:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1eMeet M1 Silver Wireless Conference PhoneeMeetCheck on Amazon
2Plantronics 86701-01 Calisto 620-MPlantronicsCheck on Amazon


eMeet Luna Bluetooth SpeakerphoneeMeetCheck on Amazon


eMeet Luna Lite Bluetooth SpeakerphoneeMeetCheck on Amazon


Goldensky Omnidirectional USB SpeakerphoneGoldenskyCheck on Amazon

5. Goldensky Omnidirectional USB Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

This USB speakerphone is perfect for online study, conference use, video chatting, and gaming. It is a 3-in-1 device, i.e., mic, speaker, and a USB hub. A conference microphone with two USB hubs is included that lets you connect more devices to your PC.

A convenient mute button is available that allows you to quickly mute and unmute your microphone. Built-in blue indicator lights are used for testing whether the USB microphone is in working condition or not. The professional conference microphone is equipped with a quality speaker that supports communication for up to 10 people.


  • The pick-up range is 3 meters. This range makes it simple to capture the subtle sounds from 360°. Also, it leads to the clear transmission of sound—no need to raise the volume to hear to other participants.
  • An omnidirectional microphone is included, which makes sure your voice stays clear to the listener’s end.
  • The Acoustic Echo Canceller thoroughly removes the echo. The noise-isolating microphone assures a quality conference experience, although the environment is noisy.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) offers acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), and automatic noise suppression (ANS).
  • DSP provides a natural voice and reduces echo.
  • Operating system compatibility includes Windows 7/ 8/ 10 and Mac OS.
  • The list of mainstream conference applications it can work with is Skype, Zoom, Goto Meeting, WebEx, Facetime, Google Hangout, etc.

4. eMeet Luna Lite Bluetooth Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

Especially for a conference of up to 8 people, this eMeet speakerphone is a decent choice. It comes with multiple 360° AI microphones to receive voice from all directions. Also, this microphone is implemented with a noise-cancellation technique to ensure great clarity in the output. So, your teleconference resembles a face-to-face conversation. The exceptional clarity makes sure every participant is heard adequately, although the conference room is large.

Through the auto-vocal-increase function, the built-in Luna Lite speaker with a microphone can recognize the distance of the sound. Subsequently, it automatically adapts the volume to present a clear and smooth calling experience.

You can connect this Bluetooth speakerphone with multiple devices and OS like Mac or Windows. It comes with plug & play setup; no need for drivers. Due to its portable and compact design, it is easy to carry it anywhere.


  • Through the intelligent VoiceIA algorithm, this speakerphone supports advanced VoiceIA Noise Reduction Mode. So, it tries to make the communication with reduced voice. The output sound will be free from background noise like keyboard clicks and any other surrounding noise.
  • There is support for Daisy Chain for up to 12 attendees.
  • Through the eMeet’s special cable, you can connect two such eMeet Luna Lite speakerphones to enlarge the meeting space.
  • With the cascading function, the speakerphone becomes more flexible to work for small and large meetings.
  • To save battery life, the speakerphone will automatically turn off when not being used for an hour.
  • From the eMeetLink APP, you can set the standby time.
  • The connection to the PC can be made through Bluetooth or AUX, or USB.
  • It supports popular calling software like Skype for Business, Zoom, WebEx, etc.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 15 hours of constant talk time.

3. eMeet Luna Bluetooth Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

Both for conferences and calling, the eMeet Luna can be a good option. It makes you feel as if your business partner is just sitting next to you. The VoiceIA technology is the advanced noise-reducing technology that discards background noise for clear communication. Through the auto-vocal-increase function, the speakerphone can recognize how far a sound source is located. Based on that, it automatically varies the sound volume to maintain a perfect balance of volume.

Using the dongle, you can pair this Luna speakerphone with a PC. Doing this solves the Bluetooth compatibility issue and ensures a stable connection. No need for a driver because the operation is plug & play.

Leading platforms like WebEx, Skype for Business, Zoom, etc., are supported. A dongle slot is available. The portable design lets you hold a meeting wherever you want; no worries about losing the dongle.


