Taotronics TT-bh060 vs TT-bh046 vs Cowin E7

Taotronics TT-bh060 vs TT-bh046 vs Cowin E7 Specifications Comparison

If you are looking for budget Bluetooth headphones, then check out our Taotronics TT-bh060 vs TT-bh046 vs Cowin E7 comparison. These headphones come with active noise cancellation and long battery life ideal for people who travel a lot.

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The Bluetooth headphones offer reliable functionality which has always been the core focus for music lovers. The budget range of headphones with Bluetooth compatibility is what should make it a formidable choice by almost every standard. We will make a correlation between the three best headphones in this genre – Taotronics BH060, Taotronics BH046, and Cowin E7 – in today’s post.

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Cowin E7 – An Overview

TT-bh060 vs TT-bh046 vs Cowin E7

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One of the much lesser-known brands in the sphere of Bluetooth headphones, it has been one of the excellent players in the high-performance active noise cancellation headphones. Availability of both NFC and Bluetooth connectivity would make it one of the best options in its price range.

The Cowin E7 headphones are available with rounded design earbuds that sit comfortably in your ear. You would find them working quite efficiently for all your listening needs and can handle prolonged listening periods without stress. The 40 mm drivers should enhance your listening experience by almost every standard.

You can choose between an active noise cancellation or an option without it depending upon your individual preferences. The headphones are available in Blue, black, red, and white color options to make it one of the formidable options for all your needs.

That apart, you have access to a few multiple functionalities that you would find quite impressive enough. You can buy it in both wired and wireless compatibility if you so decide. Compatible with both Android and iOS, the headphones also offer you NFC connectivity, as we already have indicated. The Quick Charge functionality should be yet another great option you would want to go with.

When it comes to performance, you will find Cowin E7 working quite efficiently, especially in terms of bass performance. You will have access to a considerably higher degree of sound isolation. The ambient sounds are suppressed to a greater extent – something good enough at the price point that the headphones are made available.

The Pros

  • The headphones are valued for money – especially with access to NFC, quick charge, and active noise cancellation at such an affordable price.
  • Equalisation options are impressive enough.
  • A stronger bass performance.

The Cons

  • Highs may be a slight concern.
  • You may experience slight sound leaks at times.

Taotronics BH060 – An introduction

TT-bh060 vs TT-bh046 vs Cowin E7

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These are the noise-canceling headphones you would find quite impressive and exciting. Of course, there are several noise-canceling headphones available these days and have been known to perform rather efficiently. The primary concern you would be facing as such would be the cost associated. The Taotronics BH060 lives up to your expectations on that count and quite affordable.

An excellent noise reduction, an affordable price tag, and a whopping battery backup – those are a few features you would find quite impressive enough. The design is much remarkable and offers you a sleeker all-black functionality. It comes with rounded oval cups and provides you with a better degree of comfort levels. The controls and ports are intuitive and straightforward enough.

The noise cancellation feature can be termed as quite impressive and efficient. It would not let your neighbors get a hint on what you are listening if you set the volume at a moderate level. They should provide you with relief in a few ideal areas like crowded commutes. The whopping battery life is yet another excellent feature that leaves us spellbound. You can be assured of a backup of around 25 to 30 hours.

The bass performance is quite impressive, and you have access to an excellent midrange functionality. The active noise cancellation will improve the performance even further. You cannot expect the high-end soundstage or sound definitions as compared to the high-end models, but they should be impressive anyway. The stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is yet another added advantage you would find much efficient.

So, should you buy it? Well, definitely. You are getting a decent degree of noise cancellation, and that should be what makes it a formidable option along with an excellent battery backup performance.

The Pros

  • A practical and powerful noise cancellation
  • A better cleaner sound signature
  • A massive battery life
  • The comfortable design and function

The Cons

  • Noise cancellation does not turn off automatically
  • Soundstage may not be right up to the mark.

Taotronics BH046 – A Concise review

TT-bh060 vs TT-bh046 vs Cowin E7

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This is yet another product that comes from Taotronics and provides you access to the hybrid active noise cancellation functionality. Integrated noise-canceling microphone, a faster-charging capability, excellent controls are what would make it one of the prominent options you can go with.

The headphones offer you wireless compatibility and offer you a whopping battery backup of 20 hours. If you turn off the active noise cancellation, you can get an additional 5 hours of reserve. The 40 mm drivers should provide you with access to an excellent and broader range of performance. The comfortable ear cups should be yet another added advantage.

The design is impressive in tune with almost every other Taotronics device you have checked out. The headphone cups fit quite snugly on your ears. However, some of you may come across issues with the sides and other parts not working in tandem with the head, and thus give some discomfort.

Setting it up and controlling is rather simple and easy. You need to hold the power button for around 5 seconds to pair it with your device. You will listen to a voice confirmation that says Pairing. However, when it comes to noise cancellation properties, you would find it to offer Hybrid active noise cancellation as compared to the traditional mode of noise cancellation options. In most scenarios, regular Noise cancellation tech works with either feedforward or feedback microphones. They are placed either on the outside or inside the headphones. The Hybrid Active Noise cancellation employs two microphones both on the inside and outside. This offers you a better noise reduction (up to 96% claimed); however, it is slightly expensive.

The sound performance is quite excellent and delivers you an exemplary performance. You may experience a slight sound bleeding if you are setting the volume to the maximum. The battery life is quite efficient, and you should ideally get around 25 to 30 hours of backup, as we have already insisted.

The Pros

  • The sound performance is quite impressive with a better bass performance.
  • The ear cups are quite comfortable.
  • A great noise cancellation
  • Affordable price tag

The Cons

  • The headphones do not come with any equalizer options
  • The earcups may get a little tight-fitting for some of you
  • Microphone quality is a bit subpar.

The Comparison Chart: Taotronics TT-BH060 vs TT-BH046 vs Cowin E7

After going through the complete review of each of these headphones and the plus and minus points that we could observe in the headphones under consideration, it would be a practical option to check them out in a side by side comparison. This head-on comparison should help you understand the functionality of the headphones at a glance.

Features / ParticularsCowin E7

Taotronics TT BH060

Taotronics TT – BH046

Headphone typeOver the earOver the earOver the year
Active Noise cancellationYesYesYes- Hybrid ANC
Foldable designNoNoNo
Carry CaseYesYesYes
Quick charge functionalityYesNoNo
Bluetooth version4.14.2, 5.0 (2020 version)4.2
Battery backup30 hours30 hours25 to 30 hours

In Conclusion

That was all we have concerning the three competing headphones. While all of them come with the capabilities at par in most respects, we found the Taotronics TT – BH046 performing better than the other two. The Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation is one of the best features that impressed us enough, making it the right choice among the three.

The complete comparison in this list should provide you with enough information on the best features that these headphones offer you. Go through those specifications and the short review and choose the one that best suits your exact requirements.

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