  • Daisy Chain is supported for a maximum of 12 attendees.
  • With the eMeet’s special cable, 2 Luna speakerphones can be connected to enhance the meeting space.
  • With the cascading function, Luna functions more flexibly for both small and large meetings.
  • Multiple microphones are included, and all come with 360° pick-up. The self-developed VoiceIA algorithm technology offers it with this capability.
  • The speaker and the conference microphone are full-duplex to ensure all remote conference calls are free from interruptions.
  • You can connect the conference speaker with your devices through AUX, USB, Dongle, or Bluetooth.

2. Plantronics 86701-01 Calisto 620-M:

Check on Amazon

The microphone in this Plantronics speakerphone is sensitive enough to receive voices from all directions. The speaker is loud enough to listen to everything from other participants in the conference. The outstanding audio quality suggests that it is nice to recommend this Plantronics speakerphone to anyone who wants to have conference calls in a meeting room or office. The sound quality is found excellent with a VoIP PC phone as well.


  • There is support for call control over multiple softphones.
  • The battery meter conveniently shows the headset battery life that is remaining in the PC icon tray.
  • The headset control panel lets you customize settings that include call notifications and corresponding options.

1. eMeet M1 Silver Wireless Conference Phone:

Check on Amazon

eMeet specially optimized this conference phone for the UC experience. It can be set up in seconds. You can instantly start your meeting due to the plug & play (through USB or Bluetooth) setup. Moreover, you can hold meetings anywhere due to the portable design. You can pick up calls anywhere, anytime. You will enjoy a crystal-clear conference calling experience without echo or feedback.


  • The 6+1 microphone array offers 360° Omni-directional audio pick-up. This pick-up ability employs indication light towards people who are speaking.
  • The included conference speaker is customized for a meeting room with sizes ranging from small to medium. It can support up to 5 people.
  • Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery supports a maximum of 20 hours music playback, 12 hours playtime, and 1 month standby time. So, there will be no hassles even during unplanned conference phones.
  • The Noise Reduction (NR) technology and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AER) technology optimizes the speakerphone to hear and be heard even though the space is noisy.
  • Various platforms supported are Google Hangout, Skype, FaceTime, Cisco, Avaya, etc.

List of Speakerphones with soft-touch mute button:

Sr. No.ImageProduct NameManufacturerBuy Now
1Anker PowerConf S3AnkerCheck on Amazon
2Poly – Sync 20+PlantronicsCheck on Amazon
3Jabra Speak 510JabraCheck on Amazon
4Logitech P710eLogitechCheck on Amazon
5Yealink Teams Certified Speakerphone, CP700YealinkCheck on Amazon
6eMeet M2 Bluetooth SpeakerphoneeMeetCheck on Amazon
7eMeet M0 USB SpeakerphoneeMeetCheck on Amazon
8eMeet M220eMeetCheck on Amazon
9Jabra Speak 710 UC Bluetooth SpeakerJabraCheck on Amazon
10Yamaha UC YVC-200YamahaCheck on Amazon
11AV Access Bluetooth SpeakerphoneAV AccessCheck on Amazon
12Kaysuda 360° Omnidirectional USB Speaker PhoneKaysudaCheck on Amazon
13JOUNIVO USB Speakerphone (JV801)JOUNIVOCheck on Amazon
14Lepist Conference USB Speakerphone, LE2102LepistCheck on Amazon

14. Lepist Conference USB Speakerphone, LE2102:

Check on Amazon

Organize your meetings at your home office or business trip or hotel room, etc., with this Lepist speakerphone. Its thickness and diameter are respectively 1.08 inches and 4.33 inches. So, the size is suitable for the perfect fit in a briefcase. The low distortion speaker ensures crystal-clear vocals, although the volume is loud.

The built-in condenser microphone can receive voice from 360°. It contributes to crystal-clear voice during group conference calls and one-to-one conversations too. Depending on your needs, you can use this device like a speaker or microphone. Generally, it is extensively used for online meetings, Skype calls, creating podcasts, VoIP calls, audio/video chatting, etc.


  • The touch-sensor buttons let you instantly mute/unmute the microphone.
  • The volume control button lets you easily vary the output volume of the speaker.
  • Dual microphones array offers a wide pick-up range and excellent audio clarity.
  • With the USB plug & play setup, there is no need to install drivers. So, connection to a PC or laptop is straightforward.
  • The compatible OS includes Mac OS and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

13. JOUNIVO USB Speakerphone (JV801):

Check on Amazon

If you are looking for superior quality audio from a durable speakerphone, then the JV801 can be considered. It promises clear communication and ensures long-lasting usage. For web conferences, this JOUNIVO speakerphone is the best choice. With the smart noise cancellation technology, the included microphone and a speaker offer crystal-clear HD audio anywhere. The microphone supports 360° voice pick-up ability.

A mute switch and a LED indicator are included. For a meeting room with 5-8 people, this device works perfectly. Moreover, the 3.5mm headset port lets you connect any headset so you can enjoy private calls. The size of the microphone is small enough to carry in a briefcase or pocket. Mostly, people use the JV801 speakerphone for YouTube recording, Skype calls, podcasting, streaming, dictation, and gaming.


  • The dual-capsule design offers clear sound and a huge pick-up range.
  • The USB desktop microphone supports plug & play compatibility with Windows 7/8 10/Vista/XP, Mac OS (10.4.11 or higher), PS4, and PS3.
  • USB compatibility is USB 1.1 2.0 and 3.0.

12. Kaysuda 360° Omnidirectional USB Speaker Phone:

Check on Amazon

The HD voice output from this Kaysuda speakerphone lets you listen to a broader frequency range during calls. The HD Voice technology makes sure your conversations are always clear. The low-profile and portable design saves space around. This device is very well suitable for Skype chat, online courses, Dragon speak, conference calls, webinars, and more.

You can quickly mute it; no need to use any mute app. This function helps you if you want to convey some private message to your family. All four buttons on the surface come with a touch interface. They are namely mute, volume up, volume down, and on/off.


  • It can work as a microphone and a USB speaker.
  • It is a Cortana Certified speakerphone compatible with Microsoft Lync and Windows Microsoft Communicator.
  • You can untie yourself from your headset and handset for group conference calls or one-to-one conversations.
  • The 360° omnidirectional microphone picks up voice from all angles.
  • With a far-field microphone, the conversations appear clear during Skype calls.
  • A PC can be connected through a USB 3.0 interface.

11. AV Access Bluetooth Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

When you set up this AV Access speakerphone, voice pick-up takes place from all directions. 4 Omni-directional AI microphones are included for the same. The full-duplex audio design promises that you can be heard and speak simultaneously. With echo cancellation and noise reduction, the audio clarity is excellent. For teleconferences and online meetings, the device is perfect.

The operation is seamless with platforms like Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, Teams, etc. It is compatible with PC, and there is no need to use headsets. The one-button mute protects your privacy. Smart LED lights and sensitive touch controls are included. Through USB-C or Bluetooth, you can connect a phone or PC, or laptop.


  • The loudspeaker and premium AI microphones encompass the voice in the whole meeting space.
  • The maximum voice coverage is 8 meters, and the maximum hearing coverage is 10 meters.
  • At a time, 10 people are allowed for conversation.
  • Key features include digital signal processing technology, intelligent voice balance & enhancement, real-time voice optimization, automatic echo cancellation, and reduction in background noise.
  • The responsive touch controls available are mute/unmute, volume control, and on/off.
  • Leading conferencing platforms compatible are Skype, Zoom, and Teams.
  • White LEDs indicate volume up/down.
  • Red LEDs indicate mute/unmute.
  • Blue LEDs indicate answer/end calls.
  • Green LEDs indicate battery level.

10. Yamaha UC YVC-200:

Check on Amazon

Yamaha UC YVC-200 can work as a portable USB speakerphone or wireless mobile conference phone. For a home office, conference room, or open meeting space, this Yamaha device elevates your audio conferencing experience. The included carrying case makes the device travel-friendly.

The mute button synchronizes with Zoom. To convey professional sound output, there is support for adaptive echo cancellation and human voice activity detection. The crystal-clear 360° coverage decreases background noise.


  • The setup process is flexible; you can set it up via Bluetooth or NFC, or USB2.0.
  • With any of the methods as mentioned earlier, the setup is instant. The buttons illuminate green in talk mode and illuminate red to indicate mute status.
  • 3.3 feet long USB cable is included.
  • The battery can last for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

9. Jabra Speak 710 UC Bluetooth Speaker:

Check on Amazon

Not just as a speakerphone, but the Jabra Speak 710 UC can also work as a Bluetooth speaker for mobile phones and softphones. When used as a portable speaker, you can hold meetings anywhere with exceptional audio output. With HD voice technology and an omnidirectional microphone, the sound output is always immersive. So, this Jabra device is perfect for calls and multimedia.

Use Bluetooth or USB connectivity to connect a laptop or phone, or tablet. For outdoor use, pack the speakerphone in a travel pouch.


  • Up to 6 people are allowed for conversation in a room.
  • Leading online voice call services like Skype for Business and Go To Meeting is compatible.
  • Setup is quick with plug-and-play connectivity.

8. eMeet M220:

Check on Amazon

Both for small and large meeting spaces, you can use the eMeet M220. It supports Daisy Chain to allow more attendees. Enhancing meeting space is now accessible by cascading two such conference speakers. The M220 is an advanced model of M2, considering the needs of customers. You can either take the M220 to a huge meeting room or use it alone for 2 small rooms. A protective case is included for easy transportation.


  • The Ai Voice algorithm eliminates noise as per the environment around. It suppresses echo to filter out ambient noise in an open environment. So, the immersive sound output is guaranteed.
  • 4 high-sensitivity Omnidirectional mics are present in the 360° digital mics array. The digital mics array supports dual talk.
  • This array can recognize how far the sound source is located. Accordingly, it automatically adjusts the sound volume. Also, it ensures everybody is heard.
  • Auto-Adjusting Pick-up technology is implemented.
  • With the beam-forming technology, the M220 precisely recognizes the location of the people who are speaking. After that, voices are indicated at various angles via LED lights.
  • The ring light indicates power and connection status and volume.

7. eMeet M0 USB Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

The eMeet M0 supports up to 6 people for conversation. Both parties can hear each other simultaneously. Even during heated discussions, your voice will not be missed. You can connect it to a PC with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP or Mac or Linux operating system. Names of compatible software are Google Hangout, Skype for business, Microsoft Lync, WebEx, Zoom, Bluejeans, Line, Vidyo, GoTo meeting, Facetime, Braodsoft, and lifesize.

You can enjoy private communication with the AUX port. It helps you to plug in an AUX cable so that you can continue private meetings or private phone calls.


  • The 4 AI microphones come with a 360° voice pick-up ability.
  • The Noise Reduction (NR) and Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) technologies guarantee crystal-clear communication. These technologies optimize the microphone and speaker for use anywhere.
  • On the control panel, an LED indicator is available. Buttons on this control panel are volume up and down, answer/hang-up, and mute.
  • When anybody is speaking, the LED indicator on the speakers with the microphone depicts the direction of the person. From this indicator, you can know if you have muted.

6. eMeet M2 Bluetooth Speakerphone:

Check on Amazon

The eMeet M2 is prepared in a unique design to let you accomplish meetings smoothly. Its portable and compact design helps you to accommodate it in a briefcase or pocket. To present a professional look, eMeet designed it with chic interactive lights and a chic touch panel. Quality aircraft-grade aluminum material is used in manufacturing.

The plug & play setup does not need drivers. It saves your time for debugging the devices. You can connect a phone or PC, or tablet with an AUX cable or USB cable. Just press the ‘mic’ button on the center of the speakerphone to mute the microphones when calls are going on. This helps you discuss something privately with the attendees. Lifelike communication without distraction at any place is the crucial facet of the eMeet M2.


  • The built-in dynamic equalizer automatically switches between music and voice modes. It conveys superior sound quality and EQ based on what the user is hearing.
  • All 4 Ai smart microphones come with a far-field voice pick-up. They offer broad coverage.
  • The speaker and conference phone works seamlessly for a meeting room consisting of up to 8 people.
  • The VoiceIA algorithm eliminates noise and echoes in noisy outdoor environments.
  • The Acoustic Echo Canceller entirely removes the echo.
  • The intelligent LED indicator offers an interactive communication experience.
  • The compatible conference applications are Skype, Zoom, Goto Meeting, WebEx, Facetime, Google Hangout, etc.

5. Yealink Teams Certified Speakerphone, CP700:

Check on Amazon

Yealink CP700 contains a full-duplex microphone, so the calling experience is lifelike on both ends. Irrespective of the occasion and place, the full-duplex function presents an engaging conference call experience. Weighing just 0.5 lb, CP700 can be easily carried anywhere.

You can pair CP700 with 3 Bluetooth-enabled devices concurrently. The calls from two various devices can be combined into one. This is possible by connecting the CP700 via Bluetooth and through the USB connection on another device. Use a USB cable, dongle, or Bluetooth connectivity to connect this Yealink speakerphone to a PC, tablet, and phone. The Yealink speaker and microphone are certified by Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.


  • The Omni-directional microphone has a maximum coverage of 6.5 inches. It comes with a 360° voice pick-up ability. In any small or large room, it provides HD sound quality output.
  • The sound output is free from background noise whether you are working in an office or public workspace. So, the remote attendees enjoy the best communication experience.
  • The 1420 mAh battery comes with up to 9 hours of playtime.

4. Logitech P710e:

Check on Amazon

Revamp a workspace into an instantaneous conference room through the Logitech P710e speakerphone. It is an ideal choice for those users who remotely work from home offices, hotel rooms, workplaces, etc. It offers excellent flexibility to organize conference calls irrespective of the place. The included microphone can pick up voices from all parts of the room. It can be quickly muted when needed.

The built-in stand aligns your mobile phone or tablet at the right angle. So, it provides you hands-free access to a mobile screen, and video calls will be without a shake effect.


  • The Logitech P710e makes sure you hear and be heard in true wideband audio. Hence, attendees on both ends of the call benefit from a lifelike communication experience.
  • USB plug & play connectivity lets you connect the device to Macs or PCs.
  • 8 Bluetooth devices can be paired simultaneously.
  • The maximum talk time is 15 hours. Even for a long workday, you need not charge this speakerphone frequently.

3. Jabra Speak 510:

Check on Amazon

Are you eager to have clear conversations in all your online meetings? If yes, then it is good to invest in the Jabra Speak 510. It can work as a Bluetooth portable speaker to make everybody heard correctly during conference calls. So, your meetings turn out effective.

The setup process is simple; no need to use extra software or drivers. Simply connect and then dial in. Moreover, it is compatible with all prominent UC platforms. For use on the go, you can pack it in a carrying case. This case keeps the speakerphone protected and makes it travel-friendly.


  • Jabra Speak 510 lets you hold meetings anywhere so that you can transform any room into a conference room.
  • It can be plugged into a softphone or mobile phone, or any other compatible device. Once plugged in, you can use it for streaming multimedia or conference calls.
  • No messy wires are involved.

2. Poly – Sync 20+:

Check on Amazon

Both ways, the mute button on the Poly Sync 20+ synchronizes the mute status with the Teams app. If you mute on the Teams app, then the device will show the mute status. When you use Bluetooth, you lose the mute button functionality and direct Team integration functionality.

The included USB-A Bluetooth adapter (BT600) helps you connect this Plantronics speakerphone to a cell phone, PC, or Mac. The smartphones can be connected via Bluetooth. Moreover, it works with leading platforms like Zoom, Teams, etc. Accessories packed along with are a carrying case, a lanyard, a USB Bluetooth adapter, and a quick start guide.


  • The multi-microphone steerable array focuses on your voice instead of background noise. It reduces noise and echoes.
  • Full duplex audio lets people speak simultaneously for lifelike conversations.
  • It can keep your smartphone charged with battery life up to 20 hours.
  • The body of the speakerphone is IP64 water-resistant and dust resistant.
  • Apart from the speakerphone, it can also work as a high-performance music speaker and a portable charger.
  • The bass reflex system presents more clarity on each call. This is possible because the system contains passive radiators to provide deep bass and natural voice.
  • The visible light bar indicates call status.
  • The programmable touch button lets you access functions like voice assistant, play/pause music, and last number redial.

1. Anker PowerConf S3:

Check on Amazon

One of the best wireless speakerphones on this list, the Anker PowerConf S3 has the latest Bluetooth 5 connectivity. It ensures a seamless connection between your Bluetooth-enabled devices. The real-time voice detection technology precisely picks up your voice. Moreover, an LED indicator lights up to indicate that you are being heard. The voice volume is balanced automatically to compensate for differences in loudness and distance from this speakerphone. So, the output will have optimum clarity.

You can customize the LED lights, volume, standby mode, and more from the Anker app. Make sure to keep your firmware up-to-date through the app. With all famous online conferencing platforms, the PowerConf S3 is compatible. The connection to a phone can be made through a computer or Bluetooth using the USB-C cable. A durable travel case is included to defend the speakerphone against scratches, bumps, and other external factors.


  • The customized DSP algorithm carries out real-time voice optimization as well as background noise reduction. So, it ensures crystal-clear sound output at the other end.
  • There are 6 microphones in the array. Each of them supports 360° voice pick-up ability. So, they cover the whole meeting space.
  • Through the Multi-Person mode, you can listen to each word of a heated discussion clearly—no issues like lag or distortion.
  • The built-in 6,700 mAh battery provides 24 hours of call time—no need to recharge.
  • Anker’s PowerIQ technology charges your device at fast speeds.
  • AGC technology works on real-time voice volume balancing. It makes sure no attendees would sound too far away or too close from this Anker speakerphone.
  • List of online conferencing platforms it support are Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, WebEx, Chromebox, GotoMeeting, and more.

For Indian Buyers:

1. Atpot USB Conference Microphone:

Check on Amazon India

Some exceptional qualities of the condenser microphone in this Atpot speakerphone let it deliver outstanding audio quality. These characteristics include far-field, echo cancellation, and 360° Omni-directional voice pick-up. This USB microphone is a perfect solution for interviews, online meetings, podcasting, gaming, video chatting, webinars, Skype calls, and VoIP calls.

The maximum coverage is 3 meters, within which the output is crystal-clear, whether for group conference calls or one-to-one conversations. Touch-sensor buttons available are a one-button microphone mute and speaker & microphone volume. It will be pretty easy to raise or decrease volume for streaming. These buttons fulfill the needs of different meetings.

The included 3W speaker delivers clear sound without distortion irrespective of the volume. So, nobody will miss any detail of the meeting. Moreover, if you set the default speaker to this speakerphone, then you can use it as a tiny speaker to play music from a PC. Though being petite in size, it is loud enough. A USB cable and a user manual are available in the pack.


  • The meeting can be organized with up to 8 people. So, the speakerphone is customized for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.
  • The Omni-directional microphone can pick up sound within
  • Full duplex audio generates rich, natural sound which imitates face-to-face conversation.
  • The USB plug & play interface eliminates the need for drivers. You can instantly connect the speakerphone to a laptop or PC, or phone.
  • Operating systems it can work with are Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OS.

Concluding Note:

When you demand professional and smooth conversation with your team, the discussed speakerphones are the best ones. They deliver rich and loud sound output so that the conversation seems lifelike. Simply connect to your commonly used devices and begin your conversation. The mute button and other controls help you customize the conversation experience as per the need.

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